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Elle Est Épatante - Various - Du Caf Conc Au Music Hall N.21 (Retrospective 1930-1936)

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Thank you, Grand Master, please do not be cross with me. I hope you will like my feet Merci :. I would like to thank Jean-Marc for his superb instrumental version. I heard this song for the first time when I was on a bus taking a sightseeing tour of New York last week and I thought it would be very nice if I could cover it.

So here is my version of it. I illustrated the videos with photos I took during my stay. Since releasing his first hit song, "Piano Man", in , Joel has become the sixth best-selling recording artist and the third best-selling solo artist in the United States. Hop a flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood. But I'm takin' a Greyhound on the Hudson River line.

I'm in a New York state of mind. I've seen all the movie stars in their fancy cars and their limousines. Been high in the Rockies under the evergreens. I know what I'm needin', and I don't want to waste more time. It comes down to reality, and it's fine with me cause I've let it slide. I don't care if it's Chinatown or on Riverside. I don't have any reasons, I left them all behind. I don't have any reasons.

I left them all behind. I'm just taking a Greyhound on the Hudson River line. Cause I'm in a, I'm in a New York state of mind.

I discovered on my friend Claude Laxalde's channel the other day a song by Julio Iglesias I had never heard before. Thank you, Claude, for this beautiful musical arrangement. He has released 78 albums in 14 languages and has sold more than million records worldwide. Brown's co-writer and one-time girlfriend, Betty Jean Newsome, wrote the lyrics based on her own observations of the relations between the sexes.

My version complies with ISA standards James Joseph Brown Jr. He remains one of the greatest black artists in the world. This is a man's world But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing, not one little thing, without a woman or a girl He's lost in the wilderness He's lost in bitterness He's lost, lost somewhere in this, in loneliness.

This artist, whom I like a lot, is called Francis Cabrel. I chose the mask as a symbol because a mask is also a chain that can distort, and even hamper, our relationship with ourselves and with others. As well as being necessary for blues musicians, it is also found in the repertoires of many jazz, soul, pop, and rock performers. Thanks a lot for listening to this version. The denarius was a coin worth about 10 head of livestock and had the head of the current Caesar on one side heads and an emblem on the reverse tails.

Several of the different Caesars like Octavian, Augustus, Vespasian, Aurelianus chose to use the eagle as their emblem. On payday, when all the soldiers received their earnings, they spent the money like a lottery windfall, like any good soldier would. The band, founded in initiated the revival of Corsican chants in the early s. It remains a true reference in the history of Corsican music and continues to fight for the promotion of the Corsican language and culture.

Several artists have covered this song, such as Astrud Gilberto in I hope you will enjoy this version. Thanks for listening. Musical arrangement by Susumu Murakoshi. A lot of artists have covered it, including Ella Fitzgerald in I think it is some kind of a pow-wow version, pow-wow scat version here I accept to take full responsibility if it starts raining again It has been covered by many artists, including Chimene Badi in He was also a painter.

He started singing at a late age 46 and he is considered one of the finest interpreters of French chansons. Once your kisses raised me to a fever pitch, Now the orchestration doesn't seem so rich!

Seems to me you've changed the tune we used to sing; Like the bossa nova, love should swing! We used to harmonise, two souls in perfect time, Now the song is different and the words don't even rhyme!

Tune your heart to mine the way it used to be, Join with me in harmony and sing a song of loving. We're bound to get in tune again before too long; There'll be no desafinado when your heart belongs to me completely, So you won't be slightly out of tune, you'll sing along with me!

There'll be no desafinado when your heart belongs to me completely, Then you won't be slightly out of tune, you'll sing along with me! Sing along with me, Sing along with me! This is a text about homelessness and alcoholism, but I would say that it is primarily a text about desperation. A beautiful text. The music was composed by Paul Mahoni and I like it very much too.

Alcoholism is not a vice or a fatality, but a type of dependence and therefore it requires therapeutic care. I hope you will enjoy our work on this song.

Je ne crois plus en Dieu ni aux hommes, je veux boire encore. Encore Encore Thank you very much, Nick, for this very beautiful instrumental version. This video is a tribute to this very touching singer who passed away recently. LYRICS: Let me wrap you in my warm and tender love, yeah Let me wrap you in my warm and tender love Oh, I loved you a long, long time Darling, please say you'll be mine And let me wrap you in my warm and tender love Now let me wrap you in my warm and tender love, yeah Let me wrap you in my warm and tender love Yes, I love you oh so bad Come on and please me with your touch And let me wrap you in my warm and tender love ooo ooo ooo For I loved you a long, long time Darling, please say you'll be mine And let me wrap you in my warm and tender I said it'll be alright if you just let me Let me wrap you in my warm and tender love Oh baby, come on and let me Let me wrap you in my warm and tender love I said it'll be alright if you just let me Wrap you in my warm and tender love, yeah.

My Polish friend, Janucik, asked me the other da I listened to it and I said YES. A very pretty song again. Here is our version of it. It was also covered by Andy Williams in It has become a great jazz standard.

I used a karaoke backing track. I hope you will enjoy my version. She has sold over 40 million records worldwide since her debut in Mary J.

Blige also has a more discreet career as an actress. Thank you very much, Marc, for your superb arrangement. Why not start to be happy now , a song composed in by Paul Misraki with lyrics by Andre Hornez. Les maisonnettes Ouvrent les yeux, Et la radio chante un p'tit air radieux, Le ciel a mis son complet bleu Et le rosier met sa rosette L'amour nous guette C'est merveilleux Qu'est-ce qu'on attend?

Qu'est-ce qu'on attend? Y a des violettes Tant qu'on en veut Y a des raisins, des rouges, des blancs, des bleus, Les papillons s'en vont par deux Et le mille-pattes met ses chaussettes, Les alouettes Se font des aveux, Qu'est-ce qu'on attend?

It is regarded as one of his classics. I asked Jean-Louis Sambiasi, my Corsican friend, if he could recreate an instrumental track in the same spirit for me so that I could recite this wonderful text. Tu peux remporter le phono, Moi je conserve le piano, Je continue ma vie d'artiste. I would like to dedicate this song tomy dad who passed away, but whose birthday is today. I was deeply moved when Janucik, my Polish friend, recently told me that his beloved son, Maciej, had passed away.

I would like to dedicate my cover of the very pretty song "La Paloma" the dove to him. I used Janucik's very pretty version RIP Maciej. Je ne peux pas changer, moi non plus, Domino, Domino, Je pardonne toujours, mais reviens, Domino, Domino, Et je ne te dirai plus rien.

Beware, my love, I have forgiven you too often I have spent more nights waiting for you Than by your side I may hurt you now, it is my turn, You have hurt me in the past and you have never cared You enjoy my suffering, and I am exhausting myself loving you.

Chorus There is a thought that I can't bear It is seing someone taking my place in your arms, I can endure many things, but this is more than I can handle And should any woman steal you away from me She might as well start counting her days and yours too I watch all those around you, oh beware, my darling. Domino Domino I shouldn't be getting so angry, With you, Domino, I know too well that nothing can be done, You have a light heart, You cannot change that, But I love you, what can I do?

I am accompanied on the accordion by my French friend Claude Laxalde who played this song for the first time in an orchestra in The tempo is this version slightly slower than in the other accordion version uploaded today. To illustrate the video I used pictures that I took in Cuba. This is my Ladies Special for Valentine's Day. My male viewers are allowed to give it a listen though Search the catalogue for collection items held by the National Library of Australia.

Jeanroy, Alfred. Chansons satiriques et bachiques du XIIIe siecle. Jeanroy et A. Request this item to view in the Library's reading rooms using your library card. To learn more about how to request items watch this short online video. You can view this on the NLA website. Login Register. Jean Nohain track 8. Louis Poterat track 4. Fernand Pothier track 3. Lucien Rigot track 2.

Jean Tranchant track Orchestre Emile Stern track 1. Orchestre Musette Pierrot track 4. Wal-Berg et son orchstre track 5.

Orchestre Wal-Berg — track Francis Salabert track Arletty track Lucienne Boyer track 6. Lucienne Boyer track Jean Gabin track 4. Maurice Chevalier track 2. Charles Trenet — track Marcel Cabridens track 5. Henri Varna French lyricist track 5. The Highway Un jeune homme chantait track Un hombre canta y una mujer llora track La Veuve joyeuse track Tel qu'il est track Un jour mon prince viendra Blanche-Neige et les sept nains track La Villette track Sous les toits de Paris track Si petite track 6.

Sur le plancher des vaches track Ce petit chemin track 8. Avec les pompiers track Donnez-moi la main, mam'zelle track Ma pomme Maurice Chevalier song track 2. Un jeune homme chantait track La Chapelle au clair de lune de la revue du Casino de Paris "Paris en joie" track 5. Je chante — track J'aime tes grands yeux track Someday My Prince Will Come track No cover art available.

France Maurice Chevalier. Charles Trenet. Ray Ventura. Suzy Solidor. Jean Sablon. Le Credo du paysan. Louis Lynel. Tino Rossi. Si tu reviens. Georges Thill. Fred Gouin. Si tu le voulais. Je suis swing. Yvonne Printemps. Henri Garat. Aristide Bruant. Lys Gauty. Jean Murat. Gaston Ouvrard. Pills et Tabet.

Yvette Guilbert. Esther Lekain. Georges Elva. Rina Ketty. Rosalie est partie. Leon Raiter. Berthe Sylva. Lucienne Boyer. Les Mains de femme. Nini peau de chien recording of: Nini peau d'chien composer: Aristide Bruant lyricist: Aristide Bruant. Jane Dyt. Yves Montand. Georges Milton. Dans les plaines du far west recording of: Dans les plaines du Far-West writer: Charles Humel and Maurice Vandair french lyricist, not the jazz musician. Lina Margy.

Viens Poupoule recording of: Viens, poupoule! Michel Simon. Le Plus Beau Tango du monde. Jean Gabin. Fred Adison. Guy Berry. Fortunio track 12 Les Trois Valses: acte I. Georges Tabet track 11 Michel Emer track Michel Emer track 25 Pierre Porte track Armand Bernard french conductor track 12 Edmond Mahieux — track 23 Jean Jacquin composer track 6 Marcel Cariven track Charles Humel track 17 Maurice Vandair french lyricist, not the jazz musician track Mireille Mireille Hartuch track 8 Pierre Zeppilli — track Berlin four-piece Hope join the dots between the unsettling art-punk of Suicide and the late-night, reflective electronica of Portishead on new single, "Shame".

In the latest component of a comprehensive reissue series, three limited-edition releases from the iteration of Throbbing Gristle are back in print. With Dwell , Recondite has once again created a superior set of sensitive, multi-layered compositions full of subtle shades that seem to exist in their own time and place.

Money isn't everything, although in filmmaking it counts for a lot. These eight films defied their minuscule budgets. All rights reserved. Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated. Powered by RebelMouse. Des Jeunes Gens Modernes strives to pay due respect to some unheralded post-punk and new wave bands, no doubt hoping to cash in on the recurring popularity of all sounds '80s in the process.

Mint Julep Serve Up Luminous Synthpop with 'Stray Fantasies' album review Husband and wife duo, Mint Julep take a break from their respective solo projects and release a collection of smart, danceable earworms, Stray Fantasies. Kesha Makes Partying Sound Like a Chore on 'High Road' album review Kesha's fourth album, High Road , struggles to find something interesting about her new flask-toting flower child persona.

Who Can I Be Now? Hitchcock, Quietly Suspenseful Hitchcock's silent films demonstrate that he was not only a master of visual storytelling but confidently made silents as though they had sound effects.

In 'Afterimages' Laura Mulvey Returns to Feminist Film Criticism with Fresh Insights Mulvey's Afterimages draws together her recent writing on women and film to create an engaging collection that is both timely and time-centred. Berlin's Electronic, Post-Punkers Hope Find Their Rhythm on "Shame" premiere Berlin four-piece Hope join the dots between the unsettling art-punk of Suicide and the late-night, reflective electronica of Portishead on new single, "Shame".

Check out Chansons de France: Anthologie by Various artists on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on newwave.zulkikreegavinrarathorgagra.infoinfo

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