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Aint It A Shame (Studio Demo) - Nirvana - Sliver: The Best Of The Box

17.03.2020at 01:38 | Author : Daigar | Category : DEFAULT | : Thumbtack

You sleep better when you're You eat better when you're You sing better when you're You need me more when you're straight Is this the weekend? Is that your girlfriend? Leave me lying here cause I don't wanna go Earthcrosser Sleep little flea little boy me a freak Am I clean I feel like men I feel like boys I think I'm peeling The ringing in my ears from playing too loud I hear the ocean I hear the crowd I'm disconnected I am unattached An unmade bed makes me feel like a failure Bedroom eyes lead to blurry vision, blurry vision And the ringing in my ears From playing too loud I hear the ocean I hear the crowd Too pale too sick too scrawny but I'll sleep here anyway And the sheets smell like bodies Not mine not yours, not yours It's two am and it's quiet again Where's my lip gloss And the ringing in my ears From playing too loud I hear the ocean I hear the crowd The same person I am not the same as before And I don't feel that way anymore Anymore, anymore No I am not the same person.

Is this the best that you can get? What did you expect? What would I do? Yeah Man I know you've got my back From the way you plan your next attack I know you've placed your bets By the way you like to watch me sweat If I could have my way I'd chain you down and make you stay 'Cause you're the yes man,yes man, nobody else can You're the best man, yeah man, nobody else can You're my left hand,right hand, man , you're the right man You won't let me down You won't let me down You won't let me I know you in the dark By the way your hands pull me apart I know you in the day By the way you're here but miles away I know you're in the mood not to be attached or be misused.

If I don't know how to help me But I love you, I love you Imperfect, imperfect, imperfectly I love you imperfect, imperfect, imperfectly Can I help it if I'm high strung If I was born with a sharp tongue Will you marry me if I stay sweet? If I am the one with the cold feet I love you, I love you Imperfect, imperfect, imperfectly I love you Imperfect, imperfect imperfectly I love you imperfect, imperfect, imperfectly Imperfectly, imperfectly, imperfectly, imperfectly Imperfectly, imperfectly, imperfectly.

I want to know you so bad Know you inside and out You're officially dead You don't have a heart You're officially dead Yeah you don't have a heart You're officially dead You don't have a heart You're officially dead See me Feel me Try to Kill me Please be easy Just don't leave Just don't leave me for dead I know you can't let me go It's all in your head You want me back in your arms Want me back in your bed We're officially dead We don't have a heart We're officially dead We don't have a heart We don't have a heart Whooooaa Officially dead We're officially dead Officially dead.

Only you know than take your bullet!! Only you know different person Than take your bullet!! Only you know different person Only you know only you know different person Only you know only you know different person. Disconnected Next message Disconnected, it's the way that I wanted it to be The Cult Electric is my favorite record of the week Cause I'm not feeling sweet But I can't say that when everyone is so judgmental And I can't play back all the times when you were gentle Cause even you can't be true It's astounding what love can do to a city Laurel Canyon was the best place for you and me to be I chose the curtains and I dreamed a dream of domesticity What a freak you made of me Now I'm on Zoloft because you told me I was crazy And I won't jump cause now I know you'd never catch me And I can't leave you because you swore you'd never let me But even you, talk shit too.

The sky, the sky. Used to know her I used to know her I used to talk about her Waiting for the day that she would listen I used to know her I used to stick up for her Something in her smile was so bitchin' I used to sing, I used to sing I used to know her Used to know all about her I used to need her There was something about her I used to torch her It's the best way around her I used to know her Now it just doesnt matter, oh yeah oh yeah I used to fuck him I used to simplify him Something in his walk was like Jim Morrison I used to touch him I used to justify him Lying to my face with my permission.

I used to sing, I used to sing I used to fuck him Used to fucking love him I used to need him Now I read all about him I used to touch him Now I could never kiss him I used to love him Now I dont even miss him, oh yeah. I used to know her I used to terrify her, I used to terrify her, I used to terrify her I used to terrify her, I used to terrify her I used to sing, we used to sing!

I used to know her I used to know all about her I used to need her There was something about her I'm used to tortue It's the best way around her I used to know her Now she just doesn't matter, oh yeah She just doesn't matter.. Salt Flat Epic Salt lakes I saved for myself I never thought you'd leave Countries I've claimed to myself I know you'll never be yourself again But what you were is still in question Pacific ocean's way too small For both of us to swim Antarctica will have to thaw For us to meet again And I respect the all of what is fair and worthy And I will never feel this way about another person And I will never feel this way again I want to make you understand It's not the songs and it's not the band I'm still afraid but I'm doing the best I can Given grace and all the saints You'll never be near me You got your drummer You got your faith I've re-defined the laws of friends And what won't happen ever again And I will never feel this way about another person And I will never feel this way again I want to make you understand It's not the drugs and it's definitely not a man I'm still afraid but I'm doing the best I can Doing the best I can I'm doing the best I can That's enough for now.

That's enough for now. Now I practice the art of forgetting And we lied, lied, lied, lied, lied I've got blood on my hands From this little timid life It's just like a man To trust me with all his might I've got mud on my feet When I kicked you back three weeks If I promise to keep my mouth shut Can I sit here while you eat Finally mine You're finally all mine Finally mine You're finally all mine Where did it get me, all mine What did it teach me, all mine Somebody stop me I'm losing control again I've got honor to earn But I guess I lost my turn When will I learn To treat you with concern Finally mine You're finally all mine Finally mine You're finally all mine Where did it get me, all mine What did it teach me, all mine Somebody stop me I'm losing control again Where did it get me, all mine What did it teach me, all mine Somebody stop me I'm losing control again All mine Where did it get me, all mine Look what it taught me, all mine Somebody stop me I'm losing control.

I'm just trying to live this life of mine The more I look the more I'm blind And all I ask for is piece of mind But all I want is a piece of you Well, I lost my way today back home from work Snow fell like dust, I felt like dirt It happens every time I start to search For that long lost piece of you A piece of you A piece of you A piece of It seems the last time I was sure of anything I sold my heart, I wore your ring But now the queen has lost her king And all I want is a piece of you A piece of you A piece of you A piece of Number one blind EP How could you be everything We were cracking you up to be We're cracking ourselves up too We're cracking ourselves up to be you Had you in my hand Now, where'd you go, Aurora See you up ahead, but I don't know if I can go as far as you go Everything keeps happening And its happening to me I'm losing sight of its meaning You blew away the meaning I had it in my hand Now, where'd it go, Aurora I see you up ahead but I don't know if I can go as far as you go And everyone keeps telling me that this is good I needed you to tell me it was good, too Had you in my hand Now, where'd you go, Aurora I see you up ahead but I don't know if I can go as far as you go.

Blood On My Hands Lords of sounds and lesser things EP - Stone flattered and wide eyed I am You've set your sights on us again Decorate myself in lights for you To get your attention I strip down to polka dots and bows Raspberry on lips and hands and toes I purr like a kitten in your hands For the kill, a one night stand I've got blood on my hands Blood on my hands Let's do the dance we've done before Memorize the map across the floor I love you psychopathically I can't breathe without affection This supernatural appetite Keeps me in knots at night I dreamed you found somebody else I want you all to myself I've got ghosts in my bed Ghosts in my head Blood on my hands Am I still your favorite ghost?

Am I still the one you miss the most? I want the world and I want it now I like the curtsey and the bow I've got a situation band Load the van, love the fans I've got blood on my hands Blood on my hands Ghosts in my bed Blood on my hands. Bombshells and Pinups Resolver Demo. Self-induced, psychotic, pathetic, neurotic I gave you myself all these years She gave you false hopes and a couple of beers Such youth, it's sonic, euphoric, symphonic I said I would never leave you And then I dared to deceive you Twelve o'clock, I'm honest, I'm honest Time for one more vodka and tonic I wait for you in the kitchen You love me at intermission You left because I will listen You love me cause I will listen You left because I will listen Self-induced, psychotic, synthetic, sing-a-holic This is not the best way to grow up There are better bombshells and pinups There are better bombshells and pinups than me.

I crawl out of sight for you dear I melt with the night, I disappear I won't have more fun with you Never get drunk with you I'm letting you go for good I've pulled it apart for you dear I wait for my hear to shift gear I'll let you down for good I'll never go back with you Never shoot smack with you I'll let you go for good I'll let you go for good I'll let you go for good.

Brian' s Song. Resolver Demo Cadillac tears run down your face For once in your life you don't wanna fake it You think of your son in Okinawa You pray for your son He played the piano, go Cadillac tears fall on your shirt For once in your life You think of your daughter Head in the dashboard You pray for your daughter Your first born, your first born What do you think of me now Have I turned out right What do you think of me now Have I made you proud What do you think of me now Have I let you down What do you think.

Song Lyrics. Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good. Add Comment. About a Girl home demo 2. About a Girl Solo Acoustic Demo 3. Ain't It a Shame Demo 4. Ain't It a Shame studio demo 5. All Apologies home demo 7. All Apologies Solo Acoustic Demo 8. Come as You Are boom box version Do Re Mi home demo Heart-Shaped Box Demo Fromulax, my toaster has been acting up lately.

It burns everything, even when I have the dial turned all the way down. Can you make my microwave cluck like a chicken? Then why are you talking like that? Yeah, the In Demand won't load for some reason. I got this toilet, the tank won't fill up. I used to be able to jiggle the handle, but I guess not, but I figured since you were so good with the other stuff Could you just give it a shot? I lugged this thing all the way down here.

About three minutes into this lovely summer event, The Baby made it known that she would not be satisfied with the selection of toys we'd brought with us. So The Wife went off to a local dollar store to get some crayons and a coloring book. But she didn't just come back with a coloring book.

Oh no. She came back with a goldmine of surrealistic art treasures. She came back with one of the straight-up weirdest things I have ever set eyes on. And it was a mere 99 cents, shoved between expired Tuna Helper and off-brand Malta.

Why was it so weird? The ultra-cheap production is a factor. Needless to say, none of the art is very good. It was obviously cobbled together from various sources, with little regard for aesthetic unity or copyright issues.

Many images have been blown up a thousand times, so the borders are way too thick and pixelated. But that's not why this thing is so bizarre. Oh no, that doesn't even scratch the surface. Context is key. Keep in mind, this is meant to be a coloring book for children. That's what makes it so insane. At least I assume it's a coloring book. There is no text in this book except for what you see there on the cover.

I'm not even sure what language this is. I hoped to investigate the origins of this weird, weird thing, but I can't figure out who published it because it has no ISBN. I just can't! Oh, you'll see. Don't worry, you'll see. Categories : Parental Guidance , The Funny. Tags : coloring books , dollar stores , good ol fashioned nightmare fuel , impending doom. A while back, I decided to work my way forward in the Best Show Archives , all the way from the first archived show from I started listening to the show two years ago, and wanted to ground myself in all of its weird, intricate mythology and folkways.

As I started to listen to these old shows, I thought, "Maybe I should keep a running log of what happens in each show. That way, if I wanna go back and listen to something again, I'll know where it is. The Friends of Tom were, as always, extremely helpful and encouraging of this obsessive behavior. Then I thought to myself, "Well, this is fine, but it really could use some spiffing up. So now I'm finally ready to reveal it to the public at large: The Best Show Logs, the product of one man's mania.

Right now, there are logs for all of and , plus the first three months or so of There's also links for them in the sidebar to your right. Comments, corrections, and questions always welcome. At the rate I'm going, I'll be writing a full compendium and chipping these things into stone by the end of the year. Tags : best show , best show logs , monomania. Last night, host Tom Scharpling welcomed famous comedienne Paul F. Tompkins into the the studio. Tompkins is a frequent guest, and he always brings The Funny when he makes the trip out to Jersey City.

But even judged against these high standards, last night's episode was more wonderful than one could possibly imagine. Nay, Comedy Platinum! Ninety seconds of commercial led to a good hour and a half of non-stop hilarity. I encourage everyone to go listen to the archived show now if you must skip ahead, The Gathering discussion begins at You will not be sorry. But there's oh so much more. Last night, I was pacing my kitchen and punching my fridge in a vain attempt to catch my breath.

That's how hard I was laughing. I won't go through the video, since Tom and Paul did it so brilliantly already. But here are some things that I was blissfully unaware of until last night: The Insane Clown Posse still exists.

Not only does the Insane Clown Posse still exist, but they've built themselves into a white trash media empire. Kinda like Jimmy Buffett, but with more barbed wire wrasslin'. This Gathering thing has been going on for ten year s. Nirvana didn't exist for ten years. Black Flag didn't exist for ten years. The Beatles didn't even exist for ten years. But this thing has. Rowdy Roddy Piper is apparently a comedian.

My guess is his act involves taunting Hulk Hogan and buffing Gene Okerlund's bald head with a chamois. Or he just recites lines from They Live. Among its many attractions, The Gathering includes seminars. On what? No idea. Maybe an afternoon of affirmations and punching with Violent Joel Osteen? Because I'd love to catch a webcast of that seminar if I can't go in person. ICP describes itself as "the most hated band in America" with "the most understood fan base". I think The Grateful Dead might take issue with those statements.

Did that video whet your appetite? If so, check out this minute infomercial on The Gathering of the Juggalos to check out some of the worst things Humanity has to offer. I just hope this video hasn't been beamed out into space. Because if an advanced alien race sees it, they will lay waste to this planet as soon as they can.

If nothing else, The Gathering of the Juggalos should help law enforcement officials. If they just rounded up everyone who showed up to it, both meth consumption and meth production would be cut in half overnight. Tags : best show , have a fun! When I first meet Arturo Chien-Mbutu Smith, he is inspecting the pint glasses in the bar of Mlegantinho, the restaurant that catapulted him to fame as New York's hottest celebrity chef. He is weighing each vessel on a highly sensitive digital scale that can measure up to one-ten-thousandth of a pound.

He does this twice for each glass: once while completely empty, once containing a single yellow feather, freshly plucked from a somewhat noisy and reluctant duck waiting in a cage nearby.

The reason? He suspects his supplier may have tried to pass off some sub-par glassware on him, and this method is the only way to find out. The glasses all look the same to the untrained eye, so I ask why he bothers with this elaborate ritual involving waterfowl. If Arturo's glass-inspection process doesn't make this obvious, then his career path certainly does. Rather than attend a prestigious cooking school, he was determined to become a famous chef by studying medieval literature at Bard.

Did he learn any valuable techniques for preparation or presentation in, say, Le Chanson du Roland? Fresh out of school, he decided to start his own restaurant. Gathering investors from family friends, college buddies, and the Craigslist Random Encounters page, he accumulated enough capital to make his dream a reality.

But it didn't take long for that dream to turn into a nightmare. The restaurant, Chill! Most of the criticism was leveled at its location on the Ross Ice Shelf. The expense involved in transporting food to the South Pole kept customers away, as did the fact that visiting Chill!

The bad press, combined with a lack of foot traffic and rampant cases of gangrene among the kitchen help, doomed Arturo's vision. But the closing of Chill only compounded his problems. There was the small matter of his creditors, who testified that Arturo never told them he planned on building an Antarctic restaurant. Frank Derwood, the Chase Bank official who approved the loan request, insisted Arturo's paperwork was for a barbershop in Weehawken. Arturo also faced many lawsuits from ex-sous chefs who blamed him for their amputated, gangrenous limbs.

Still, he refused to blame polar temperatures or frostbite for his failure. I can still see my dear mother, toiling away at the mswioq , grinding it with her precious fhiuta , just to make us three ounces of klazhnaka for dinner.

I would bring that passion to New York or be injured trying. Copranesian food had never taken off in New York, or gotten a foothold of any kind, or ever been heard of, actually.

There were also charges that Copranesia was not an actual country or culture. Are certain people imaginary just because there is absolutely no evidence that they exist? It has become so popular that it no longer takes reservations.

He is not without his detractors, however. Some critics debate the validity of Copranesian cuisine, a stance that infuriates Arturo. And if they say such things to my face, I will not hesitate to stab them with a cleaver right in their corpse-raping balls! It even came in an aluminum take-out tray. The waiter recommended a vintage 'Copranesian' wine, but I swear it was just Hi-C fruit punch with some vinegar thrown in. Arturo himself has nothing to say to Bruni, but does share some wisdom from the old country.

Tags : celebrity chefs , profiles in now-ness. I am having a supremely crappy day. I won't go into details, because the details will not be compelling to anyone, I assure you. But this crappy day comes on the heels of several crappy days recently, so it feels a lot worse than an out-of-nowhere crappy day would. If that makes any sense. But news like this alleviates the general crappiness just a little bit. Well, I had limited cable access via grandparents who lived next door, but I saved most of that precious access for MST3K and Minutes.

But I saw it enough times to know it was pretty awesome. Any show whose theme song samples Nation of Ulysses doesn't have to do much else to woo me. It was always a show I wanted to explore further, because clearly it deserved exploring. Unfortunately, no one saw fit to make it explorable. The fact that it hadn't been released on DVD for all these years is criminal. But I guess the perpetrators of this offense have been tried, convicted, and executed, because The State will finally get a proper DVD set of its own.

That is fantastic news for fans of The Funny. Now, if the Mets could remember how to catch balls and run the fuckin bases, I'd really be in business. Tags : crappy days , long overdue dvd releases , the funny , the state. You know what was most unfuriating about Opening Night in baseball this year?

It wasn't the fact that Opening Night itself is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord, as I've stated before. And not the fact that it involved the Braves and the Phillies, thus forcing me to root for The Meteor.

It was the fact that I knew I wouldn't see his performance completely dissected in an epic 10K-word takedown on Fire Joe Morgan. How I miss it so. Can I talk to someone at The Office? Ken Tremendous needs to get back to Fremulon Insurance so he can make us all laugh about Hat Guy again. All we have are the memories, I guess. Categories : Baseball , The Funny. Tags : fire joe morgan , ken tremendous , opening night. Not because of their ridiculous monopoly and exorbitant service fees.

Tags : ticketmaster , vicki lawrence. Remember These Guys! Reading it brought back a whole slew of memories of a movie I used to quote on a nigh-daily basis. I actually saw the movie in the theatres, making me one of several dozen people to do so.

It's not a perfect flick by any means, but I think Rabin draws an apt comparison between it and far-reaching Monty Python features like The Life of Brian. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

Before posting: Users without at least 10 comment karma will have all posts or threads removed automatically by AutoModerator. Please clear any giveaways, polls, or surveys with the moderators. Most importantly: Bring love, spread love.

Life is it, I'm afraid. I can't read! My blood as restless as the sea A Picasso reader. Nothing hooks. Despite the wealth of worms Walking through Roath, listening to Billy Mackenzie sing 'breakfast', the sun was shining, the air was warm and suddenly full of Magnolia scent I felt very happy, loved by and in love with everything.

She wore poetry She wore poetry Whilst over here Sleep disowned me In retaliation I cultivated a valium habit and a twitch Having embraced insomnia I quite suddenly came to from a dream of sleep To find myself being dressed against my consent Clothed in rare coutre I was By silent Inscrutable 'Men' But dressed for what? A ball? A wedding? A Dance? I asked the 'men'.

They continued to fasten and button. Not hearing. Unable to speak. Still, I tried a more amiable tone : 'Look I've only just got used to wearing a Hairshirt and sweat pants all the time. So what's with these fancy duds all of a sudden? I had to admit, I was looking pretty spry in this get-up. Turning away quickly, I muttered 'I don't trust this'. Then and there I surrendered and reconciled myself to the transformation My life oddly unreal and new in the glare of the multi-bulbed mirror.

I couldn't know it then But soon Paintings would come alive in my presence Dogs cats and geese would address me in an upper class English accent House plants would sprout fresh pale green tendrils in deference to my entrance Spiders and flies would join forces in a sweet but misguided effort to make me tea in the mornings One thing however was obvious I was being prepared for role I had no choice in I was being called upon to recite lines from a long forgotten script That I had nevertheless At some point learned And I was surprised at the grief this bestowed upon me.

Also spent the week picking up a guitar and engaging my recording studio to put the guitar down and turn the Tape off, thinking 'why bother'. Am struggling manfully to work on the Walkers Book as I just haven't been in the mood but this must be done. Anna and I suddenly sick of this area and wanting to move Boiler exploded 3 times and we are without central heating or Hot water I am floating in Space and earth is receding Not even listening to music..

Did shrooms a week saturday which was Good and fun but Gotta fight that current Sexless and sad Roses or quality street? I just ate a box of the latter. Living in bed does that to a Boy child. So, where am I Day started well enough, taking Photographs of my long suffering They'll appear in the Gallery any day now Am well into the book, thank Ye Gods. Fine reason to talk to intruiging folk.

I say, I know that you're there, so don't be sad. Just got Bukowski's 'Slouching toward Nirvana'. One has to trawl but there are rewards. Literary wise tho', been steeping myself in Burroughs again. Brought on by enjoying 'Naked lunch' for the first time The film-I don't find burroughs works that appealing although there are exceptions So have been re-reading I bought it 10 years ago! I'd love to hear his collection of tapes. Clearance issues I guess, or? Are you out there!

Sure you Ego surf.. And am now reading 'Conversations with burroughs' Hopefully hear tomorrow. As does the music of Django Rhinehart His music is filling the house of late and filling up them empty chambers o'my heart too, making me talk all 20's style.. Speaking of my heart, had more odd feelings there.

Strange and worrying. I must make an effort to make the dumb doctor listen. Went to Cardiff for Mother's day. My ma is OFF the booze after.. Due to health ssues. Ain't that something? A shocking, powerful film. Cardiff was I am at last starting to see it in a context outside of it being a series of places associated with a series of memories.. But, went to some fine Clubs with leonard and Peter Morgan What a wasted oppertunity.

We went to see 'the life aquatic'. Overstylized for my taste, no heart and the effects looked like screensavers. Still, very interesting, good soundtrack and a haunting quality, innit. Also watched 'the Aviator' which was splendid but Howard never got Koo Koo enough for me Julian should have finished his U. I am kind of dreading going to London again -because of the being away and the bed and the travel and the mishaps I invite upon myselves there- but, yes, of course it will all be beyond worth it.

I am already considering recording one more, totally acoustic album in this here room. Why trap oneself by thinking of the future. I want a jacket like the lead in the film.. And also a bike and a continent to ride across in it.

Bryan saved my morning by cooking me potato waffles and poached egg.. A lot of detail quotes from letters and such in this book. Hope his other books match the standard, as I shall be buying all of them. A bit grey and cold for me. Mostly the Burroughs box set from Rhino and the soundtracks I mentioned. Ballads is behind schedule as these things usually are, Back in London in May after Julian gets back from his French tour.

The spare room there may be more tolerable in that new season? A week of red wine and missing meals, a dodgy left ear and treble chins. Am actually looking forward the summer. If hell is defined as an abscence of hell, than I could say that visiting my Family home is Hell. If you follow. We all reach a stage whereupon things become unacceptable, you know - sometimes you get to an age where public transport isn't an option, mcdonalds is not an option, Signing on is not an option, The NHS is not an option, Fucking strangers is not an option Well, me staying at my childhood home is no longer an option.

Viva france. Guess if I do have to go there again then 'The big sleep' it is. Wouldn;t have been the same if tom crusise had turned up in a buzz cut. Yes, so, tremorfa was utterly depressing and I walked a lot and spent much money on Giant leather coats and tiny toy robots Kind of how i felt suffering in the family home Feel the need to make my own family. With the taste of such still on lips, sort of-via supernoodles with leek and smoked cheese thrown in-making up a nice pre digested slop for someone not particulary hungry anyway I am about to click on my studio for the first time since November.

Some of the photo galleries on my site need new soundtracks, so.. I didn't want to become someone who released stuff for the sake of it as it were Was interested in persuing the writing more, as have had soem transcendent experiences so far doing the book.

B i o g r a p h y (by Stephen Thomas Erlewine) Veruca Salt reshaped the jagged, abrasive punk-pop of the Pixies and Breeders into a more accessible, riff-driven power pop formula that also borrowed from pop/hard rockers like Cheap newwave.zulkikreegavinrarathorgagra.infoinfo was a successful formula, both musically and commercially, yet it didn't ensure them indie rock credibility; in fact, they became one of the most harshly.

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  1. RT @KulaBoccas: the best shit would be if Mei was just completely absent from the overwatch 2 trailer, like thats how they try to get around this Oct 30, PM casino
  2. The box set features tracks when CCR was known as The Blue Velvets and The Golliwogs. Brainwashed by George Harrison, completed by producer Jeff Lynne and son Dhani Harrison. 3D (), TLC's studio album, was released just seven months after Lisa Lopes' death from a car accident.
  3. /08/28 - The Librarian: One of my few pleasures is reading. And I have a modestly impressive library to prove it. I've been carrying some of these books around since my teens.
  4. In the 80's, bands wrote like Def Leppard to try and cash in on "American fame." Here, Battleaxe thinks sounding like AC/DC is the way to go, and 'Give It More' is like a slower AC/DC like tune. Not a terrible tune, mind you; some of the lyrics ain't bad, but there's some general weirdness going on.
  5. In the 80's, bands wrote like Def Leppard to try and cash in on "American fame." Here, Battleaxe thinks sounding like AC/DC is the way to go, and 'Give It More' is like a slower AC/DC like tune. Not a terrible tune, mind you; some of the lyrics ain't bad, but there's some general weirdness going on.
  6. As the title implies, it’s a compilation of the “best” tracks from With the Lights Out and a few other demos. Came out about a year after the boxset. These releases used to be fairly common, and allowed the record companies to sell to both people who couldn’t afford the box .
  7. Check out Ain't It A Shame (Demo) by Nirvana on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on newwave.zulkikreegavinrarathorgagra.infoinfo5/5(2).

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