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Fresh Beats (Fresh Dub) - Emanon - Fresh Beats

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But SHOUT would rather play music, so they all build a bubble making music cleaning machine, using discarded woodwind instrument parts they got from Reed! Hip Hop Hoedown. The Fresh Beats are having a hoedown today! They're going to play country music and square dance. Twist really wants to play his mix tables, but they don't fit with the country music style so he has to figure out what to play!

Rock the Luau. The Fresh Beats are having a Luau and they're playing Hawaiian instruments! Customers who watched this item also watched. More details Season year Network Nick Jr. Customer reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Region 1, I don't think so. Verified Purchase. The show is a fine show, i'm giving the low rating to the seller of these dvd's Amazon I guess.

It says the dvd's are region 1, but they do not like to play in a regular dvd player, continously pausing every seconds. When I looked at the dvd case I realized that is says this "video play only devices, may not play in all dvd players". This is my son's favorite show, I thought I was getting a deal, instead I was ripped off and now I have an upset son.

Bad move Amazon, there should be a warning that it might not play on all dvd players. It works in all my DVD players so not sure about those other reviews. I've never had any trouble with them playing in any of the devices.

Overall, The FBB is awesome! I just bought Season 2, so I hope it's just as great! They were on Amazon for a reasonable price so now she has them again. Good little bit of education on the show and gave her a great start for a love of music, watching this has made every toy she has an instrument of some kind, and she loves her toy drums and guitar more than ever.

Received as expected. Thank You! We've been a watcher of the Fresh Beat Band since they began. We've seen 2 concerts and really enjoy them.

One person found this helpful. My daughter really loves watching the show. She songs and dances along with the cast when they sing about something. He offers Twist the opportunity for a chance to become a big rap star by performing in his very own rap concert.

Twist is not sure he wants to, and asks his friends what they think. Kiki, Shout, and Marina do not want Twist to leave, but at the same time they do not want to stand in his way either, so they tell him to go for it.

Twist embarks on a big media campaign. However, on the night of the concert, Max reveals that it is going to be an entire tour, not just one concert.

Harper asks the Fresh Beats to babysit a pair of chimpanzees, Chewy and Bingo, for him. They think it is going to be easy, but they prove to be more than a handful. Shout and Twist take Chewy, while Kiki and Marina take Bingo to their respective apartments for a nap. While, the Fresh Beats sleep, the chimps proceed to escape and cause chaos along the street and get worse.

The Band wakes up, and realizes they need to find a way to get Chewy and Bingo under control. Marina and Twist come up with the idea of building a jungle gym. Shout comes across the newest edition of the Mighty Music Band comic book.

The Fresh Beats oblige him. They suddenly hear a guitar rift, and head outside. Someone has frozen Melody, Reed, Harper, and other townspeople.

After trying to unfreeze their friends on their own, the Fresh Beats run into the villain Deep Freeze guest star Nikki Blonsky. Deep Freeze thinks that they are the real Mighty Music Band, and dares them to stop her. The Fresh Beats then learn that their costumes come with real superpowers. They are hesitant at first, because she has a habit of trying to cheat. They will play, but only if she agrees to play by the rules this time.

The Fresh Beats play, and right away Marina starts bending the rules. After making her play correctly, Twist, Kiki, and Shout have their turns. When Marina gets her second turn, she deliberately bumps the table, and lands on the black and white swirl square. While she did not play by the rules, the Fresh Beats are curious as to what happens when you land on the black and white swirl square, because no one ever has before. The Fresh Beats wind up getting zapped inside the board game itself Marina wants to win the rock star jacket.

The Fresh Beats are preparing to perform at the Indian Festival that has come to town. While looking at instruments at Reed's Good Note Music Store, they manage to release a magic genie and his associates. The genie agrees to give them four wishes, but first he smells pizza. The Fresh Beats want their concert at the Festival to be their best show ever. The problem is when they make their wishes, the genie does not understand their modern slang or figures of speech, and takes things quite literally.

Calamity ensues. After a session in the recording studio, Twist and Marina are each trying to remember something they forgot. Twist remembers that he promised Melody they would help her pick berries for her smoothies. Marina remembers that she promised Harper that they would help him make sauce for his pizzas. This leads to them pondering how are they going to be in two places at one.

Twist gets the idea to use robots. Shout calls "Robots to Go", and orders four robots to help them. Marina is bored and does not want to rehearse anymore. She decides to take a break, and go cruising for cupcakes in the Fresh Beats' car. In a spoof of the Wizard of Oz, she gets swept up in a tornado, and arrives in a far away land. The Bad Witch Melody tries to prevent Marina and her new friends from reaching the Wizard of Song guest star Jason Mraz by placing them under a sleep spell using flowers in a field along the road.

The Scarecrow Twist gets the idea to start a pillow fight to keep them from falling asleep. They eventually make it through the field, and get to see the Wizard of Song.

The Wizard agrees to grant their wishes, but first they have to go back to the Bad Witch, and bring him back some of her cupcakes. Everyone in town is excited, because there is going be a royal wedding. The Princess Erin Sanders arrives first, and informs everyone that the wedding is off. Because she is not in love with the Prince.

The Fresh Beats invite her to stay at their apartments in order to sort things out. While moving her luggage, Twist keeps falling over things. The Princess finds Twist very funny, and decides he is the one she should marry. Twist has no intention of getting married, and runs away from her.

Meanwhile, the Prince arrives and searches for The Princess. Kiki, Shout, and Marina intend to help the Prince win the Princess back by proving he can be just as funny as Twist.

The problem is the Prince does not know how to be funny. Shout and Kiki are playing a game of football against Marina and Twist in the park. The Junior Beats invite them to join them in a game of croquet. While playing, the Mayor and a land developer drive right through the game on a golf cart. The Mayor tells the Fresh Beats that they are ripping up the park to make way for a new office building.

The Fresh Beats do not want to see the park torn down, so they first try a few tricks to hold off construction. They then hold a big concert to try to convince the Mayor to change her mind. Note : This is a crossover episode of Yo Gabba Gabba! The Junior Beats are getting ready for their first basketball game.

The Fresh Beat Band is coming to the game to cheer them on and perform at halftime. When they find the Junior Beats practicing in the middle of the street, the Fresh Beats decide to build a basketball court for their young counterparts. The day of the big game arrives, and the opposing team does not show up.

General Hospital 2. The Bachelor 4. The Bold and the Beautiful 5. Phil 6. The Ellen DeGeneres Show 7. This Is Us. Popular Movies 1. Sexy Beast 2. Hidden Figures 3. Groundhog Day 4. FB 21 Dec 10 Hardstyle. Fresh Beats Sampler 1. FB 05 Oct 10 Hardstyle.

DNA Killerz. FB 05 Jul 11 Hardstyle. Speaker Failure EP. FB 17 Nov 17 Hardstyle. Collab EP. FB 06 Dec 11 Hardstyle. Face One. Turned Your Back. FB 18 Sep 12 Hardstyle. Let The Bass Kill Me. FB 29 Apr 13 Hardstyle. FB 16 Jun 15 Hardstyle. FB 16 Nov 11 Hardstyle. Break Down. FB 12 Jun 12 Hardstyle. Headbang Hernia. FB 10 Nov 14 Hardstyle. Fresh Beats: Sampler 2. FB1 26 Oct 10 Hardstyle. Fresh Beats Sampler 4. FB 01 Mar 11 Hardstyle. G Fresh.

No, it's the Mighty Music Band, the Fresh Beats' favorite comic book superheroes! Watch them save the day in this video! It's a pop band! It's a rock band! No, it's the Mighty Music Band, the Fresh Beats' favorite comic book superheroes! Watch them save the day in this video!

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  1. Sing and dance along with Kiki, Marina, Twist, and Shout as they jazz it up in their garden! They are performing their new scat song in this video!
  2. Fresh Beat Band videos and songs teach kids about friendship, teamwork, and problem-solving while growing their love for music. Watch full length episodes, music videos, and clips from the Fresh Beat Band! "Go Bananas" and have a "Great Day" with Kiki, Marina, Twist and Shout! Fresh Beat Band videos and songs teach kids about friendship.
  3. Kick it with Season 3 of The Fresh Beat Band! Explore new musical styles as the Fresh Beats graduate from Music School, babysit two chimps, plan a poppin' pool party, and even meet the gang from Yo Gabba Gabba for a musical extravaganza!
  4. Toys In The Window The Fresh Beat Band watches Reed set up his Christmas toy display in the window of his shop. Unlock more free episodes You are signed in with.
  5. BEATS FRESH. 41 likes. Beats Fresh is an independent catalogue of music made for Film, TV and Content, with a strong emphasis on contemporary sounds and newwave.zulkikreegavinrarathorgagra.infoinfoers:
  6. We’re all running from something, we’re all running to something. Another expertly picked selection of on-point fresh beats. Enjoy people. Euphoric journey. Deadbeat – Acid Dub Jack (Original Mix) Dope.

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