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Funny Bone - Joe Tex - Singles A’s & B’s Vol.1 1964-1966

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Now that [merchandise stands] are accepting credit cards, tours can sell more expensive items. And noth- ing is better for taking that concert home than a great souvenir. CAPS Certain types ol acts, particu- larly hard-music bands or ultra- hot pop acts, are known for double-digit merch per caps, but longevity is always a plus. And, when they connect, people go home with more than just the ringing in their ears.

Perry points out, and some acts are more tuned in to this aspect of their careers than others. Now that [merchan- dise stands] are accepting credit cards, tours can sell more expen- sive items. Obviously, styles depend on the artist's fan demo. They've also very likely made far more money at it than most anybody else. I don't go to lunch with Mick or any- thing like that, but 1 understand that he and the rest of their organization have a real thing for quality.

On their last tout, they offered different items, almost everything imaginable, and they rotate their stock and do event-specific merchandise. They also print stuff on-site.

Perry notes. But, if you can give people not only what they're looking for, but above and beyond what they expect, thai cements it and makes the experience worth every penny — worth driving miles for, worth camping out for tick- ets, worth staying on hold. Thai is when the experience becomes great, and the industry can con- tinue when there is greatness.

This region delivers a strong local culture with a healthy mix of people from all over the country. These are action oriented people used to attractions such as the Charlotte Hornets.

Their very serious shopping habits support 6 area malls. And they're going to love this place. You're gonna love it too! Seating for 5. Get in on this action right now. Call or e-mail for Mark Chappuis for dates, details, and floor plans. Dotted with hits of Idol chatter throughout he makes fun of his No. Songs deal with familiar themes women, booze, and cars, not necessarily in that order while playfully merging elements of surf, rockabilly, and punk.

The smok- ing "Calaxie ," a humorous break- up song, starts in low gear before Heat puts the pedal down and rocks full throttle. Aside from a couple of tepid joke songs tacked on at the end. Lucky 7 marks a return to form for one of rock's under- appreciated bad boys. With a superstar guest line- up, though, this is indeed a dream concert. Beautifully sequenced, the set commences with a Belfast con- cert recording of "March of the King of Laois. All of the original princi- pals — Peter.

Captain Hook, and Wendy — return in this ambitious animated sequel, in which our hero leads Wendy's daughter Jane through an adventure to recover her sense of imagination. The original score, com- posed and conducted by Joel McNeely, is the kind of Disney orchestration that typically illustrates such fare: melodic and elegant but with bolts of whimsy to embellish the onscreen action. Opener "That Day" — the lead single outside North America — is edgier, with a harder guitar sound.

The darker "Do You Love? And the potent "Goodbye" builds effortlessly from a melancholy ballad into a rollicking rock track. On poetic numbers like "Hurricane" and "Butterflies," Imbruglia shines — both as a singer with a breathy but sweet voice and as a songwriter who packs the right blend of individual creativity and uni- versal emotion into each song.

Out of the Loop shows him flexing his warm, James Taylor-esque baritone over tunes that range from sweet acoustic-pop "Cody" "I Remember" to country-laced rock CThe Difference. Weigle's ultimate creative draw is his gift for writing evocative lyrics that are specific to his own gay life but are also universal to anyone who has ever fallen in or out of love.

Commercially, he has an undeniable knack for weaving hooks that permanently stick to the brain upon impact, as well as producing his material with a clear, crisp style.

Contact: markweigle. As they did for a decade in that group, gui- tarist Nerissa has written the clear- eyed, literary lyrics and sister Katryna has provided a gloriously eccentric vocal delivery Dave Chalfant and Lome Entress add backing instru- mentation. Cuts ranging from ebul- lient folk-pop to Elvis-swaggering country etch an autobiographical tale: talented, would-be folk rock stars skidding into pre-mid-life crises. Lots of backward glances and relationship foibles punctuate this quiet collection, which is ideal for harmony addicts and dreamers alike.

Moodroom proves that driving guitar-based rock can still be melodic and heartfelt, per- sonal lyrics can still be original. Sounding reminiscent of Garbage and Belly without seeming imitative, the five-member modern rock outfit has a special talent for switching moods, starting a song with a spare beat only to switch gears deftly a minute later, bringing in growling guitars and a healthy helping of distortion.

Other highlights include the drum-driven, bass-heavy "Declined," the poetic yet muscular "Soft Distor- tion. Varied, smart, and catchy, Hung Up on Breathing is an impressive first effort. Miklos Sylvia Tosun Musk And you thought you'd heard it all. Russia, Israel, the U.

The enduring core of the group remains Howard Kaylan and his eternal side- kick Mark Volman, together since the early '60s as surf-rock band the Crossfires. The set concludes with Ray Davies -produced material.

Wes Aldridge, Bradley Bambarger. Jim Bessman, Leila Cobo. Jay DeFoore. All albums commercially available in the US. Tosun comes by way of Con- necticut, where she began performing as a child, eventually studying at Juil- liard. Sunday brunch will never sound the same. Check out sylviatosun. The Bowling Green, Ky. Prophet, B. Scales, and Ron Clutch — serves up a thoroughly satisfying set of Southern-fried funk and soul- influenced rap. While some fans may remember Country Fried Cess, the group's indie debut, many became familiar with the group via the new set's lead single, "Awnaw.

Theater from which this album was compiled. Hot Rize was playing its first live dates in six years at the time, and the renewed vigor shows. Latin On her latest solo offering. A mix of mostly upbeat dance tracks in Spanish and English, Que el Ritmo No Pare highlights Man- tcrola's increasing ease in the latter language, as well as a decidedly more youth-oriented, street-wise sound than most Latin pop.

Manterola is talented, versatile her rendition of "Quiero que Quiera5 Volver," one of the few ballads on the album, is convincing and quite lovely , and by all accounts a hard worker who has an extensive film and TV dossier.

Sadly, though, at various times throughout the recording. Man- terola loses herself in the vocal stylings of Paulina Rubin and Gloria Eslefan.

Whether she has a distinguishing sound of her own is difficult to discern in this landscape of feel-good tracks, but there's no denying the possibilities in tracks like the more urban-sounding "Lihre," which also appears in English as "Tell You. Tell Me.

This alone makes for an intriguing, cohesive album, unlike so many sound- track discs that simply slap on songs never heard in the film. Relevance is given to Mexican acts, their significance increasing once the film is experienced. But the influence of various styles on contemporary Mexico gives the soundtrack and film an extra edge and sense of reality. This could be the soundtrack to many people's lives. Sure, Latin Groove is entertaining, in the way your neigh- borhood band entertains at a neigh- borhood party.

For the most part, this is fusion at the most pedestrian level, with montunos and refrains repeating ad nauseam under banal raps and very basic improvisation. If only there was more seamless fusion, or a better interpretation and under- standing of what Latin music should SOUtld like, this compilation could get its groove back.

Purists would argue that the two have nothing to do with one another, but this release by Galac- tic drummer Stanton Moore would suggest otherwise. Moore anchors the band with loose, loopy rhythms that are banged out with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store and the sensibility of a seasoned musician , as the music easily flirts with funk rhythms, Middle Eastern tonalities, bebop explorations, and just about every subgenre ever to influence a jazz musician.

Yes, my friends, this is the voice of jazz in , and it sure sounds fine. The band was not the tightest out there, perhaps, but the energy was a thing of beauty, and its dedication to the Afrobeat groove of Fela Kuti was the real deal. Talkatifh incredibly tight, the musicianship is powerful, and, most importantly, in the process of honing their chops, the band mem- bers have lost none of the muscle and edge crucial to their sound.

Afrobeat is all about rhythm and groove, and Antibalas has assimilated these les- sons completely. Check out "War Is a Crime," a wonderful, sultry dance track in the best tradition of Highlife and Afrobeat. It's powered by fine sax work and a flawless rhythmic sense that matches the feel conveyed by the best Cuban danzon, mambo. Antibalas keeps Afro- beat real with Talkatif. Racked by Caroline.

Telarc Atlanta's Tinsley Ellis has been soldier- ing in bluesville for nearly 20 years and during that time he has learned his les- sons well. He wrote every song on the record, and there's a good deal of diversity in these 12 tunes. His vocal work is assured and real, and he can do whatever he wants to on guitar. Ellis' playing is all about feel and coloration. As a soloist, he's into completely differ- ent ideas on "Real Bad Way.

Terfel fully embodies these sym- bols of male existential pain flawed wanderers searching for the elusive grail of wholeness — that is, an ideal feminine love , singing with unusual richness, intelligence, and attention to dramatic detail. The orchestral accom- paniment — which in Wagner is never merely accompaniment — moves with intensity, beginning with a scene-set- ting Overture to The Flying Dutch- man.

The highlight comes with two excerpts from Wagner's most luminous creation. On this, the band' s fourth album, fans will surely revel in the seamless merging of intricately wo- ven acoustic guitars and poetic vocal harmonies — elements that have only helped to ensure the band's place in Christian and pop music. High points are aplenty here: The cascading electric guitar riffs and tones of "Disappear" are steeped in U2 references, and "Revolu- tion" is a listener-friendly straight-up rock song.

On "Silence," haunting lyrics, coupled with hip-hop shadings, leave the soul yearning. A blistering track like this is a fine showcase for the band's production skills. But Clayton-Felt, the founder of School of Fish known for the hit "Three Strange Days" , passed away two years ago at the age of 32 from a rare form of cancer before these songs reached the public see story.

In a pure labor of love, his family and friends stepped in to ultimately get Spirit Touches Ground released. The posthumous project touches on everything from the beauty of love "Building Atlantis" to the general hardships of life "Backwards World" with ease and grace.

Evangeline Made is Savoy's ambitious recording. Under her tutelage, such singers as Linda Ronstadt, Rod- ney Crowell. Richard Thompson, John Fogerty. Nick Lowe. David Johansen, and Patti Griffin tackle Cajun tunes — in French, of course — and the results are certainly en- couraging. Quite the credible Cajun collection. Who knew? With millions of new fans now by her side, it's certainly possi- ble that lightning could strike twice via "Wild Child.

But it is decidedly more robust in tempo than much of her other work, and as always, lovely and replete with dignity. It's gratify- ing to see a pigeon-holed artist break free from the stereotypes that bind her to find mass appeal. Whether or not this latest effort breaks out of AC and meets with the same success as "Only Time" is actually rather irrele- vant. Lawson, M. He eases into this heartbreak ballad, letting disappoint- ment drip from the first verse like icy regret before totally unleashing the full torrent of his vocal firepower on the chorus.

Penned by Lawson and Mark A. Peters, the lyric reverberates with the ache and disillusionment that accompany a relationship as it is unraveling. Mark Wright's deft pro- duction enhances the sense of drama in the lyric and the emotional inten- sity in Lawson's delivery.

He's an impressive new talent with a voice that has the strength to cut through the clutter. Crow, J. Sheryl Crow has been away for too long — her last studio album was in — but given some of the material that is redefining the top 40 airwaves, "Soak Up the Sun" is as reassuring as it is top-notch, honest-to- goodness musicianship.

Crow's vocal is layered with some interesting effects, but other- wise this is as straightforward as it gets. Look for Crow's fifth album. C'mon, C'mon, April 9. Campbell, H. With solo acts like Montell Jordan, Kelly Price, and Musiq Soulchild having already scored major suc- cesses across the board, the label is now getting into the group thing with Lovller. The Los Ange- les-based quartet of Serenade, Buttah. Lorenzo, A. Douglas, E.

Jordan, M. She's featured on the No. The song opens with a striking piano hook and a swirl of rubbery bass that to- gether thread a hooky instrumental backdrop that runs through the dura- tion of the track. Ashanti ably sings the blues about missing her man and run- ning back to him, all the while know- ing he's no good. Her vocals are layered with ample harmonies as she main- tainsa low-key vibe, allowing vulnera- bility to seep out from all sides.

This is an auspicious opening for a singer who is a good bet to be one of 's first new stars. It shouldn't surprise any- one to see this one making a bid for the top of the singles charts. Look for Ashanti's full set April 23— CT pelling songwriting. He's back on Sunbird, the label that launched his career, before he signed with RCA for his hitmaking run. Reuniting with veteran producer Nelson Larkin, Conley works the same old magic on strong introduction with the midtempo flow of "How It's Gonna Be.

She has so fully inhabited this Prince classic that you actually forget the original I recording for a brief time. But it's not that one rendition is better than the other — rather that listeners now have two sharply different, equally evocative takes on one of the better tunes that Prince has written. Work- ing within a simmering, spare rock instrumental setting, Smith oozes with primal sensuality, gradually building to a full-bodied sex-snarl. Besides being one of the more imaginative covers you're likely to hear anytime soon, it also has the potential to be the legendary I artist's first bona fide pop hit since I "Because the Night.

The production is contemporary and shimmers with clean, crisp instrumentation, and Conley's evoca- tive voice is the centerpiece. His their forthcoming eponymous set finds the fine foursome identify- ing with those young women who date hustlers and the conse- quences.

Steeped in honey-thick harmonies and simple produc- tion, "How It's Gonna Be" is an all-around solid effort. In terms of instant credibility, it doesn't hurt that Sisqo co-founded and mentors the group. Coun- try radio programmers would do well to check this out.

As he belts out this tale of a dimwit who just can't seem to leave high school and what happened there in the past, McMahon seems influenced by both aforementioned artists. And the wonderfully ado- lescent "Jordan" is the most fun of the bunch.

Not really tough enough for the Warped crowd but maybe too smart for the TRL set, Something Corporate seems on the verge of big- ger things.

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When you come do your show in St. Louis, do you still have family here that comes to see it? Oh, yeah. All of my family is there. They come usually on the weekends. My brother Matt is one of the funniest people I know, and he rents this limo bus and brings about 40 people on Saturday night to come see my show.

And then more family like my parents and other brother come on Sunday. And my cousin organizes an army of people to come on the weekend too. Skip to main content. Fresh Out of Tears. You Better Get It. You Got What It Takes. A Woman Can Change a Man.

Build Your Love on a Solid Foundation. Funny Bone. A Sweet Woman Like You. Most people use their real name. Select Gender? This helps us keep people, musicians and brands searchable on Myspace.

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After working as a demo singer in the s, he signed with Epic Records ' Nashville division in In addition to these singles, he has had 12 others reach the top 10 and ten more others reach the top 40 on the same chart. Diffie released seven studio albums, a Christmas album, and a greatest-hits package under the Epic label. His style is defined by a neotraditionalist country influence with a mix of novelty songs and ballads. Joe Diffie was born into a musical family in Tulsa, Oklahoma , in Following in his mother's footsteps, Diffie began to sing at an early age, often listening to the albums in his father's record collection.

Diffie has said that his "Mom and Dad claimed that [he] could sing harmony when [he] was three years old. Later, he moved to Wisconsin for the years he was in sixth grade through his second year of high school, and back to Oklahoma, where he attended high school in Velma.

In his last two years in high school, Diffie played football, baseball, and golf in addition to running track; in his senior year, he was recognized as Best All-Around Male Athlete.

After graduating, he attended Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. Although he initially earned credits toward medical school, he decided against a medical profession after marrying for the first time in , and ultimately dropped out before graduation.

During this period, he worked as a musician on the side, first in a gospel group called Higher Purpose, and then in a bluegrass band called Special Edition. Hank Thompson recorded Diffie's "Love on the Rocks", and Randy Travis put one of Diffie's songs on hold, but ultimately did not record it.

After the foundry closed in , Diffie declared bankruptcy and sold the studio out of financial necessity. He also divorced his wife, who left with their two children. Diffie spent several months in a state of depression before deciding to move to Nashville, Tennessee.

Diffie also met Debbie, who later became his second wife. That same year, Diffie was contacted by Bob Montgomery , a songwriter and record producer known for working with Buddy Holly. Diffie's second album, titled Regular Joe , was released in and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Honky Tonk Attitude shipped a million copies in the United States and was certified platinum. Diffie told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that the album was "a little rowdier than the first two.

Singles As And Bs Vol. 3 () Joe Tex Happy Soul / Buying A Book Joe Tex; 25 All Time Greatest Hits Joe Tex; The Very Best Of Joe Tex Joe Tex; 25 All-Time Greatest Hits Joe Tex; Rub Down (Vinyl) Joe Tex I Gotcha (Vinyl) Joe Tex The Best Of Joe Tex (Vinyl) Joe Tex Singles A's & B's Vol.4 Joe Tex; Singles A’s & B’s Vol.1 Joe Tex; Singles .

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  2. He was a British singer, songwriter and musician and is revered as the King of Skiffle. He greatly influenced many famous s British pop musicians.[2][3] The Guinness Book of British Hit Singles & Albums states that he was "Britain's most successful and influential recording artist before The Beatles".
  3. Greatest Hits Dan Fogelberg. Dan Fogelberg Daniel Grayling "Dan" Fogelberg (August 13, – December 16, ) was an American singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, whose music was inspired by sources as diverse as folk, pop, rock, classical, jazz, and bluegrass. He is best known for his hit "Longer" and his hi.
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Singles A’s & B’s Vol.1 on Discogs.
  5. Q&A for music historians, critics, and fans. Stack Exchange network consists of Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.. Visit Stack Exchange.
  6. Joe Diffie was born into a musical family in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in His first musical performance came at age 14, when he performed in his Aunt Dawn Anita's country music band. Diffie's father, Joe R., played guitar and banjo, and his mother sang.
  7. JOE TEX: Singles A's & B's Vol. 1: ( UK issue track CD album - Shout! Records presents the first CD series collating the single recordings by Joe Tex from his hit years on the Dial label, chronologically sequenced, and featuring the A-side and B-side of each 45, with 'Volume 1' covering the years to
  8. Shout! Records is delighted to present the first CD series to collate the singles recordings by Joe Tex from his hit years on the Dial label and their Atlantic licensee, chronologically sequenced, and featuring the A-side and B-side of each
  9. Jan 30,  · For those of you who may have the earlier "Toon Tunes" releases, it is now split into two different albums: this one and another called "Action-Adventure Anthems." "Funny Bone Favorites" features, for the first time on CD, the full-length stereo version of "The Jetsons" created by Hoyt Curtin in for the revival of the classic show/5(9).
  10. In the #27 R&B song in the charts was Skinny Legs and All by Joe Tex. Watch the music video and discover trivia about this classic R&B song now.

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