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Basstard (Remix By Frontal) - ReAdjust - Ego Part 2

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Please continue! I am extremely thankful! Very clear and concise. I love your style. I will be forever grateful to you for that.

No need to wonder if your efforts here have been useful. Your approach changed all that. The light has come on and some form of useful understanding is dawning. I truly appreciate your efforts and hope you continue. Great lesson and a very good explanation. I have a request Mark, can you put a subtitle so that I can understand very well.

Thank you. Hi Mark, Great lesson and a very good explanation. Scott- First, I love this series! I think you summed me up in one of your videos. I can play patterns, play quickly, have good technique, etc. I am basically stuck mimicking other peoples music. Am I safe moving on in hopes that these will begin to become clearer as I progress or would you recommend spending more time on the interval exercises before moving on?

Thanks Shane. Yes you can move onto the next episode in the series. As long as you understand the basic concept behind intervals then the other stuff should make sense. The best way to approach the lessons is to move through them at whatever pace you feel like and if you run into problems just go back over the appropriate material. Thank you for not trying to break it down instead just giving all the detail. Thanks a lot for your classes, they are what I was looking for for a long time!

There is no lesson material attached to this video. The videos are great, although the charts of your material really helps solidify the concepts and gives offline review. Great explanation but for me more importantly these interval lessons.. Expand on my understanding provided through your basic fundamentals course fantastically.. Thanks, this have been very helpful. The best lesson I had since trying to learn Interval. Mark, You always do a great job.

Thanks so much. So use to playing by ear though I have picked up alot through the years. What is hard for me is like…. When I think about what scale I am playing…I stay in that scale and always go back to the root note too often as if everything is a fill except when I hit the root note.

I have played 6 string rhythm for years but just never have been able to solidy my understanding. Your lessons help very much. I need so tracks for instance play a chord progression from a key. That is what gets me…. Stuff is tough…. For instance why does F,G,C, Am…. Why Am instead of an A? I saw a lesson that talked about intervals and it would say, mj, mn,mn, dom, min ,mj….. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

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Above their heads was a large skylight, relic of an era when people actually had a reason to look up at the sky. All it showed currently were gray clouds and a steady torrent of rain falling vertically. This will be followed by a five-minute period where the two debaters will be allowed to question each other. It will be my job to make sure this part of the debate remains civil, and I may extend the time limit at my discretion.

After that, the challenger will have three minutes to sum up, and the Empress will get two minutes to have her final word. After a brief intermission, the second topic for debate will follow, with the order of speaking reversed. Finally, if the debate has raised any additional topics worthy of discussion, those will be covered one at a time in the same format as before.

With the rules established, let us begin. Imperial Law holds the contents of this program to be treasonous to the Emperor. Would Your Excellency care to explain why this is the case? You have three minutes. Francine nodded. The deeds of Norton Nimnul do not need to be stated; they are known by every one of you. And his work for the world continues today. Even as we speak, the Emperor is risking his life to personally lead an expedition to recover the Moon from the band of miscreants who have seized it, a group that if not stopped will be in a position to indiscriminately lay waste any spot on Earth they should choose.

In return for this responsibility, he is granted certain rights not given to most people on Earth. For example, he has a security force, paid for with public funds, to protect him from the deranged individuals that always tend to fixate on those more powerful and beloved than themselves.

The emperor has made the details of his past public knowledge. The Rescue Rangers program, on the other hand, was made without the emperor's participation, and without his consent. How, then, can it be trusted to truthfully portray the details of his life, especially as this show casts the emperor as one of the antagonists? The answer is that it cannot. So long before Norton Nimnul's arrival, how could anyone have known about his existence?

The creator and head writer of the show, E. Thaddeus Rockwell, always claimed in interviews that the show was completely fictional. Now that the presence of Norton Nimnul has revealed this claim to be a lie, Mr. Rockwell is nowhere to be found. He has become a fugitive from the law. Rockwell learn about Norton Nimnul? We can only speculate, but the emperor has a theory. He believes that Mr. Rockwell was contacted across the dimensions by the evil genius of the Rescue Rangers, Gadget Hackwrench.

This Gadget must have invented a device that allowed her to communicate with individuals on parallel Earths, and she used this to propagate her lies about those individuals on her enemies list. Norton Nimnul was especially targeted, because of his genius, of which she was understandably jealous. Is it any wonder, then, that on the Rescue Rangers show that resulted, this same Gadget is portrayed as a nearly-perfect character? While Norton Nimnul, on the other hand, is shown as grotesquely short and hunchbacked, a stereotypical mad scientist complete with lightning-equipped mountaintop laboratory?

For this reason, the show should be banned, and all recordings of it destroyed. Braunbight turned to Carolyn, picking up a stopwatch. It took a moment for the young woman to find her voice, as the weight of all those people sunk in.

The critics of the time thought it was, the people who watched it thought it was, and yet here we stand in a world ruled by a character from that show. It was not fiction, it was news, and news is exempt from prosecution.

The show was not one that was built as a 'tissue of lies', rather it was merely as if someone recorded real life, and that is exactly what it was. The fact that it seemed to come out episodic was just a byproduct of the sorts of adventures that this group of animals were having. In that, the show is reality, the show is truth, the show is real. The events that happened within the show are reality, true and real, and the fact that they are not flattering to Nimnul is an unfortunate consequence of that reality and the events of another dimension.

If he acted badly in that world, then that should be his problem, not ours for knowing what he did. Nimnul himself said that he did not invent the Dimensional Viewer. It was created in the 's of his world, and it was very easy for him to reproduce it when he arrived on this world. Therefore, it should be no surprise that it was independently created here, on this world. Like the Dimensional Viewer, it shows you what your counterpart on another world is up to.

Thaddeus Rockwell, contrary to his interviews, used it to create The Rescue Rangers show, and I managed to get my hands on it around the time of his disappearance.

Hopefully that will convince you that the show was based in fact. My counterpart was the antagonist in an un-produced episode of the Rescue Rangers.

I managed to find a copy of the script on the Wired, and it was quite prejudiced against me. I did not want to bring this up before, because the law was created to protect the Emperor, but I should point out that the Rescue Rangers had other antagonists on their show besides Norton Nimnul, any of whom might have counterparts with reason to not want to see this show aired.

May I first ask her permission before I give you access to her mind? She's currently sitting right next to my counterpart. The voice sounded similar to Carolyn's, but different somehow, like it was coming out of a smaller voicebox. She's on lunch break, so we have to make this quick. I'll put her on the Viewer now. Francine's eyes narrowed as she realized that this whole scenario was planned in advance. I hope you understand.

Without a demonstration, how can I prove my claim that the Rescue Rangers show is based on truth? If the KEEN is truly based on the same principle as the Dimensional Viewer, we can move the venue of the debate to the bunker where the emperor keeps that device, and I can safely contact Winifred from there.

Carolyn reached up and turned down the volume on the KEEN, using this gesture to hide her momentary look of apprehension at the thought of Laurel being discovered. Francine looked down at the podium and spotted a speck of dust.

Noticing that the camera was now pointed at Carolyn, she got out a cloth and some wood cleaner and proceeded to scrub the speck into oblivion. The dampness down there will probably fog up the cameras. And the smell! It was converted from a bat cave, after all. Have you ever been down there, Your Excellency? Francine shuddered, and then started writing something on a scrap of paper. We are already taking up the valuable time of the people of the Earth by having this discussion, so let's not waste it.

The Emperor originally constructed a working model of the device he used, before creating the machinery in the bunker. That model, and the Tesla coil that powers it, is still locked in a safe in the second guest bedroom. I'll have somebody retrieve it. A few minutes later, the Tesla coil was sitting in the center of the conference room, spitting sparks in every direction. The television producers were not very happy with the amount of noise it produced, and had to take care never to have the coil and anybody in the same shot, as the brightness of the sparks drowned everything else out.

After cameras were repositioned, more-appropriate microphones were substituted, and Francine triple-checked the settings on the model Dimensional Viewer on her podium, the debate could continue. Francine turned the device around in her hands. Unlike the original, this Viewer had a speaker attached.

We'll be doing this one-way only. Winifred is not to use the Viewer. Just have her try to stay calm and keep her mind open. Francine lightly rested her hand on the Viewer's handlebar. And saw the face of a red-furred cartoon character on the screen. It looked like no species she had ever encountered in the real world. She was seeing this character over the shoulder of a red-haired cartoon woman, who was sitting on the ground in the middle of a stereotypical mad scientist's laboratory.

Of course, Francine thought glumly. Nimnul's old laboratory, straight out of the cartoons--where else would you go to make me look like an idiot? Thinking about turning her head caused the display to move accordingly, revealing a man and a woman in black trench coats, as well as a bird, a pink bat, two chipmunks, two mice and a fly.

The last five characters were obviously the Rescue Rangers, even unclothed, while the bat was Foxglove. They were all looking at the red-haired woman when she suddenly spoke. Francine saw now that Winifred's head appeared to be semi-transparent. With an effort, she plunged inside it. The image on the screen continued to show the group in Nimnul's lab, but now superimposed upon Francine's vision was the landscape of Winifred's mind, a pink void in which floated memories and stray thoughts one of which was "Whoa.

That was weird. Francine "grabbed" the most interesting memory and "spread it out" so she could "read" it. Our first duty is to help all of those poor souls who have been wrongly imprisoned.

Winifred paused here. There was something that needed to be said, but she didn't want to say it. Winifred sighed. I have sought to impose my will on other sentients without their consent.

The second duty is to rehabilitate Speakers who have been rightly imprisoned. If you arrange for him to lose that bet, we will return in two hours. The turn of an imaginary knob caused the vision of Winifred's mindscape to fade most of the way out of existence, returning the world of the conference room to the fore, a reminder that she had to watch what she said, as well as what Winifred said, as both were being picked up by the microphone on her podium. It also appeared that time had ground nearly to a halt while she was exploring, as the expressions of those around her looked identical to before.

Francine turned the knob back to its original setting, returning focus to the inside of Winifred's head. Winifred was wearing a shapeless lavender dress, a purple vest with white stars, and a headband. She was sitting astride a canister vacuum, which had decided to violate the law of gravity by floating a foot above the roof of a museum.

It's about time! The bat landed on the end of the vacuum's hose attachment. I brought you the list of ingredients, Winifred," she said, holding out a piece of typing paper on which was written a list of five items. Winifred grabbed the list. Now get in there and help the others before I turn you into a Louisville Slugger! Right away! Less than a minute later, she returned, with a slightly glowing rock clutched in her feet. Maybe you'll make a decent witch's assistant after all!

Winifred looked to see a strange contraption, a flying bagpipe attached to a hardhat. The vehicle was somehow propelled by the song being emitted from the pipes. A mouse in overalls was visible playing the song on the pipe, while a mouse and two chipmunks were riding in the hardhat.

She leaned forward on the vacuum, causing it to fly down to a fountain. She used the hose attachment to vacuum up some water and stones. She turned around and handed the moon rock to Bud, ordering him to "hold this until I tell you different! Without answering, Winifred flicked a switch on the canister, reversing the suction and blasting the bagpipe with water and rocks, nearly causing it to crash. Francine now had the evidence she was looking for, but one memory looked particularly interesting It was the back room of the abandoned Laundromat, one second after midnight on All Hallows Eve.

The windowless room was illuminated by flickering candlelight. Only the candles had just been melted by the blast of heat from one second earlier, so the flames were floating unsupported above the cracked concrete floor. Winifred shook her head and slowly got up. She reached to the back of her head to feel something wet. Just touching it made her head ring like a gong. That head felt curiously light, like something had been removed from it. It occurred to Winifred that the most important moments in her life always seemed to begin with someone saying her full name.

More importantly, there was something different in this voice. In latter years Winifred trained herself until she could identify the species of anyone purely by their voice, but she never before and never again encountered someone with the same species as this voice.

It wasn't even really a voice, in the sense that a voice is the vibration of a column of air altered by tongue, lips, nose and cheeks. There was nothing organic about this voice. It was as if the concrete floor was speaking to her, the four walls and the broken light fixtures shaping the sound. Winifred's world was speaking to her and yet at the same time, it seemed that Winifred was speaking to herself.

At that moment, the dream contracted down until nothing could be heard, and all that was visible was Winifred's right shoe. Everything else had apparently been wiped from Winifred's mind. A few seconds later the memory picked up again:. The memory was suddenly torn away by a ghostly Winifred. You've seen enough, haven't you? The commercial began when a girl and a boy, both about ten years old, rushed into the kitchen of an idyllic suburban home after a long day of having fun, followed by their faithful dog.

Waiting for them there was their dutiful mother. The mother turned from the refrigerator, holding a tray with a bottle and two filled glasses. The kids sat down at the kitchen table as the mother placed their drinks before them. That's our favorite! The six-inch tall Sun Fizz mascot leaps off of the bottle and onto the table.

Sun Fizz giggled and hopped down to the floor of the kitchen, causing the dog to flee out the back door. In their panic, the children accidentally knocked over a vacuum cleaner in the hallway, which caused Mom to stumble. The daughter looked back, and saw that the mascot had nearly reached the fallen adult. It is at this moment that the narrator of the commercial finally stepped in.

Taste is everything. Obey your thirst. Sun Fizz is the last thing heard. Miss Maughlarde, you may begin with your argument against the statute.

Carolyn looked pointedly down at her watch, noting the time, then looking up at Braunbight, before she finally addressed the camera. She was still wearing the KEEN helmet. Braunbight has urged you to consult the ' Review' node of the Wired for more information about this law and how it has been enforced.

I had an opportunity to look at this node during the commercial break, and I noticed that the names of all Rescue Ranger fans arrested under this law are listed. Since our anonymity has already been compromised, I urge you to use the search capabilities of the Wired to find out who we are. Some of the fans are children or young adults like myself, 'in some parts of this country not even a legal adult', as I believe someone said. But take a look at the older members of the fandom.

Our fandom includes schoolteachers, software programmers, social and health care workers. You probably already know that one of us is a member of the British House of Peers. We are astronauts and journalists, farmers and singers, public defenders and copyright attorneys, and yes, sons and daughters. Before May 16th, we were all law-abiding members of the community.

The only reason we are considered criminals now is because what was our hobby has been re-defined as treason. We were not fans of this show because of how Norton Nimnul was depicted. We were fans because we enjoyed the stories, empathized with the characters, and felt like we were part of the world of the show, a world whose attractions are all the stronger now that we know that the world is real.

Nulton over there is biting her tongue right now because I have neglected to mention the one apparent exception to this rule, the one person that appears to justify the entirety of Imperial Law Harold Largess, the man who tried to use the unconscious body of the Emperor to take over the world.

Well, I'm here to tell you that that man is not, and never was, one of us. It's true that after he was arrested, a videotape of Rescue Rangers episodes was found in his bedroom, but the very title of that tape reveals his opinion of the show.

As you can see, the tape was clearly labeled 'Loathsome Rescue Ranger episodes, Tape 1'. I ask you, what kind of fan would treat the source of his devotion so poorly? She sighed in defeat upon confirming that her brother-in-law had indeed been the victim of a clumsy plant by the Emperor, using one of the tapes she had herself prepared for him, labeled in her handwriting.

Francine paused for several seconds as she re-considered her strategy. Her thinking was interrupted by the sound of Dale scrambling up the walls of the cage. Smiling deviously, she began. As far as I'm concerned, this debate is settled, and the arguments to overturn the statute are completely convincing. Braunbight blinked, uncomprehending. Carolyn grinned from ear to ear and stretched out her hand.

It has been a pleasure Liking the show is one thing, but you have devoted a substantial part of your lives to it, even before you knew it was based on a world that actually existed. For the child fans, I can understand. The show depicts a bright, optimistic worldview that is necessary to grow into a well-adjusted adult. But at some point, children must leave their fantasies behind, and learn to live in the real world.

You told us of your occupations, so you appear to be mentally stable enough to hold regular jobs. And yet your free time is dominated by your obsession with a world that, even if it is real, has no bearing on this world at this time.

You appear to be optimists, all of you, yet Optimism has not been a viable philosophy for the last sixty years. In that time, Earth has been invaded by aliens three times, has been struck by innumerable natural disasters, plagues, and one 'limited nuclear engagement'. The last iteration of Wired, the Internet, completely collapsed under the weight of endless computer hacking, nearly bringing down the whole of society as we know it. The population of the world in was two billion people.

The population today is barely half of that number, and it is still steadily declining. At this rate there will be nobody left to greet the dawn of the Twenty-Second Century. The time when adults could waste their days in childish pursuits is gone forever. If nothing else, we can at least fight for the right, like I did here, and in that way the Rescue Rangers may be thanked for showing me from an early age that fighting for what you believe in is the right thing.

You say it can't change the world but isn't that what I've just done? This path you are following is the path of self-deception. You will throw your life into it, until one day you wake up and realize the best years of your life are behind you, and you must forcibly readjust your perceptions to reality. I know this path well, for I have traveled it.

The temptation of a fantasy world is so strong, the temptation to reduce the world to black and white. A world of absolute good and absolute evil, where your cause is just and you have the power to make everything better. The world of the Rescue Rangers may be black and white, but not this one. This world is gray; gray through and through. And in this world you cannot hate your enemies, no matter how much you wish to, because they are your father and your sister, and despite their wrongs they have also loved you, in their own way, and you cannot find it in your heart to strike back at them, even if the power to strike back at them was anything more than lies written in old books.

I only discovered who I truly was when I abandoned the lies, and it was only when I abandoned the lies that life became worth living.

You are so young, Carolyn. You have so much of your life ahead of you. Don't make my mistakes. Accept the world for what it is, and live in it. I do accept this world, but the trick is that I accept it, and at the same time live in it in whatever way that makes me happy, and my way of 'living it' is to write the stories that no one notices or cares about, because it makes me happy, and in the end I think that is what's more important than anything, making oneself pleased in the world of black, white, or gray.

The number one thing they taught us was hope. You seem to think that this world has no place for hope, but there is always a place for it, even now. Especially now. Humanity is still far from achieving its true potential. The truest source of hope is by seeing the hope of others. Our hope comes from a more optimistic world.

We have strived to live as our heroes, those heroes" gesturing at the cage containing the Rescue Rangers "have lived. And in doing so, we have brought hope to those we have encountered in our non-fannish lives. Even if the people we inspired never knew about the Rescue Rangers , the show has indirectly helped their lives. Carolyn reached up and switched off the KEEN helmet, then walked over to the Dimensional Viewer prototype and turned it on, causing the back of Tammy's head to appear on the Viewer's screen.

She's not a Rescue Ranger, but this makes it even clearer that it is their entire world that influences us. Tammy, let's get a look at you. She held it up so the Viewer could see her face. Tammy has known about the Rescue Rangers for most of her life, and has always tried to live up to the ideal they represent. She's also a good friend, a fun sister and a dutiful daughter, an optimist despite the loss of her hero father at an early age.

In short, she's everything I wish to be, and I'm not sure if I would be here today before you if it wasn't for her example to guide me through some dark times in my life. The world of the Rescue Rangers is so different from our own that it can have no bearing on how we live our lives here. Francine, you've said before that this world is not a positive place, things are bad, and problems arise. But at the same time there is hope, for so many the Rescue Rangers have provided that hope, and if they were actually in our world would it not be a better place?

Not perfect by any means, but improved certainly. Our world could use all the help it can get, and whether it be the fans, or the actual Rangers themselves, they can help provide hope for the future to bring color to this gray world. Francine pointed at the cage. Where is their shining example now? Let the Rescue Rangers be heroes on their world, and animals on this one. Animals like all the rest on this planet, mindless creatures of instinct. I think you're fooling yourself.

I think we all are fooling ourselves. I mean, look at the animals of our world and ask yourselves the question: Do animals think like human beings? Do they have souls? You might think you know the answers, but I know I don't. I know that mated pairs of animals love each other, and that they sacrifice their happiness to guarantee that of their children, just like us. I know that some of them show altruism towards perfect strangers, just like some of us.

Ask any pet owner, and they will tell you tales of animal behavior that go far beyond training or mimicry. Ask any police or fire rescue unit in the world that uses dogs trained to save lives in ways their instincts never provided for. I like to believe that animals are like us, because so often they show us the way. Everything I throw up, blow up Talking to the girl she said know what grow up, ya nasty I don't understand why they tripping if you ask me Flow just the nicest I emit the propane I just spit prolly just raise the gas prices Everybody in the club tryna get as fresh as me What you on dog?

Tryna stay recession free and spit refreshingly when I rock the stadium You prolly get sweaty, you should get a extra tee Now im standing next to Jay who standing next to B Could've been anywhere in the world but you're here with me That's good for my ego, ha ha, me and my ego And he go everywhere we go My ego is my imaginary friend He was with me when I was only imagining I had dreams of the league, one day I'd play Kobe or walk up to Puff and he would really know me.

Couldn't let the dream killers kill my self-esteem.

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