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Aci Klassik & DJ Scratchnut* - Harlem City Soul Vol. 2 - Gang War

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There were six bigger buildings that were 15 stories high, with eight apartments on each floor. It was said that East River projects was a world of its own. Completely crazy, mental hospital type crazy. He used to freak out and go wild. They accused Flaco of trying to kill or rape some chick when he was young.

Alpo went to PS in the Bronx, from elementary school up to the sixth grade on the Eastside, then he attended St. Jay-Z went there too. Alpo also attended Julia Richmond High School. He had a serious jones for the streets.

That nigga went to one of those schools for troublemakers or kids who caught cases. He was a dusty kid, you know, nothing special, but not many from the hood were above the dusty level.

As he got older, he started filling out. He had the eye of the tiger. Po had it, like Lebron and MJ. It was the type of neighborhood where everyone knew each other.

Where the local grocery store, Julios, let people take credit until the welfare check came or you got paid on Fridays. But wanting is one thing and actually going out there and making it happen is a whole other story.

Dudes wanted to be friends with him because he was always into something and kids in the neighborhood knew that people respected and somewhat feared him because he would go at it with anyone. As a child he robbed people and snatched pocket books. Alpo was in the life early, already in the mix by the time he was 13 or 14 years old.

He was born in , so by he was getting his. He had a knack for getting people to like him and he was always scheming on ways to make money.

Alpo had no fear and that was attractive to older criminals. Alpo started as a runner. A certain O. Alpo was maybe 13, he was young, but he was on the street grinding. They broke relationships with the alliances in place, and only showed friends to the Four Corners Hustlers.

During those days, King Wee was murdered. Jack Bobo took his place as leader of the Nation. The Black Gangster Discipline Nation had a crisis and split.

Nicki Minaj — Bottoms Up — Acapella Xxxtentacion — Sad Roy Woods — Monday To Monday. DJ Andre ,. Popular New tracks that DJs should know about.

DJcity Staff Tracks. DJcity Staff Music Industry. Marcus K. Dowling Mixes , Turntablism , Videos. The thing was, after Sage took "the big sleep," Cohen realized he didn't have the stomach for the murder business and decided to make a career switch.

So, he said "so long" to New York City and bought the next bus ticket to Los Angeles to stake his claim in Hollywood's golden age and he succeeded He was cast to play a police officer, ironically enough, which was a dumb move because when you're wanted for murder it's best not to show your face anywhere. The real police saw him and hauled his butt back to the big apple to stand trial where they very promptly found him guilty.

Meldish was one hell of a go-getter back in his heyday. He did killings not only for the Luchese and Genovese crime families but for his own brother's gang, the Purple Gang of Throgs Neck. In total, Meldish is reported to have had his filthy little hands in 40 contracted slayings or more. Apparently, Meldish just mistook him for another person.

What made him extremely deadly was that nobody would testify against him. Everyone would come down with an abrupt case of amnesia until when he went to trial for another murder, this time putting him away for some time. Wayne Perry rose to prominence in his home city of Washington D. In the mid's, Martinez, or "the Mayor of Harlem" as he was known to friends and fiends alike, was looking to expand his operation to our nation's capital and needed a heavy hand to carry out his, well let's call them "executive orders.

He was rumored to have killed for money, out of anger, and for fun. And mind you, he was loyal to a fault. When Martinez was charged with 14 counts of murder in and became an informant to shave years off of his sentence, he gave Perry over to the cops while the trusted hitman kept his lips sealed.

When you're the right-hand man for the "Queen of Cocaine", you're bound to get involved in some less than admirable activities, and those activities may very well go down in history and get you on a list on a website. Ayala was the go-to hitman for Griselda Blanco, the woman behind the infamous drug war that turned Miami into the bloodiest spring break destination of When finally convicted of three of those murders, he helped turn her over to the police.

He has spent the last twenty-five years in prison and failed to make parole in , so he'll be spending quite a few more behind bars. Imagine your high school nickname sticking with you for the next 60 years. You'd have to be a good sport to put up with that your entire life, or a notorious murderer Harry Aleman was known was "The Hook" because of his stint as a boxer back in school.

After that, it stuck as a simple way to refer to the Chicago Mob's top enforcer without speaking his name in case the F. Aleman was a doting husband and father of two at home, but on the streets, his mere presence was known to be enough to make men give up whatever they had. Thirteen known times, however, his presence was not enough, and "The Hook" had to use fatal means of persuasion, at least that's what authorities have speculated. They know for a fact that Aleman shot and killed Teamsters official, William Logan, in because two others witnessed the murder.

But much to their dismay, Aleman was acquitted of the murder only to return to trial a few years later when it was discovered the judge was corrupt, making Aleman the first man to be tried twice for the same crime when he was sentenced to years in prison. The legendary killer died of lung cancer while behind bars in

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