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I Believe - Riverside - Out Of Myself

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That was very foolish of me I can do nothing now Light shines in the darkness I don't wanna go Wish I could turn back time Oh my Guardian Angel Take me away from here I think I'm ready now But still can't make up my mind Memories of yesterday Hopes left behind I have to fade away now There's no other way out The curtain falls Need to stay right here I don't care if there is a better place I must try it myself Again My broken sleep will never be the same I'm only hanging on And waiting for another night There's sadness in my mind - ok There's darkness in my mind - ok What has come over me?

Can't believe, but your tears leave me cold I'm walking through the dark Again And I am not afraid to be alone Anymore There's sadness in my mind - ok There's darkness in my mind - ok Thoughts echoing in my mind - ok Everything is gonna be PL EN. Buy at: mystic. And referring to the ratings I'm not alone. The four guys from Poland created an amazing piece of music, a mixture of different styles and influences with a very own touch.

It sounds new and fresh, Riverside are far from being a clone of anybody, even though you can spot some touches of Opeth's Damnation, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd or Forgotten Suns. But it's just a point of reference. Regarding all their facets, Riverside is quite incommensurable. Their music can be described as a compound of psychodelic, so called retroprog and some prog metal ingredients which immingle to a very nice mixture in this case.

The atmosphere is kind of dark and full of suspense throughout the whole album. After somebody adjusts a radio you can hear "Hotel California" by the Eagles for short , a dark droning bass and melodic guitar take over. A long psychodelic, almost hypnotic intro commences, mellifluously, until finally vocals accrue.

After 12 minutes it's official: "The same river" is an amazing opener. The title song affirms it, "Out of Myself" isn't a very blitheful album. Elegiac guitar, Gilmore- like solos and dark keyboard layers create the perfect atmosphere. Keyboard and bass solos in the beginning, awesome, melodic guitar solos in the middle section and the end. I have to mention the great bass, Mariusz Duda did a great job here.

It fits so good. In the beginning it's one long guitar solo but the instrumental commences just like Part I ended. Watch out, some really terrific guitar solos will cross your way here. Very amtospherical, superb bass and even better vocals, Mariusz Duda in top form. It's remarkable how this song builds up a feeling of eagerness, an enthralling song. So just like all others I really recommend "Out of Myself".

It's an exceptional debut by a very talented band. They raised the bar to vertiginous heights, I'm really excited about the second album because it's very difficult to maintain such a high level. Check out Riveside if you don't believe in contemporary Prog, because it will prove that black is white. Since the late 90's, progressive metal really kicked in gear. Seems like there's a buzz around making darker, gloomy music.

Double pedal bass drum, razor sharp riffs and a good amout of screaming seems to satisfy the new millenium proggers. But with Riverside, the whole concept of metal is so well balanced that you're forced to admit that Out of Myself is simply one of the best easy listening record around. I said this album is balanced and how. The album is relatively quiet and gets meaner as the song progresses. Riverside is inspired by the Gilmour type of guitar playing, but thank god they don't use it often.

They also seems to apply themselves not making it too complex. The caliber of the musicians is obviously high, but it's like they kept it simple on purpose. The results? Songs easy to get into and a sound that share a lot of similarities with today's FM productions. Especially the singer's voice could be easily mistaken for bands like 3 Days Grace. He's not the Labrie's type Riverside sings softly and the singer's range is way better that way. The music could be more aggressive, but the voice is soothy it all and keeps the mood to relax.

The best to understand is to listen to it. Apart from the FM shape of many songs, the approach is based often on a rather complex but tasty, dirty bass line. Then a solid and rapid drum line's joining it. The keyboard is mainly there to embellish by giving a spacey feeling rather than being rythmic. The guitars are not giving the melodies all by themselves. The're more to support the major bass line by being razor sharp bar chords.

More bands should follow that logistic because it's keeping the tune accessible but also leaves space to more atmosphere. It feels good to have such an refreshing record without being innovative. It could sound paradoxal but that's exactly what this record is As one co-reviewer mentioned already, one has the impression, that one had heard every song already before. Yes indeed, I fully agree, because there is really nothing new on here, but why is that a reason to rate this album with 4 or 5 stars?

Next song I believe is as well a standard quiet and dark one done in similar way by numerous bands, mainly in the Alternative Rock genre. The instrumental track Reality Dream is the second good one with very good guitar lines and rhythm, a bit reminiscent of ANATHEMA , but actually not very intricate and versatile as well. Loose Heart reminds as well to that band, Mariusz Duda 's vocs even reinforce this impression. A nice song, although not very original.

Nice to listen and the third highlight of the album. OK is a slow and atmospheric song, quite nice but nothing special in fact. Although I like to listen sometimes such bands, especially if I need some good, but not too difficult music to run in the back, it is not my top favorite one. It's a perfect blend of multiple influences and I really appreciate the effort of the musicians. Well done,guys! Nevertheless in my view this albums seams to be overrated on here, IMHO an average rating of 3.

The overall sound is very powerful, floating, VERY atmospheric and it may make you feel a bit melancholic. The bass is very bottom, the drums are very elaborated, especially the cymbals patterns.

The dramatic keyboards are very modern, the VERY powerful and saturated floating ones reminding me the Jean Michel Jarre's work on the Zoolook's Ethnicolor track; the overall genre is on the border of neo prog, with just a slight dose of alternative rock. It is not a very joyful album, and the singer seems to express his discomfort.

The electric rhythmic guitar sound is more metal than alternative, being not bad, like on "Reality dream". The sustained guitar solos notes, sometimes slightly bluesy, like on "Curtain falls", are decent and full of echo. There are some good rhythmic acoustic guitar, often played with a whining clean voice.

ALL the tracks are excellent! Rating: 4. The CD starts with muted radio sounds, before the twelve minutes lasting epic opener The same River really takes of, wandering through spacey synthesizer spheres accompanied by some very subtle guitar licks and bass lines.

Perhaps this is the sound of a modern day Pink Floyd? The song features many changes in direction. It has a space rock side to it as well as a progressive metal side.

After about seven! These vocals are very warm and gentle. The best part of the song I think is the last couple of minutes. It features a very melancholic part with some nice laidback guitar work, which is followed by an amazing one minute long guitar solo, which ends the song. This song is worth buying the album by itself!

What I noticed right from the start is that this album is well produced. Even the bass guitar is well present, in a pleasant way. Normally this instrument is hardly noticeable; here it is featured as a 'leading' instrument on itself. Track 2 Out of myself features a variety of vocals.

The warm voice is omnipresent and again nice to listen to, but even the rare scream that comes to attention is enjoyable. It totally fits the song. The synthesizer is worth a special mention here. It makes some techno-like sounds throughout the whole song! It gives the song this little extra touch and it worked out for me.

It is a highly unusual sound for this type of music. The instrumental metal parts between the sung verses are extremely well done! The next song is called I believe.

It starts with the sound of a bunch of people talking before the acoustic guitar comes in to play. This song is very mellow and relaxing. The vocals are very warm and gentle. A lovely ballad and I just know anyone will instantly like it. The first one of two instrumentals is called Reality Dream. The song starts with the ticking of a clock and some weird synthesizers. Than the metal begins. Aggressive guitars begin to play assisted by a very spacey synthesizer solo.

The bass is very well present on this song throughout the whole album actually and it's very well played. About halfway through there's this nice guitar solo. This is one of the album's highlights. ARE brilliant musicians. Loose Heart was the first song I ever heard by Riverside.

I heard it through the ProgArchives. It is a very well thought out musical idea. Not aggressive by far, until the last minute then the metal part comes in, with shouting by the vocalist. The vocals on this track are very nice and gentle even the screaming is fitting the song. It's a very well thought out part of the song. The song features some nice guitar solos. A drum solo kicks of the start of the album's second instrumental song, Reality Dream II. The song contains samples of a telephone.

I could easily copy-past the description of Reality Dream I for this one, because they're both well-played instrumentals, the only major difference being that part II is a bit quieter than part I. In two Minds starts with effected vocals, accompanied by a relative simple, but good acoustic guitar. The chorus is very nice and shows again what kind of variety of vocals this album features. The electric guitar is again well present and gives us a very nice solo halfway through the song.

The song starts with some laidback sounds, until the electric guitar begins to shine. This is the intro to The Curtain falls , probably the best intro on the whole album I absolutely love it. The song features some nice solos by each instrument. That is definitely a major compliment.

The instrumental parts in this song are pretty heavy but still maintain that laidback feeling I had while listening throughout the whole album. The closing track OK is very laidback.

It's a very melancholic and dark ballad. The drum is very cool and groovy but not fast or heavy at all. This song is like the opposite of all the other tracks on the album.

It features a trombone, which is a very nice addition to the whole package. The vocals are very nice to listen to and can calm a man down. The chorus is very nice and dark. There could not be a better way to close the album, than with this marvellous track.

The album has its heavier parts, but the atmospheric space rock side is more present and the majority of the album is mellow and softer. This album was in my top 3 of releases and I can really recommend it to all of you that like: Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and Opeth. Not bad if you want to chill out and break a bottle of wine or maybe put one down, but is it to my taste?

I was piqued when I first tried it a few months ago, but have to say that, although I think there are some tasty axe parts, ultimately I find it unmemorable and prefer the raw ingredients. But still some good parts, so 3 stars from me Good, but not essential. My frustrations when listening to Riverside can be summed up by the first track The Same River.

After taking an age to really get going, it is anchored by a nice rumbling bass riff in fact I found Mariusz Duda's bass playing to be the highlight of Riverside's music but despite some nice synth touches and highly capable drumming, the unconvincing guitar work in terms of melody, not skill and meandering song structure left me bored. The title track too, has a good opening bass run and some powerful guitar riffing and yet I don't rate the song. There are all kinds of tantalising yet ultimately fruitless moments on this album.

I Believe and In two Minds are lovely acoustic numbers Reality Dream begins with a spectacular keyboard lead that had me drooling and then descended into another bass heavy number that Dream Theater could do in their sleep Loose Heart has a lot of passion, I liked some of the zany fills in the Floyd-style stoner ballad OK and the metal instrumental Reality Dream II also contained some excellent playing.

At the point at which Riverside made this album, they must have known that there were dozens of bands out there who were doing the same thing, and had been doing so for nearly a decade. As such, this album feels like a wasted opportunity to me. Things get off to a good start with the 12 minute opener The Same River, which is built around some lush keyboard sounds and some very Floydian guitar - Porcupine Tree are an obvious point of comparison here, but there are also hints of Ozrics and Radio Gnome era Gong in the interplay between guitar and synths.

The vocals are well down in the mix, being used more as another texture than as the focal point. Atmospheric and beguiling, it's a fine slice of contemporary prog. Unfortunately, the rest of the album never quite fulfills the promise of the opening track, although the instumentals Reality Dream amd Reality II come close the sampled telephone noises on Reality II get a bit annoying after the first few listens.

What really lets the album down is the occasional descent into plodding prog metal riffing - it sounds like the real band have taken a break and the poodle haired, spandex clad road crew have picked up the instruments. The acoustic interludes are also not so inspired - if they want people to start waving lighters over their heads they'll have to try harder than this.

If they follow the direction indicated by The Same River there may be great things to come from them. I still see some potential in this band and will probably look out for any future releases, but this album is not so good. Wow, what a surprise. I'm happy that this prog album is very strong and is involved with Insideout Records.

Wonderful album Thursday 5 September Friday 6 September Saturday 7 September Sunday 8 September Monday 9 September Tuesday 10 September Wednesday 11 September Thursday 12 September Friday 13 September Saturday 14 September Sunday 15 September Monday 16 September Tuesday 17 September Wednesday 18 September Thursday 19 September Friday 20 September Saturday 21 September Sunday 22 September Monday 23 September Tuesday 24 September Wednesday 25 September Thursday 26 September Friday 27 September Saturday 28 September Sunday 29 September Monday 30 September Tuesday 1 October Wednesday 2 October Thursday 3 October Friday 4 October Saturday 5 October Sunday 6 October Monday 7 October Tuesday 8 October Wednesday 9 October Thursday 10 October Friday 11 October Saturday 12 October Sunday 13 October Monday 14 October Tuesday 15 October Wednesday 16 October Thursday 17 October Friday 18 October Saturday 19 October Sunday 20 October Monday 21 October Tuesday 22 October Wednesday 23 October Thursday 24 October Friday 25 October Saturday 26 October Sunday 27 October Monday 28 October Tuesday 29 October Wednesday 30 October Their relationship is both light and dark.

Fearful and trusting. Loving and hating. They have both fear and hope. Grief and joy. Actions and words. In other words, a normal relationship that will take work and strength and communication. Yet, does he want to stay? Does he want to expend that effort?

Because of this, she knows with all her heart that she can do this. She wants to stay and make this love work. From here, though, things go deeper and darker. On the title track for this album, we begin to hear the other side of the conversation.

He feels caged and trapped, and he is falling further and further into the darkest corners of his mind. He wants to be free of the pain, the constant voices in his head, and the detachment from reality. He needs to feel like himself again. He is tired of standing alone in the dark. There is something inside him that is restless and empty, and she has not been able to fill it. How is it that someone so empty could be just the thing to fill the heart of another? There is a certain insecurity in his own heart that is causing this, but his lover is definitely part of this in some fashion, too.

In this track, however, he does know that he believes: He believes that he wants this love. He wants a real relationship, and this woman causes such strife within his heart as he searches for the person he truly is. She thinks everything is just fine, but he is restless.

Yes, love has caused the dark, inner journey that is about to take place over the next few albums. This journey will be rife with strife, self-loathing, paranoia, and even hate; but it is all because he so longs to share himself, even though he has built walls around his own heart to prevent that.

Many people just write off instrumental songs as technical playgrounds or the like, but I feel that they usually have a purpose in the story. Reality Dream is no different. This track, while being technically proficient, is more about mood than anything.

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  3. Sep 21,  · I Believe Lyrics: I learn to understand / Getting harder to pretend is ok with me / In this moment I believe / And I want it so much / In spite of everything / You make me so real / I don't have to.
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  5. Riverside is a way of expressing reflections, dreams and fantasies through music. It is an idea for exposing emotions, for an escape from the grey or unnaturally overcoloured reality. It is music inspired by a time, a place, a thought and a word, a figment of their own and other people's imagination. It is joy and sadness, a whisper and a scream.
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  7. Apr 06,  · Editorial Reviews. This young Polish band has created an emotional musical journey through dark and moody atmospheres that find kindred spirits in Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Anathema, and Pink Floyd. Stream Out of Myself by Riverside and tens of millions of other songs on all your devices with Amazon Music Unlimited/5(52).

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