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Days Go By - Various - Mix Factor 33 (April 2002)

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DJ Chus. Pablo Ceballos. Nobody But Yourself Spacedisco Records. Azucena Malagon Jimpster Remix Felipe Gordon Jimpster. Felipe Gordon. Hypnosis Yam Who? Psychotropic Yam Who? Yam Who? Black Riot. Penetrate The Beats Original Mix Blade from Jestofunk.

Ocean Trax. Dont Break Original Mix Carlo Caldareri. Moustache Label. Simon Kennedy. Dallinghoo Recordings. Sunset Original Mix V , Yannou , Alex Mota. Alex Mota. Pocket Coflo's Afro Deep Remix Evar After Coflo. Merecumbe Recordings.

Evar After. Back on the Circuit Live Awesome Sound Wave. Ollopa Original Mix Brothers in Arts. Groove Culture. The Deepshakerz. HotBOi Records. Tonight Is Our Night Tony Zuccaro. Moon Rocket Music. Kemnal Road Studios. Newman UK. Dave Anthony. Stephanie Cooke.

DJ Booker T. They Say Aturah , Osunlade. Yoruba Records. Do The Disco Original Mix AVA It. Groovy Riddim Records. Vamos Madorasindahouse Records. Eribertho Cruz.

Pulsinger Irl. Raz Ohara. Andreas Weisz. Vamos Baby Sould Out. Tropical Disco Records. Feedback feat. Kimono Mark Maxwell Extended Remix Jerk Boy , Kimono Mark Maxwell. Jerk Boy. I and No. II with blue-gray color. Natural fine aggregates were the natural sand, and crushed limestone sand No. The recycled aggregates were produced from the concrete produced in a laboratory environment. The physical properties and gradation of the natural coarse and fine aggregates and recycled aggregates in Table 2.

The physical and chemical properties of the water reducing agent are provided in Table 3. A coloring agent, organic-base red powder, was used in the recycled aggregate concrete batches in order to be able to distinguish the new and old mortar. Per manufacturer's specifications, the coloring agent was introduced to the concrete batch by approximately 3 percent of weight of cement. A total of 31 tests were conducted using the levels of the variables noted in Table 4.

Each test consisted of measuring the compressive strength of three hardened cylinder specimens of mm by mm, in accordance with ASTM C Each peak temperature was maintained for three hours to achieve the thermal steady state.

At the end of three hours, the power was turned off and the specimens were kept in the furnace until the furnace cooled down to room temperature. The temperatures were recorded at every 30 minutes. The specimens were tested at room temperature and after the heating and cooling cycle. Of the 31 tests, 15 tests were performed at 28 days, and the rest at 90 days.

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Sign In To E-mail. Welcome To MelodySale! You've successfully registered on melodysale. Archived from the original on 8 March Retrieved 7 March GfK Chart-Track. Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved 16 January Official Charts Company. Retrieved 1 December Australia's Music Charts — Retrieved I thought they weren't ruled out?

There wasn't evidence that could link them to the disappearances, but their alibis couldn't be confirmed. They still are considered as suspects, but kind of lower on the list. It's really tough to picture a person by himself doing this without there being a lot of blood in the house.

Getting all three women to comply without someone escaping just from brandishing a weapon seems unlikely to me. Maybe if all the women were in the same room when he came in, or if he knocked on the door tried to break the light first and held one at gunpoint, then she led him to the other two in the same room? Maybe it's not that unlikely, but in a person's mind getting into a vehicle with a person with a gun generally brings on quite a panic I would think. I would think one would've tried to run rather than be taken if there was only one abductor.

Lots of questions in this one. Great post OP! Given we don't know what weapon s the intruder might have had, or what position they were in e. If it's a gun and you try and run, you get shot. Or your mother, daughter or friend gets shot. I think a lot of people's instinct would be to try and comply, and hope to be let go. You'd be even more hopeful of this if the intruder wore a mask or wasn't someone you knew which seems unlikely in this case but just food for thought. Just wanted to mention, there is no way that Sherrill did not wake up when the girls arrived.

Most people wake up when their front door opens but add in headlights, car doors slamming, dog stirring, and two teenaged girls trying to be quiet. Also, Sherrill wasn't expecting them so I can imagine that Suzie would stop by her mother's door, announce her arrival, and let her know that she brought home a friend Stacy.

My theory is that the girls woke up Shirrell unintentionally when they arrived at the residence. Awake, Shirrrell chatted with the for a few and then picked up a book and began to read to help her fall back asleep.

Perp gains access to the home shortly thereafter. Shirrell hearing the commotion, turns over her book like the police found it , goes to investigate, and is cracked over the head.

Now the perp only has an unconscious Shirrell and 2 frightened teenaged girls to contend with. Easy peasy. The easiest explanation is oftentimes the most likely one. I think your hypothesis sounds perfectly reasonable.

Given that we have virtually nothing to go on in this case, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be the one looked into first. Bayes' theorem basically. Does anyone believe that the lewd phone calls are directly related to the disappearances or was it just a coincidence that they happened when they did? In the OP it's mentioned that rural Missouri my family reunions are held there every year, I love it sometimes doesn't have the best entertainment, which leads me to believe that it could have been bored teens.

I may have missed it in the write up, but I wonder if Janelle or Janis has any guess about the age or race of the caller s from the voice?

Also, if it was the abductor calling why would they call a house they know is empty? I'm pretty sure police identified the caller as someone who had been making lewd phone calls to lots of houses in the area and determined that he was not a suspect in the case.

Janelle did think it was more along the lines of a prank phone call, but it's pretty coincendital if you ask me.

I'm not from there, so I can't speak much about the culture of Springfield, plus I wasn't even conceived yet in , but I went to Missouri State for three semesters. So industrial and sterile, with the giant grid layout lined with chain businesses, hardly a spare lot to be found. I hated it there and have little desire to ever go back. Oh yeah, that's right. I remember conversing with you not too long back when you told me you were in Springfield at one point.

Whoops, didn't notice that this was your post! I remember now! I take basically any opportunity I can to complain about Springfield. Hahaha, it's alright. Springfield is interesting. It's a big town, but it's also really small once you know where everything is at and the roads to get to where you wanna. I spent a lot of my time at The Palace because it's so cheap.

I always thought that is was interesting that these three ladies went missing shortly before Oba Chandler was arrested and while he was actively traveling thousands of miles across the country:. They left behind most of their belongings in Tampa, abandoning their mortgage as well.

It was the last contact much of Chandler's family would have with him for almost two years. Their travels took the Chandlers on an erratic journey across the country, although they wound up back in Florida once again, this time near Fort Lauderdale.

So many thousands of miles took their toll on Oba's Jeep. The clutch went out and then it was repossessed. Oba replaced it with an older brown pickup truck. Was there any evidence that Chandler was in the Springfield area at the time of the disappearances? Lucas grabeel and Brad Pitt attended kickapoo highschool, although not at the same time as the girls.

I like your write-ups op. Question: Do you know if there were houses within eyesight of the front door? It seems the caller may have been taunting the first couple. From looking around on Google Street View, which I'll admit is no substitute for boots on the ground, the house at East Delmar faces the side and parking lot of an office building. While the office building South Glenstone looks more recent than online records show it was built in In any event, it would have been deserted at the time of the disappearance.

There is a house to the left of and what appears to be a commercial building to its right. I found that rather amusing because around me you couldn't buy a need-renovation Porta Potty for that price. I'm in southwest Ohio, though, so we do enjoy a pretty amazing low cost-of-living. Great question, because I have always wondered myself.

I'm assuming they did, though. What's interesting is the weird timeline of events. The night of the disappearance, a neighbor informed police she witnessed a car being stolen. At first, it was believed to be the neighbor of Sherrill's house. However, it was a neighbor from Janis' neighborhood. Take that with a grain of salt, though.

There have been confusing inconsistencies revolving around that. That's crazy. But if it's like the college town I grew up in, crimes off campus were really low. Maybe it's connected. I have always been suspicious of Janelle Kirby and her boyfriend Mike. Did Mike have any connection to the used car dealership?

I would love to know how the police determined that the mother deleted the voice messages, not the young couple and if anyone else besides the two heard the strange man. I saw an interview awhile back with Janice I'm sorry; I don't have a link where she said she was the one who deleted the answering machine message s and regretted it because she couldn't recall what the person said.

I call BS on that. Not saying Janis didn't delete the VM, but she and the police know exactly what that message said, it's just not being shared with the public for whatever reason. There were several people in the home with Janis when she listened to the message including her eldest daughter.

I actually never thought of that - good call. She's probably been told by LE not to reveal what was said in the message. I'm suspicious of them for their behaviour, not the crime. As in, I don't think they did it, I just find it very weird how they reacted. I disagree with the OP's assessment that there were no signs of foul play - smashed light fitting, wide open front door, the terrified dog, the weird tv, all their stuff purses etc still there in the middle of this scene.

These two wandered into the middle of all that, took the lewd phonecall s as well, and then just I couldn't stop thinking about it as I read the rest of the piece, it was just too weird. Is there any link about the possible search on a drug dealers property or anything linking this case to drugs? This is just such a baffling case. No evidence of anything at the crime scene except a broken bulb cover outside and victims that appear to be at extremely low risk for a crime.

Its so rare to see a triple abduction. And if something happened to the victims-where are there bodies? I can't figure out what the motive of the crime would have been. If its a sex crime or a murder, why not just do it there?

Nothing was stolen so it doesn't appear to be a robbery. If it is a kidnapping, why no attempt to get any money?

As I said, its such a baffling case. He originally told police that a friend had confessed to the killing and he had information that was not released to the public. I don't think this was a random crime though. There is connection there somewhere between the abductees and abductor. I've read where Janelle Kirby stated that Staci and Suzie weren't really good friends, that they were both more friends of Janelle, so she was surprised when Staci decided to sleep over at Suzie's.

She probably did because she was drunk? What if Suzie attacked Staci or some horrible accident happened and Sherrill helped her cover it up by going on the run? It's out there but at this point, anything is possible. Life is stranger than fiction after all. I thought I read this too about them not being super close friends, which is why the whole thing with the ex boyfriend saying he wants all three women dead strange to me.

Why would he even include a girl who wasn't involved in getting him dumped, like I assume the mom was. Great post, OP. I first became aware of this case when I moved to the Springfield area over 10 years ago I've left since. I hope there is closure for the families and the city as well in the near future! Great write-up! I'm also in Missouri in case the name didn't make that obvious :-D and I visit family in Springfield all the time, going through the small towns down Some look reasonably thriving, like Buffalo, others look only too much like "Winter's Bone" territory, and a few look hollowed out and all but abandoned, shuttered businesses and few businesses in the first place , houses run down and shabby Very sad.

Do any of you listen to The Vanished podcast? She did a few episodes on serial killer Larry Dewayne Hall and it appears he might have been in Springfield around the time of the disappearance. He and his brother were civil war reenacters and traveled quite a bit to different events. He is in jail and has at least victims.

He is convicted or suspected in abductions and disappearances of women from Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan and Missouri. He also had a similar Dodge van to the one seen by the neighbor.

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