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Bruit - Agathocles / Paucities - DIY Noise Militia

21.03.2020at 05:46 | Author : Taubar | Category : DEFAULT | : Thumbtack

Metal , Reviews. Did you dig this? Take a second to support Toilet ov Hell on Patreon! If you enjoyed this, please share it. Money Hater - It Costs 0. Money Hater - All of Us Money Hater - Enough Is Enough Agathocles tracklist: Ruido Lawaii Noise Kebisingan Hluk Melu Zaj Bruit Zarata Buka Four songs of raw, wavy punk with a little melancholy desperate prevailing mood.

Without any question there is some Wipers-influence. Lets fucking mince! Limited to copies only! What a wall! And it doesnt stop. These Aussie's know how to play grindcore! Subtitled "13 Songs Of Refer Madness". Love how they didn't change this spelling error on the reissue; unsure if the label also don't know how to spend "reefer". I guess if you smoke a lot of funny fags it impedes yer ability to spell cos you're too busy talking endless boring incomprehensible shite and eating Monster Munch.

Anyway, Exit 13 were a great grind band from the 90s featuring all manner of premier league grinders amongst their ranks, and this one features Pain Teens vocalist Bliss Blood.

This however is not a grind record and instead is a kinda comedy loungue album of covers of songs about weed. You may have gotten this from any comments I ever make on stoner culture, but I find it entirely tiresome, find spending time with stoners incredibly irritating, and any form of stoner comedy makes me want to smash everyone involved over the head with a Youth Of Today LP.

So honestly, I find this to be one of the most annoying things I've heard in ages, and presumably I never got it when I was a kid because I wasn't a childish fucking idiot like anyone who might gain any enjoyment from this plop. That said, if yer a personality-free smelly loser who loves talking about how much they smoke, knock yerself out, hippy!

Cold World have been going about for over 20 years now and still come out with old-school fast thrashcore with the odd PV bass lead and fist-pumping chorus. Good stuff! Clear vinyl. Fissure: shredding guitar work shrieking fastcore. Like em a lot!! I'm not gonna try and dissect the ART behind this cos I'll be honest, I've not given it more than one listen and I feel much of Mattin's stuff requires you to really get inside it and think about what's going on. Dick Cheyney As with all Mattin's work, this is a difficult one, but his stuff always endures!

Ultra old-school death metal from a bunch of scene vets members of Incantation, Morpheus Descends. Vocals are amazing! Dark crusty hardcore from Morkhimmel meets doom metal from The Tower. I've had stuff in by them before and realy like em, they have a definite 90s euro-doom vibe to them.

Weird combo of bands but a nice contrast! Metal punk which is pretty much just Motorhead. If you dig Motorhead I'd be astonished if you didn't at least enjoy this fleetingly. It doesnae have the charm or tunes of Motorhead but it's enjoyable to chuck on! Dog Eggs make me think of a faster Lawnwmower Deth, they're a bit daft really. Managed to get my hands on a bunch of dead stock of this rager from , all unplayed! Sons Of Ishmael were a hardcore band from Toronto who came out as the first wave of hardcore was dying their debut 7 came out in , and unlike DOA who left Canada altogether, or Nomeansno who got major distribution and toured all over, SoI remained under-the-radar, and like a lot of laters HC bands found more of an audience in Europe than North America.

Their Pariah Martyr Demands A Sacrifice is to me one of the finest Canuck hardcore LPs ever recorded, and whilst this isn't uite as good, it's got some great tunes and real dry humour.

Bargain, gettit! Temple: these guys rule, absolutely great epic doom metal! No screaming vocals or feedback here, just total hymns of solemnity and twin leads with soaring chorus vocals.

Love it! Acolytes Of Moros is still doom but has a much rawer production and harsher vocals. It's very bleak but the thin sound is totally blown away by the majesty of the Temple side.

Worth it for them alone, though. Essentially The Accused under a different name they are now known as "Accused AD" , this recording originally came out as a split CD nearly 10 years ago and is resurrected as a single-sided 12".

It does have "tribute" artwork Earth AD which I'm never a big fan of. Yer legends yourselves guys, no need to pay homage to anybody else eh! For an in-depth review, go to the "releases" page, cos I released this un on CD!

Decent rocking stuff here, reminds me loads of mid-period Entombed, with harsh throat-stripping vocals but really catchy riffs. Reissue of early Discharge worship was this the first Dis- band? AKA Karnvapen Attack.

One of the absolute best Swedish hardcore records my personal favourite! It's just insanely fuckin pissed off. These guys are really weird but I really like them. Really like this, not much stuff around that sounds like em. Decent quality boot from their reunion tour in Good mix of stuff from the two 80s albums and In The Shadows, which I think is a really decent record!

It's doom metal, it sounds like Black Sabbath. There's nothing new here and they don't have the interesting proggy songwriting know-how of the amazing Blood Ceremony, but if you like standard doom metal then this will serve your needs well.

Not the Brazilian and better! Rot but this is reasonable blasting black metal which reminds me a wee bit of Bestial Summoning. It's always good when an album's title does the description for you. Really have nothing to add. Eat My Fuc is my favourite GG release: it's still got great, listenable tunes but is filthy, anarchic and fucked up, but not so much so as to render it just a recording of a maniac but a mc up his bum, which a lot of the later stuff became.

This tape also features rare 7" gear from the same period. Totally unnecessary and idiotic bootleg. The "No Room I guess when you're anti-everything, you're gonna attract people who aren't anti-everything but just dicks. Music-wise this has the original 7 plus a bunch of live stuff which is pretty unlistenable. I mean GG live stuff always sucks cos the sound of a microphone being shoved up yer hoop isnae all that interesting. Though I'm pretty sure there's a fella doin that in Cafe Oto next week.

Top set this is a boot, but no more of a boot than the snide Earache issues that have been comin out lately from one of the greatest death metal bands ever.

This must've been on their last tour, and has a bunch of their final album as well as all the "hits". Primal, driving black death with amazing double bass drums and horrid vocals.

Sounds like a total steamroller of WAR. Live boot from Frost era. The first two albums are best in my opinion so this is a stellar tracklist, though qualty is sometimes not all that great, apparently the audio came from a VHS recording of the show. Regardless, well worth a few quid and smart to hear them do "The Freezing Moon" too. Rough but still more than listenable rehearsal from one of the best Polish metal bands.

A pretty over-looked band for me; their first few albums are absolute class. Played here last year but tickets were about 25 quid for some reason and I'm lef to believe they are now bollocks. Four quid will get you the good gear instead! Guitars are turned waaaay down and you hear pretty much mostly drums and more than anything else this kinda gargled deep voice for vocals which sounds exactly like that weird burpy voice from the first Sepultura record.

I like it! Satanic Torment isn't a million miles away, reckon whoever recorded this had a button stuck on the reocrding device for the vocalists. Still pretty decent blasting death. NOT the masters of Brazilian grindcore unfortunately , but a pretty generic blasting black metal band.

Bewar though, absolutely minging and really not-needed imagery in the booklet. Grind bands playing sludge tunes. So many combine the genres these days, and often the tone and aesthetics are so similar that this actually works really well. Nicely packaged in an embridered sleeve, badge, patch and big insert. Black thrash from Belgium. Think early Bathory etc. Is it a typo ie "Witch Trial , or are they talking about a tail of witches?

Or a trail TO some witches? Either way, it's a trail I wanna be on, that's for sure! Advice: never over-egg the pudding in yer hype stickers! I know that they're called that for a reason, but honestly, this doesn't sound anything like any of those bands.

Which isn't to say it's not probably influenced by them - fair enough - but if you're expecting some wild, free-form, anything-goes exploration of the boundaries of sound implied by existing in the same Ur-world as the aforementioned acts, then yr gonna be gutted when you plonk this on your turntable!

So what is it like then? Well it is actually ok. The first track's pretty boring Low-esque guff which I think is what put me against it from the start but it soon gets going to some nice driving, rhythmic analogue-synthy sub-Kraut jams that aren't a million miles away from a futuristic Neu!

I guess. The second side's kinda cut-up noisescapes with some synth overlay. I dunno about this, it's all over the place really and doesn't fit together as a coherent piece of work at all. Check it out on Bandcamp, don't let me be yr almighty music Magi all the time. I had a bunch of Acid Witch records in a few years ago and found it to be kinda bland sludge that seemed to stand out from the crowd more cos of the cover art than anything else.

Well check this out, now they're doing an EP of tunes from 80s US horror films in a buttrock style. It is absolutely fucking awful.

Is it fuck, this kinda shite is the most poser crap out there. We're not even past A on this update and I already cannae wait to get to fucking Manilla Road. On red and gold swirl vinyl, that's the only reason anyone buys this crap. Personal favourite of this batch of AM LPs. Bang fuckin on! Great new album from long-running punkers. First tune particularly took me by surprise Third album of heavy rockers here.

They're definitely doing their best vintage store shopping to look dead like heavies from The Professionals too, fair play. Bonus points awarded for the wee "From the makers of Interesting stuff here. Really good stuff. Excellent early US thrash here. Very influenced by Metallica, who were of course always a good couple of years ahead of the game, but nevertheless really decent stuff.

I got these guys' album, Eyes Of Tomorrow I think it's called, when I was a teenager at a record fair just cos I liked the cover and thought it looked metal I was right! Razor-sharp thrash very much in the vein of Annihilator. These demos are from close to that time as I recognise the odd track, but obviously a bit rougher around the edges.

Good stuff. Superb recording from a TV show! AG played on whilst on their South American tour a couple of years back. Mix of old classics and newer stuff, very high quality recording.

Can't beat Agathocles really, you know the score. Bizarre new well, it says it was recorded between and from Agathocles. Sounds like Skinny Puppy or something. I actually thought the record was wrong but checked out reviews online and indeed "Agathocles' most strange album ever" was the response. There are grind bits well, "cyber-grind! Usually Agathocles are the most solid band for being able to say "you know what you're getting here" but in this case Definitely a curio!

New album not the same re-hashed tunes or shit rehearsal tracks from AG. They're also grinding and not doing that weird drum machine guff any more. It's decent! Another vintage reissue from Machu Picchu, like a lot of great private press records, this psychedelic curio was released some time after the summer of love and as per the band name, was released in to utter obscurity and vanished soon after.

That's a shame because here we have some brilliant shimmering pysch rock with brilliant mulit-vocal harmonies that brings to mind The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane and The Hollies for sure. Certainly worth picking up if you're into your psychedelic obscurities. Lovely packaging as seems to be the norm from Machu Picchu.

This is a great mix of haunting doom and crunching death metal; it feels like a demo in that different songs feel a wee bit divergent in terms of style, but that's kinda part of the charm with demo recordings innit! I reckon if these guys had got a full album together it would've been a belter.

Really nice package with an interview on the inside and three different colours to choose from: black, orange smoke and brown smoke. Limited to of each colour, and I have copies of all. Be quick, this'll go fast! Odd pairing here: Relapse avante-garde grind from Antigama meets 70s soundtrack style stuff from Anima Morte. See my comments below for my thoughts on modern bands trying to be like bands from the 70s and failing miserably; this is kinda one of those occassions.

Embarassingly shite cover art, better music, but not enough to convince me personally to shed any coin on it. As ever, of course, I am not the boss of you! Earliest material from one of the most important anarcho bands.

Antisect have always been a very special band to me; they never had much material but the evolution of their sound is totally fascinating and totally engrossing, and their message one of the strongest. While honestly I don't think much of the new record note it's absence in this update or the nonsense going on with the band's membership, the message is nevertheless still strong, and I wish more bands would subscribe to the idea of eschewing that message!

Anyway, the demos here are really pretty rough and they were clearly still finding their sound, but the tunes are still great. The live set on the flip actually sounds well better, and is a great early listen in on a legendary band in their formative years. Superb live set from near the end of the band. Imagine this stuff had actually made it out properly? Pretty much one of the UK's most important ever punk bands, this is essential material in my mind. Comes with a smashing big foldout with interviews, pics and essays.

First new album in 35 years from the "resurrected" Antisect is this band reay Antisect? This one has really polarized fans, with some people describing it as a bold, new sound with incisive cutting socialist lyrics.

In fact, the Rise Above speil for this really labours that point but makes almost no mention of the music: which is presumably because it's total shite. Sounds completely like boring lates groove metal with almost nothing of any interest at all.

Really, if this was by anyone else would Rise Above even be listening to this at all? Would they fuck! I'll be honest, not even really thinking the lyrics are all that up to much either. I've had a couple of folk say to me "ah if it was by any other band you'd like it, it's just cos it's Antisect you're saying you're not into it".

My response to that is: no. I do not like Pantera. If you wanna hear classic stuff, grab one of the demo collections on a PUNK label at a punk price elsewhere on this list and sack this shite.

Superb debut album of raging anarcho punk. Absolutely love the lyrics on this one, absolutely no prisoners taken at all! Classic punk. Great final EP until their recent return! This includes somewhat incongruously their first demo from and a couple of early tracks from comps. I guess it's quite cool that you can see how they progressed in terms of sound, though I'd have rather seen a seperate release with their classic "Defence of The Realm" 7" on it, my favourite of their!

After dominating sludge for so many years, Finland seems to be a breeding ground for the recently-resurgent noise rock scene. These guys are maybe a little more sluggish than most the AmRep bands for example, but there's a metallic heaviness to them and a definite punk swagger also. Comes in a huge Crass Records-style foldout sleeve, limited to only copies. If you were into the Apocalypse 12" I've got for sale this will be of interest. This LP contains that full EP as well as demos from the band pre and post The Apocalypse material is the better, more heavy, gloomy and hard-edged.

The songs have been remastered and sound a bit better than the very rough, muffled Youtube videos I'd heard before. Reissue of the third album by one of the best rip-off bands ever, Apokalyptic Raids.

These guys are pretty ridiculous, absolutely everything is just totally bang-on Hellhammer. There kinda gets a point whereby slagging someone off for ripping another band loses its point, cos they've just gone so far. It's pretty much as simple as this: do you like Hellhammer's music, image and artwork?

If so, you will like Apokalyptic Raids. If you read these pages ever you'll probably have a rough idea of what AOBW are all about by now as I've had al of their releases in stock at some point! Taking complex metallic hardcore as their base, stoner and grind emerge from the twisted limbs every so often and there are plenty of great moments of satisfying chugg going on.

Brilliant first release on their own by Unholy Anarchy, a new label who I'll be doing a lot of work with over the next wee while and who deserves the support for being generally great! Starting as they mean to go on, this is a real high-quality package all round, with a lot of attention paid to sound, artwork and the wee extras included! Ashencult are one of the few USBM bands to interest me in recent years in fact at press now is their debut album on vinyl which myself and UA will be co-releasing , and their track here is a venomous spewing of thrashing, rasping black metal that doesn't let up.

Mephorash take a more considered appraoch with a very occultish vibe throughout and dark synthesiser sounds complementing the ebb and flow of their lengthy track. The cover art is absolutely astounding and the package comes with a huge poster of the art as well as a nice embroidered patch. Really dig this! New to me, Ashtar are a duo from Switzerland and play a real amalgamation of various metal styles, and listening to it now I don't think they're a million miles away from new At War band Heavydeath.

Driving, repetitive riffs form the backbone to the tunes, with melodic black metal guitar lines and sinister rasping vocals mixed with ethereal singing. Actually it's got a real Bergtatt vibe to it best Ulver by far by the way! This is the band formed by Josh Graham, a guy who I believe makes possibly the most terrible art in metal. Quite how he's managed to make a living Photoshopping forest animals onto backgrounds of big buildings with a stormy sky in the background is beyond me.

His stuff looks like the kinda images you see middle-aged american tourists wearing on their jumpers. Anyway, he's a long-time collaborator with Neurosis, and his band sounds pretty much like the boring, post-rock bits of later-period Neurosis, with none of the intensity or heaviness.

Luckily, this record comes in a generic Latitudes "company" sleeve so at least you don't have to look at his gash artwork. Very chaotic, unpredictable technical grindcore from Atka and more old school deathgrind from Shimetsu.

The one thing that all sounds share is that they are produced by vibration. The vibrations make the air move in waves, and these sound waves travel to the ear.

When the sound waves enter the ear, the brain has to interpret them.

Well, sales are nonexistent, did a few trades when the zine came out, but not much since. Few more things coming in the mail, but right now GOD - Neurofibromatosis and Sete Star Sept - .

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  5. Nov 24,  · ZAS AUTOPRODUZIONI records started in the end of as a home-dubbing d.i.y. tapes label. In all this years I released tapes/records/cds of raw & raging old school hc/punk and all its extreme & violent “sub-genres” like grindcore / crust / power-violence, to make it .
  6. The songs were all recorded in for the Agathocles half of a split with Paucities called DIY Noise Militia, so you’re essentially getting an entire grind album condensed into one song. That’s ace, especially for a neophyte looking for somewhere to start in Agathocles’ nigh unassailable discography.

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