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Giggle Water - Defunk & Dads On Display - Swung Out Swag

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Other than curse words, it's gotta be in the top ten most used slang words. He says chances are slim that "swag" will endure the way "cool" has. Because that's the point—high school freshmen and young management consultants spin off new words so that their language sounds different from [that of] the old boys. Obviously, some of them do persist, but it's very hard to predict which ones will.

Swag's rise has followed that of the word that spawned it. Then T. The word even spawned its own sub-idiom, to "swagger-jack," meaning to copy another person's style. Of course, "swag" has a few hundred years under its belt before that, going back to Australian colloquial use meaning "stolen goods" in the s a sense still carried in the "swag bags" given to celebrities at award shows.

The word was first used in the s, meaning "to sway" or "to rock," from the Norwegian "Svagga. A two night minimum stay is requested. Cancellations within 30 days of the arrival date will forfeit their deposit. Because of our remote location we have no drop-in guests. As an all-inclusive property, we do not want our overnight guests to worry about tipping.

Regardless, in the event that guests would like to leave a tip, we respectfully ask that you make a staff-wide tip at checkout. All-Inclusive Lodging Options. Salmon Room View Details. Check Rates. Rock Room View Details.

Lapis was smart and pretty and even if her life was kind of messed up she managed to look picturesque at the same time. Amethyst thought she should probably just try to be glad that someone had thought she was special for a while there. She bundled herself up in the afghan, cradling the bubble against her tummy, and did her best to sleep.

What if she rolled on it in her sleep, popped it and Jasper came back out still all corrupted and mental and things got really bad? She got back up, restored the bubble to its safe little nest and jar set-up and spent the rest of the night alternately sleeping badly and morosely eating scrap iron. Jasper sat in the dark absent-mindedly fiddling with the knotted fringe on the shawl Amethyst had left with her. The blessing and burden of an enquiring mind was that you never stopped wondering about things, even when you wished you could be numb and apathetic.

How could Amethyst bring things from the real world into a place that she was fairly sure was only the creation of her own diseased imagination? How did it go on existing when Amethyst was gone? Maybe that was just another example of how incredibly powerful Lapis Lazuli was. She had tried crawling forward to see how far the chain would let her get. Not quite to the exit. It was darker here than at the bottom of the sea. She wrapped loops of the chain around her wrists to feel as if Lapis had her again.

That was just as stupid and maybe even more pathetic, looking forward to visits from a deformed runt who could still just be trying to soften her up for Rose Quartz. Maybe it was all a trick; maybe it was all a test. Maybe if she was strong and kept up her resistance she would pass the test and all this would go away. All your chances are gone. This is it forever.

Darkness, alone, knowing you failed and became an abomination. You ruined the one good thing about you, a strong, beautiful body. Beta Gem, back where you belong. I mean, if nothing else she can give me some kind of answers. What do you want answers for? This is it for you now. This hole and this chain. Her silhouette in the entrance where there was some light was larger and lumpier than Jasper was used to, and as she got closer the gemstone on her chest glowed brighter until Jasper could see she was carrying a bundle slung over her shoulder.

I mean, he literally put thought into them, he made them out of dreams. She wondered if Rose had chosen it, and why she would want to go from a name as beautiful and powerful as Rose Quartz to a strange spiky little thing like Steven. Quartz squad, right? Or tzquad or something. Number one, we got a lantern. She bit back the words and watched as Amethyst fitted the jaws of the bolt cutters to a link of the chain and then strained to bring the arms together.

There was a lot of grunting and growling and trying different grips on the handles, and the effect on the chain seemed to be nil. Probably get better leverage with those long arms anyway. Jasper grunted noncommittally and pressed the handles together. The bolt cutters felt more likely to shear apart if she squeezed any harder. She released the pressure and pulled the jaws away to see if she had at least made a dent.

I break things all the time without even trying. Dreams are made of - of imagination and fears and just weird mind stuff. All you gotta do is shapeshift out of it. Turn yourself into a snake or something and wiggle right out! Jasper hid her face with one hand, grinding her teeth together in her effort not to burst into ugly, pathetic, painful tears.

She could feel the corruption in her skin burning, thickening and coarsening it, thorns trying to bud there as the misery grew. If anyone can you can, right? That beast that I fused with, that did this to me, that was a Jasper. The corruption bomb or whatever it was. I showed them I was stronger than they were so they knew I could lead them. Steven and me, we think you could come back from this, you could get un corrupted, and then when we know how that worked for you maybe we can use it to help all the others!

It was both discouraging and reassuring. An army that can only be defeated by shattering every single Gem, because they can come back from anything less.

She was actually starting to cry. We wanna be able to live here and we wanna know that everything that lives here can go on living here and not get all hollowed out and used up to - to make garbage like you and me! Jasper stared at her, her own tears drying on her face. Pretending to be sympathetic or to offer a way out was an interrogation tactic she knew about. Either it was a very effective one because it was so unexpected and confusing, or Amethyst was really upset. Her defects just show on the surface.

I was never as good as I was supposed to be, as good as I managed to get everyone thinking I was. If I had been that good I would have known what to do. I would have protected my Diamond. If I was what I was supposed to be, Lapis would have wanted us to stay together. Then everything would have worked.

We would be flying through space now, going home victorious. She stopped trying to pat and just let her hand rest there while Amethyst quietened from sobs into sniffs, and finally pushed back her hair and looked up at her with a puffy, blotchy little face. See the end of the chapter for notes. Not a real Gem and sure as heck not a human either, just a mishmash with parts from both worlds and parts missing from both too. And you care about her and you want to protect her and you want to see her get stronger and just be okay and happy.

You can be friends too. You just are. Good at breaking things and making a mess, and shapeshifting. I copied different rocks.

I guess in the end I was right about that. Alpha was the good Kindergarten. I used to be used to it. It was home, you know? When I went back to it after some time away, after finding out what home was supposed to be like with Rose, I was shocked.

I could still see it the way I used to see it but also see it the way a normal person would at the same time. I knew it was bad… and I knew I was bad because I came from it. But it was still mine. I guess confused and tired is a tiny bit better than miserable and alone.

The greenish blotches that had begun to expand over her skin when she got so upset were fading at the edges, returning to their earlier shape. Once I had to help dig out a facility that had had a cave-in and we were told to make our hands into shovels. Like that. Still, it was kind of exciting if there was something they could maybe actually bond over.

Would Jasper think something like the Purple Puma was only show and no substance, though? This mission was meant to be a big change from all of that. Back to my origins. She sent a bunch of Rubies to get you.

Rubies have a lot of good qualities. But they need a lot of direction. They wanted you back. I shapeshifted and pretended I was you.

Amethyst felt sick, but she pressed on, talking fast. Jasper looked sincerely baffled. Even if none of them had met me in person, there are pictures of me, there are posters, my fights are broadcast worldwide.

Jasper was silent. After a moment she opened one eye and peeked to see how angry she looked. She was just staring, her face almost blank. Jasper imagined the exit hole bigger than it was, or herself smaller than she was while she was in the hole, but it was still a tight fit like this. When she had turned back to face her, Jasper was still staring, although now her brows were knit together. It looked like a thinking frown more than an angry frown, though. Projecting myself that much bigger is hard work, man, I get tired.

Sooner or later I snap back to my real size. Jasper was still staring at her in baffled, grumpy wonder. It was so detailed. Or do you? They hate being alone. I was trying to fix things without anyone getting hurt, believe it or not. All we can do is keep an eye out. They would have loved to see you and maybe you would feel better too. I know I was something for Gems to believe in. I bought it myself for a long time. That part worked.

It had still been worth it to see the waterspout. Jasper covered her mouth with one hand. From the way her cheeks moved Amethyst was pretty sure there was a grin happening back there. I never let them do things like that any more. I thought about getting a Pearl just to shoo them away. Have a Pearl working for you?

They make me uncomfortable. Jasper eyed her uneasily. That happens to everyone. I was happy. I was so grateful that someone still wanted me. Amethyst decided to let it go for now. Just make your body a lot thinner than the loop in the chain and slide straight out.

Oh, okay, I can do that, no problem, Boblem. How about shapes? Can you make one of your hands into a ball? Jasper sighed in disgust. Shake it out and try again. She grabbed Amethyst by the shoulders, almost hard enough to hurt.

Yeah, of course. I know that sounds super boring but - okay. Nice and steady so you got it under control, okay? Count it in. One, two, three, go. Keep it coming, you got this. This biz takes a lot of energy. Take a break. You did some really good practice. Sit back and catch your breath. This is the expert talking. Reluctantly, Jasper let her hand slip back to its usual form and dropped it to rest on her knee.

Her fingers were twitching. It was smoother, it was rounder. You just gotta pace yourself. A drop of sweat rolled off the end of her nose. Ha, like you did in Alpha, right? I brought you other stuff we thought could keep you entertained.

You can use it as a model too. I dig how he made it look like a puffy little cloud. Or just to be less bored. Hope it helps. Amethyst - thank you. Better get out of here.

See ya, sis. I can't usually post two chapters in a day and this is really more like the second half of a chapter that I began but broke off midway because I wasn't sure I could do any more. Then some more flowed unexpectedly, so this happened. Steven went downstairs and got toaster waffles and brought them back upstairs so he could have breakfast in bed during the dream debrief.

Amethyst scootched herself in under the quilt companionably. You look kinda burnt out. There were blue shadows under his eyes. Maybe take an afternoon nap. Did she like the cloud pillow? I thought the cloud pillow was so cute. You start to feel that tickling sensation between your legs again. At least you still have a clit. In the last 20 minutes alone at least 10 women had lost their private parts to bullets. Now that the other girl is dead all the shooters focus on you naturally. Within 20 seconds you get shot in your shoulder, both of your thighs, your waist and your arm.

The adrenalin and the excitement take away most of the pain but you can still feel a fair amount of it. With each shot you get closer to your orgasm. All you want is to feel that sensational feeling of the perfect orgasm for a very last time in your life.

You close your eyes and experience the most intense orgasm you ever had in your life. After the first wave subsides a second and third wave comes in… Pure bliss!

When you open your eyes you see that most of the 20 girls are dead already; shot in their tits. Which means that the shooters seem to focus on your tits now. And while you have not even finished that thought you feel not one but two bullets ripp you beautiful breasts open. Suddenly you cannot breath any more. You try to exhale but instead of air a gush of blood shoots up into your mouth. You look towards your executioners and see at least 10 of the soldiers standing there with their hard cocks point their guns in your direction.

Then you feel 4 bullets shredding your cunt to pieces and 6 further bullets shooting through your tits. Then everything turns black. Bernard was timid and shy, and his thin body reflected this. However, as is often the case with such a person, he was the horniest of fuckers. Losing his virginity permeated his thoughts throughout every minute of his waking life, and when he slept, well, needless to say all his dreams had a common theme.

Every morning Bernard awoke to the disappointment that the cunt he thought he'd finally been penetrating, was just another dream, and that in fact all he had achieved in doing was to make his pyjamas wet and sticky about the groin area again.

Eighteen and the closest he'd been to fucking was in his dreams. However, an unearthly gift was about to change all this.

The first time it happened, Bernard was in Math class. Sitting absentmindedly as ever, Bernard would alternate his gaze between the clock on the wall, and the view out the window. The girls were playing volleyball in the playground. He would try not to stare at them for too long, firstly so that he wasn't caught, and secondly so that he wouldn't get an erection in class.

Every time one of the girls would jump to shoot, he would narrow his vision at their vest covered breasts, some were larger than others, but all gave him equal delight. Turning his attention back to his text book, Bernard couldn't help but notice the pink thong of the girl in the desk in front of his.

She was Jessica Riley, and she was the prettiest of things. Seeing her thong from behind, Bernard couldn't help but imagine what the front would look like, how she would look with nothing but the thong on, with her long brunette hair resting on her naked shoulders.

How he would love to pull her thong to oneside and taste her fresh pussy, how her body would writhe under the influence of his tongue up her cunt. Bernard's breaths begin to become shorter when all at once his thoughts were suddenly broken. Mrs Adams was standing over his desk. Leaning forward, Mrs Adams continued to lecture Bernard on the importance of remaining focused in class and studying well.

However it fell on dead ears, Bernard had already been distracted by her low cut top, draping off her shoulders, exposing first her collar bones, then her well defined cleavage. Bernard tried to retain eye contact with Mrs Adams, tried to look as if he was paying attention to her words. It was too dificult. He Intermittently nodded to simulate agreement with what she was saying, however this was merely an excuse to catch a glimpse down her blouse.

Seeing the top of her black lace bra, remembering the sight of Jessica's pink thong. Imagining Mrs Adams and Jessica naked together, rubbing each others bodies, kissing each others lips. Picturing them on their knees under his desk, pulling down his trousers, seeing their astonished faces as he reveals his gigantic cock it wasn't.

Bernard could no longer suppress the feeling in his boxers, a bead of sweat rolled down his face, and his cock all of a sudden was erect. As instantaneously as Bernard's cock was hard, Mrs Adams speech wash frozen. He looked up awaiting the next sentence but it didn't come. He looked around, no one was moving. He looked out the window, the girls had stopped playing volleyball, frozen like statues in their sporting poses.

Finally he looked back at the clock on the wall, it ticked no longer. In total shock, Bernard rose from his seat. Shaking like a leaf he reached out to touch Mrs Adams' arm. It was warm and soft, she remained totally motionless and unaffected. The distress evident on Bernard's face slowly faded as his parted lips transformed into a wry grin. The realisation time was frozen and his cock was rock solid made Bernard overwhelmed with a strange blend of fear and joy.

Building in confidence, he reached for Mrs Adams' tits, the first non-maternal pair he'd ever felt. He squeezed them with delight. In the blink of an eye he had removed her blouse, and then - not without difficulty - removed that seductive lace bra, dropped it to the floor, and almost awe struck eye-balled her large exposed tits.

Those grand orbs of desire, framed and enhanced by a thin waist and slender shoulders. Bernard was beside himself. Removing his own top, Bernard moved closer to Mrs Adams. He threw his arms around her waist tightly to feel her naked torso against his. He tasted her lips, slid his hands down her trousers and groped her firm ass cheeks.

After feeling her tongue with his own one, he moved down to kiss her neck, in doing so he saw it again - over Mrs Adams' shoulder - the pink thong of Jessica Riley. How had he forgotten about Jessy, sitting there, bent forward, frozen. He stepped away from Mrs Adam's body, approached Jessica's desk.

She sat there with the end of a pencil in her mouth. How innocent she looked clearly deliberating on one of the problems from class. Bernard was transfixed by her pretty frozen face, by her soft lips teasing the end of that pencil, he couldn't resist any longer.

Her head was at a perfect height, he turned it towards his crotch and dropped his trousers. He ripped off his boxers and manually opened her mouth, then - slowly yet purposefully - buried his throbbing cock in her gob.

He felt her wet tongue before the back of her mouth. His heart beating like a drum, Bernard lost all self-control. Taking hold of her head with both hands, Bernard begin thrusting in and out of her mouth. The silence in the room was broken by the sound of squelching and of Bernard's balls ricocheting off her chin. Jessica's mouth became ever fuller with spit and bile as she began to gag on Bernards cock which gave him a shock.

He took his cock out her mouth to see if she had awoken. She hadn't, but moreover, she was more beautiful than ever. Frozen in time with saliva hanging between her mouth and his cock, her eye make-up a mess. Bernard lifted Jessica out of her chair.

Fortunately she stood of her own accord. Starting from the top down, Bernard unbuttoned her shirt one by one. She didn't wear a bra, and her perky budding tits were a sight to behold. Small, unassuming, fucking perfect. Her body was just as Bernard had imagined. Petite as anything, slightly tanned, soft, delicate, ripe.

Bernard continued to strip both his mannequinesque beauties completely bear. He looked around the room at all the other frozen faces, but with little inspection was sure he already had the two finest women in the room stripped naked, ready at his disposal.

He pushed Mrs Adam's onto his desk face up, and positioned her body so that her head dangled off the end. With some effort and plenty of huffing and puffing, he lifted Jessica's body on top of Mrs Adams' the other way around and on all fours, so that her hairless pussy rested right above Mrs' Adams' upside down face.

Bernard stood back and admired his perfect fucking creation. Proudly he stood up to it, kissed Jessica's pretty little ass cheek for it looked so sweet , then angled his cock down towards Mrs Adams' mouth. He secured the two bodies in place with his hands, and begin to pummel her mouth like a rabid dog fucks their favourite toy.

Once again the room was full of the sound of gagging. This time Mrs Adams' mouth squelching whilst spit spluttered out all over her face. Bernard stopped fucking her face for a moment, again admiring his creation and the mess he'd made of it. Using his hand, he cupped up some of the saliva from his cock and Mrs Adams' messy face, and dribbled it over Jessica's ass.

Bernard returned his cock to Mrs Adam's throat, burying his whole length in there as far is he could go, holding it there for a few seconds so to lube up his cock. He pulled it out again, took a firm grip of Jessica's hips, and with some force required, squeezed his cock into her asshole.

Her asshole, tight as it was, gradually parted, expended, and engulfed the head of Bernard's cock. He slid inch after inch, deeper and deeper into her shitter, and as he reached maximum penetration, she wimpered. Again Bernard feared she had awoken. He reached forward and turned her head to face him. It was still motionless, yet now it bore an expression of discomfort.

Still angling her face towards him, Bernard removed all but the head of his cock from her ass. Staring deeply into her eyes still beautifully framed by her messed up makeup , he slammed his cock hard up her ass to the sound of flesh slapping flesh and another whimper.

Certainly she was still frozen in time, but to Bernard' delight, she quietly whimpered as he continued to pound her ass. After a few minutes of fucking Jessica's pretty little ass, he removed his cock, and spat onto her barely gaping hole. It slid over her asshole, down the ravine between her red ass cheeks towards her pussy, before dripping on Mrs Adams' face. The sight of this excited Bernard immensely, and joyfully he returned his ass stenching cock to Mrs Adams' throat.

He pounded away gleefully, alternating between the teachers gob and the students asshole, the messier Mrs Adams' face became, and the more Jessica whimpered, the more Bernard became excited. Frantically he fucked both of them until he felt a contortion in his stomach. Uncontrollably, as if possessed, he stretched Jessica's ass cheeks wide apart, found her drenched wet cunt with the head of his cock, plunged the whole thing in, and instantly erupted.

With a demonic grunt, the likes of which Bernard did not know he could produce, Bernard was finished. So that's the story of how Bernard lost his virginity if you can call it that. After cumming and taking a moment to watch his cum spew out of Jessica's pussy onto Mrs Adams' face he quickly cleaned and dressed the pair, and soon as his cock was soft again, the clock ticked again.

Needless to say Jessica and Mrs Adams' were might confused as to why their makeup had suddenly became a mess, why Jessica's ass was sore, and why Mrs Adams' had lost her voice.

However it remained an unsolved mystery. From that day onwards, whenever Bernard got an erection, time froze. Might this gift turn out to be a curse for our timid Bernard. Who knows? All Bernard knows, is that he had the best fucking experience of his life, one that he couldn't have even dreamed off without his magic cock. Save note, attachments may take a moment to show up. I moved to China from the USA 7 months ago for a job.

This place is great if you are a want to get laid. I was never really into asian chicks until I moved here. Sure I whacked it to a few asian prons in my lifetime but it was never my thing. It is so fucking easy to get laid in China. These Chinese girls are so down to fuck Americans its crazy. First of all they are all relatively hot. The majority of chicks that are here are skinny. Very rarely do you see overweight women.

Even the fat chicks are pretty skinny compared to US chicks. They all dress slutty. I live in southern China but have traveled around a bit since moving here. All the girls wear tiny ass shorts or skirts, high heels, and possibly tights or stockings. Pretty fucking hot. If you are a leg man then China is heaven for you. Even the older women here look damn hot. These chicks have no hair on their bodies. Legs and arms are fucking smoooooth. You may find a little bit of hair under their arms and their snatches can be a bit of a jungle but the rest of their bodies are smooth sailing.

No stubble, they just do not grow hair on most of their body. The hair on their head is pretty sexy though. They normally have long flowing black hair. A lot of them dye their hair red or blonde so these chicks stand out a bit but their hair is pretty damn hot. You have a slight western influence on their fashion. I have not seen so much spandex or hipster glasses in my life.

These chicks make it look hot though. If you are into gaps then China is the place to go. Gaps occur on skinny chicks where there is space between their thighs. Never really noticed this before but here in China there are so many chicks with gaps that you have to notice.

Pretty hot. All you can think about is the easy access you have to their snizatch. These chicks like western dudes. I've seen some ugly expats here with pretty hot chicks. It helps, of course, if you have a bit of money. The great thing about these street girls is that they will normally give you their phone number so you can call them directly without having to go through the mommy. KTV is a karaoke spot. You pay for the private room and some booze. Ive seed guys get blowjobs or handjobs or kisses from KTV chicks that are attacted to them.

Ive also seen chicks that are just jobbers that do not do anything to exciting most of the night. You can take some of these broads home.

Normally will cost you a few hundred more RMB. Not all of them are whores so you may be SOL if you pick the wrong one. The ones that do go home are pretty fun. You can also go to the chinese massage. If you like Defunk, you may also like:. The Icons by Ghetto Funk Allstars. What is is even possible to say about this album? It's not an album, it's 60 songs, which in my book makes it at least 5 CDs worth of music in old money.

And what music! Just stick this on shuffle at your house party and get on with it really. I listened to this in the office and kept surreptitiously busting a move at my workstation.

You can't not dance to these tunes. Leo Stableford. Awesome work. Saturday 19 October Sunday 20 October Monday 21 October Tuesday 22 October Wednesday 23 October Thursday 24 October Friday 25 October Saturday 26 October Sunday 27 October Monday 28 October Tuesday 29 October Wednesday 30 October Thursday 31 October Friday 1 November Saturday 2 November Sunday 3 November Monday 4 November Tuesday 5 November Wednesday 6 November Thursday 7 November Friday 8 November Saturday 9 November Sunday 10 November Monday 11 November Tuesday 12 November Wednesday 13 November Thursday 14 November Friday 15 November Saturday 16 November Sunday 17 November Monday 18 November Tuesday 19 November Wednesday 20 November Thursday 21 November Friday 22 November

Swag_Daddy_K 17 points 18 points 19 points 2 days ago Yeah it’s a shame. Him and Sissoko were really good together in the small sample size we got to see with them getting consistent game time.

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