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Basement Game - Mantichora - Semen Anoinments I - III

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Semen Indonesia was the first state-owned enterprise that went public on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange both merged to become the Indonesia Stock Exchange in The company's cement production, production capacity and sales volume have risen steadily in recent years - reaching record highs - due to robust domestic cement demand in combination with capital expenditure to build new plants. These numbers are predicted to increase further in the near future.

Source: Semen Indonesia Annual Report This move shows that the company is keen to look across borders to tap new markets and strengthen its production capacity. The three-round match was judged a draw, though The Associated Press's report on the fight said Ali, a three-time world heavyweight champion, mostly toyed with Semenko.

It's a sad day for hockey and Edmonton. Dave was the truest example of a protector and teammate. A great man who will be missed. Continue rubbing the oil on the candle's surface. Sunday's influence concerns creating peace and harmony. The positive influence of Mars concerns developing courage. If it makes you feel more secure.

Step 2. Now we consult our table of influences for the days of the week. We see that the New Moon occurred five days ago. Gse this day to begin your rituals concerning wealth. Step 3. During this short waiting period we can gather together all the materials that will be needed in order to perform the ritual. We therefore go back to our calendar to find out how many days we will have to wait until Sunday arrives during the waxing phase of the moon to begin our ritual.

Is ruled by the planet Saturn. An ordinary screen door hook can be attached to the door if you so desire. Now we are going to look at the calendar to be sure what phase of the moon we are in at present. The color associated with Thursday is blue. Light your altar candles. Is ruled by the planet Venus.

Now comes the question: at what time of the day should 1 do my ritual work? The simple solution to this question is to do your rituals at either the first hour of sunrise or the first hour of sunset. Gather all the materials that you will be using in your ritual. Saturn's influence is for psychic attack its negative side. Step 1. Double check to make sure that you have not forgotten something. Whichever time you decide upon.

Therefore we are already in the correct phase of the moon and do not have to wait. Light your incense. Its associated color is green. From this information we know. The color associated with Saturn is black. Mercury's influence concerns health. Venus' influence in our lives deals with love. Turn out the lights so that you will be surrounded by the natural darkness of the room.

We see that the sun is associated with the gaining of favor from those in high places and it is also good for making friends. These items may be placed on a small table next to the altar. On this candle write your full name and birthdate. Anoint your forehead with "Power Oil" by making a cross. Is ruled by Jupiter. Preliminary to Ritual The first step is to eliminate anything which will interrupt you and invade your privacy during the ritual.

Dress the herb candle with "Power Oil". Spelb Formulas purple. This would be considered constructive magick and would have a greater chance of success done during the waxing phase of the moon. All materials used in each ritual will be listed as 1 give each ritual in detail. Set up your altar according to the basic altar layout. Let us suppose that you have just begun a new job and you want to do some ritual work to build a good relationship with your boss.

Hold your hands with the palms facing towards the altar candles while giving thanks: Thanks for all the blessings which have touched my life in the past. See it growing in size to completely fill the room. Holy water can be obtained from any Roman Catholic church.

See this white light expand and surround you. Take the bowl of holy water and with your fingers sprinkle all the corners of the room. Extinguish the candles in the reverse order of lighting them. Closing the Ritual Before you extinguish the altar candles. Know in your mind that you are filled with and surrounded by this light and no power of darkness can hurt you in any way. I thank you for all the blessings I know will come my way in the future.

Meditate for a moment upon the intention for doing your ritual. Steps 3 and 4 act as a cleansing of yourself and the area where you will be doing your work.

Consecrated as you should. Place both hands. Mentally direct your energy to flow and say: May this salt be pure and that the purity of this salt bless all that it touches. As you are setting up your altar to begin your ritual. NOTE: Steps 1 through 5 are excellent as a ritual for daily prayer. This is done only once. Formulas What is Magick? These steps I've just mentioned are to be performed before every ritual. Dip your fingers in the holy water and touch the item with the holy water with the words: Through this holy water pure.

Put a tablespoon of salt in a saucer. In this case you would burn 'Aura of Enchantment Incense". From this moment you must flee. When the period of meditation and prayer is finished. Stir some of the salt into your water while affirming: Step 3. When finished. The number of items always used to make a gris-gris bag are one. This is what they are called in Louisiana. A properly made and consecrated gris-gris bag. Into the gris-gris bag goes a variety of items.

In fact. Regardless of the name used. Personal items belonging to the individual for whom the gris-gris bag is made are also added: hair. No more than thirteen and never an even number. The gris-gris bag is a form of talismanic magick in itself and is always made through ritual at an altar. It serves to intensify the faith in yourself that through the help of the grisgris bag you will obtain this or receive that. This is important because the items used act as a psychological aid to strengthen the link between the desire and the mind of the individual whose energy will be used in making the gris-gris bag.

The woman will also be given a bottle of the same oil that was used in making the gris-gris bag to sprinkle on her bag once a week. With a few minutes of concentration on a determined subject. As stated before. Not only should you learn to concentrate.

Thus your thoughts. For example. Now that the lady's gris-gris bag is completed. The Creative Thought is that. For each day afterwards try to hold the image of the symbol one minute longer. Therefore it will be necessary to continue in training yourself to concentrate until you can do so for a period of twenty minutes. Since this bag is made for love. It is necessary that you concentrate on the symbol only and push all other thoughts out of your mind.

All your thoughts. This faculty requires training in a calm and isolated atmosphere. Some will take time to materialize. To make a gris-gris bag for a woman who desires the love of a certain gentleman.

The gris-gris bag. It has been said that thoughts are things. Human thought produces energy. On the first day of your training in concentration. Men usually wear the gris-gris bag around their neck or pinned inside their underwear. Once the bag is complete it is anointed with oil.

In order to strengthen your faith in the effectiveness of the gris-gris bag. Your will is the operator and director which transmits and guides your thoughts toward their destination. You should know how and be able to maintain a fixed thought on a single subject to the exclusion of all other thoughts.

Here I would like to say that the greater your ability to concentrate. Women will wear the gris-gris bag pinned to the inside of their bra or inside their dress or blouse near the left armpit. In making a gris-gris bag. All items are to be consecrated at your altar as they are put into the bag. One must be patient. Faith alone is not enough. But if you hold onto your faith and remain patient. Sometimes men will just carry the gris-gris bag in their pocket.

Adam and Eve root. Irish moss. Beth root. The vibrations continue emanating from your mind to the ether surrounding you. LUCK Alfalfa. Study this list carefully. The clearer your mental images are and the more they are concentrated on with force and intensity. Those who are. Canada snake root. LOVE Cubeb berries. You don't need to see where or how you will come into the money. Imagine all these people buying your merchandise without haggling over your prices. The following is a list of herbs and their basic associations.

Each thing that you desire actually exists in the surrounding Universe and you can possess it. If the herb is in harmony with you. Guinea paradise seeds. Do you want money? Create the image of the amount of money you want and hold this image in your mind until you can see it materialize in front of you. In the construction of your gris-gris bags you will be working with herbs.

To find out if an herb is in harmony with you or not. May apple mandrake root. If you are not in harmony with each other. Jezebel root. Do you want to improve your business? Make a mental picture of your clients crowding and waiting in front of your store before your business hours begin.

Through your imagination you should solidly depict in your mind the most exact image possible of the thing that you desire. It is possible to think without the use of words. Balmony root. In considering the astrological associations of stones. Libra and Aquarius. Jamaica ginger root. March 12th is in the sun sign Pisces. In reading our list of stones we see that Jade has the occult properties which are said to enhance one's occult powers.

When selecting the stones. John the conqueror root. You are looking for a stone which will enhance your occult powers. Guinea pepper. As with the herbs. Saint John's wort. African ginger root. We also see that Jade is a powerful stone for those born in the signs of Virgo.

I can only give you the information as 1 have learned it. When 1 started learning the magickal practices in southern Louisiana. For years stones have been given astrological associations and occult properties of attraction.

I have made mention that stones can be used to put into the gris-gris bag. Said to enhance one's occult powers. A stone with the qualities of precognition and the ability to see into the future. Associated with Taurus. Said to attract deep romance and love. Said to attract peace.

It is said to be protective against the evil eye and depression. A stone that has been considered a sacred stone for centuries.

Considered strongest when used by those under the signs of Gemini and Taurus. Said to have the qualities of attracting powerful and highly evolved spirits. This stone attracts purity. It is said that Jasper can protect from pain and guard one's independence. Sagittarius is this stone's astrological association. Gemini and Cancer. Also can have protective qualities. Attracts love. It has been believed that the possessor of this.

Virgo and Aquarius. Can bring hope. Amethyst is best when used by Aries or Aquarius. Scorpio is associated with Jasper. It is strongest when used by those of Virgo. Protects against the evil eye. Scorpio and Pisces. Aries is its astrological association. When used by those of the signs of Taurus. Its astrological associations are Taurus and Gemini. Believed to attract power. Garnet tends to be a bit stuffy and Victorian.

The Emerald nurtures love and beauty. It is associated with the planet Venus. This stone symbolizes peace. Sagittarius or Libra. Said to be strongest when used by those of the signs Aries and Leo. It brings its wearer good fortune and protection from the controlling influences of others.

Coral is considered one of the strongest protective stones. It is said to bring friendship. It presents serenity and immortality. The astrological associations are Virgo.

Jade is a powerful stone for those of the signs of Libra. Bloodstone is also known as Carnelian. It is best used by the signs of Virgo and Sagittarius. Coral is said to be especially powerful when used by those with their sun. Cancer and Scorpio. Its astrological association is Cancer. Turquoise is also good for reducing bodily and mental tensions.

This stone is mystical by nature and brings good luck and extra mental powers to those of the signs of Libra. Libra and Sagittarius. Libra and Aquarius have been associated with Sapphire.

It is most powerful for those of the signs of Taurus. It has the qualities of protecting love and inspiring tender passions. Has protective qualities against spells and incantations.

This stone is most powerful for those with the signs of Aries. The astrological associations with turquoise are Taurus. It is considered especially powerful when worn by those with the sun. It is also a protector against accidents or natural disasters. It is considered to be a wishing stone.

It tends to strengthen the wits of its wearer and imports warmth and precision. This stone is strongest for Taurus and Aquarius. This stone is good for bringing justice and truth to light. Considered a stone of witchcraft and occult powers.

It protects from trouble. It is said to be a protector against violence in thought and deed. Believed to bring love and courage. A stone with the qualities of power. Topaz has been used for divining purposes to locate water and treasure. Gives protection to warriors. OPAL Cancer. Opal is considered a very dangerous stone to wear for those who are not in tune with it.

Taurus and Aquarius are associated with Zircon. Lodestones are usually used in pairs one to attract the positive forces. Lodestones—if you can buy the big lodestones. Leo and Capricorn. Lapis Lazuli is powerful when used by those with their sun.

Libra and Scorpio are the astrological associations. Scorpio and Sagittarius. This stone is best when used by those of the signs of Taurus. Said to be a stone of love. Ruby is a focuser of occult energy. This way you get more for your money. Strongest when used by those of Leo and Virgo. Best when used by those with the signs of Cancer. Aries and Scorpio are Topaz's astrological associations.

Talismans—which have been made on parchment. The more of yourself you put into your work. If you know of another consecration ritual which you prefer. I'm using my own personal ritual.

Four leaf clovers—for luck. Don't forget to keep a pair of scissors near the altar to cut some strands of hair or clip the fingernails of the person you're making the gris-gris bag for. I would advise you to first thoroughly cleanse your home of all negative vibrations. Once again the recipes for making these oils will be given in Part II of this book. Some like to add medals of their patron saint in their bag to symbolize their faith that this saint will help them acquire their desire for which the bag is made.

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TSN and RDS secure long-term media rights with Hockey Canada. Former Oiler Semenko passes at 88 assists and 1, penalty minutes in NHL games with Edmonton, Hartford and Toronto.

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