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I Wasnt Kidding (The Layabouts Future Retro Vocal Mix) - Kay Rush - Unlimited XII

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Studio accessories. GBP My Language. Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist. Items in wishlist:. Items in cart:. Kay Rush. Play All. Sort Artist. Items 1 to 14 of 14 on page 1 of 1. House Classics I unmixed 2xCD. Kadabra Digital Wizard Italy. Unlimited XV unmixed 2xCD. Unlimited XI unmixed 2xCD. The American born, Milan-based DJ, radio host, actor and journalist is something of a star in Italy, and widely considered one of the country's top musical selectors.

Her passion for cultured deep house, US garage and chill-out sounds has seen her curate a string of compilations, of which this is her 11th. It's a largely entertaining selection of cuts that wouldn't sound out of place in Milan's more fashionable venues. Unlimited VI unmixed 2xCD. You can be gone Frank Rodger vs. Always Lisa Shaw Naked Music Kill Bill Moussy-T -Unreleased Fasinated by Lil Louis Mash-Up Beat Salad Romain vs.

Like This K. Deputy of Edit Edit Version Oh Girl The Chi-Lites 1. The Glow of Love Donna Gardier 2. Too Special Groove Assassin feat. In The Dark Mo-Rese feat. War Motown Versions -Motown UDAFL feat. Let me Be Ski Oakenfield feat. Amp Fiddler Friday Nite Weysa Dya Poem 2.

Color me Bad vs. Soul Oasis Mash-Up 4. Adrift on a Memory Bliss tonight Phil Collins vs. PM Dawn vs. Soul Oasis Mash-Up 5. Parlait Pas Francis Larry Heard Dj Aakmael Ubade feat. Generational Journey Rick Miranda Facinated by LiL Louis Mash Celia vs. El Grand Combo Closing Track Outstanding Gap Band. This is the future! With or Without you U2 2. Roots Tedd Paterson feat. Blak Beat Niks -Black Vinyl 3. Watch them Come D's Unreleased Version 4. Corbita 5. Afterparty for Two Vick Lavender feat.

Intervention Emuzik coming soon to Phuture Sole Recordings Be Good The Jaffers ft. Sex,Drugs and Revolution Anthony Nicholson Can you see the Light T. Closing Track This song is for you The Temptations -Motown.

In order for the K2 to remember your last page read, ensure that your wireless is on when you shut off the device. That is how the device syncs with Amazons site. Let me know if this works for you. Steam or download episode. Enjoy the track selections. Downtempo 2. Let me know Erick Roberson 3.

Angelo 4. Outta Love Reel People feat. Omar 5. Finally Julie McKnight-K. T Version 6. Change-What we need Fuzion feat. All night Thing Scott Wonziak Version Love Sensation Reminisce-Marlor Version Little L-accapella Jimmy Caster Bunch Edit Somethin here,something there,something everywhere Do the Deep Dance with Soul Oasis.

Hope you enjoy this set. New Cyberjamz Records Releases out now. Thx for the support. With or Without U Soul Oasis vs. U2 Mash-Up 2. Closer Larry Heard aka Mr. Jeff Hollie on Sax -Fortress Records. Mahogany Brown's Hangova T. Moodyman vs. Diana Ross-Mash-Up 6. Missing You Mr.

Ali Nite Life Collective 9. You Are Martin Faltin feat. Love Pimple Jakdat -Jakdat Records Hot Willie Ninja -Nervous Records I Keep on Rising Ruben Mancias feat. I like it like that Aaron Jerome Version Mi Gente LLV feat. You dont know me Innerface Plusgroove Dema Jay Tripwire feat. Trans Europe Express Se or Coconut Finally I found some time to put up a playlist. I truly apologize for that my family. In any case lets keep it moovin! Love of House Poem from Weysa Dya 2. Dania Records 5.

Jackin Tyme K. Everyday Central Living -Naked Music 7. Speechless Isely Bros-jojoflores - Gotsoul Records So Beautiful,so Bottoms Up T. A Better Way K. I Keep Rising Ruben Mancias feat. Groove Lounge Romain Unknown at this time Back to Basics My Angel Jovonn feat.

Kaaye -Next Moov Records We come to far,to end it now The Escorts. Luv Shiro Dancin T. T Mash-Up 3. R we thru Neon Lights 4. Joy-Paul G Version Unreleased. House Freak Dirty Love 5 8. Shady Clouds Jellybean feat. P" Soul Oasis -Cyberjamz Records Music is my Life Jask I die for you Soul Oasis vs. Prince Mash I can't believe I loved her Pevan Everett Sexyness Rahann feat.

YAW I want to be your Lover Prince Robins Version Last Chance 52nd St Float On The Floaters. A Distance Place 2.

I cant help it MJ-Reelsoul Version 4. Light of Love John Crockett feat. Dangerous MJ-Dub Version Smooth Criminal MJ-Q.

H Version M Crew aka Soul Elevation Music. Lady in my Life MJ-T. R Version Spills of Mahuwalele Gel Abril vs. Mzee-JMJ Mash Come n to Eddie Nicholas I can't Help it MJ-Mr. Cubanix Version Soul Oasis Extended Version Skins of Domain Mark Mendoza Mash 2. Charlie Brown Sun's Version --Nice! Aquarius George Shearing 4. Birthday Sex Jeremih-Dayzee Rework The Earaser Q.

Da Party Electroinc Soul Elecktric Soul Black Thanks Abucus Big Sur Hwy Human Arts feat. Send for me D. J Boxx feat. Katumbo Original Version Low "The Brutal E. P" The Isley Bros. If you happen to be in the New York City area,please feel free to stop by the party posted above. So come and celebrate our birthday's with us! Leo's Rule!! To book SammyRock aka Soul Oasis please email sammyrock mail.

Belladonna Andrea Vollenweider 2. Circe U. Rucker-Jazznova Mix -Ovvum Records 3. Xmen Groove Cromatone Express 6. Let it Rain Jovonn -Esthero Records Im the Dj Roy Davis J. R -Kumba Records No Invitation Ari Rhodes feat. Jinting -Promo Poppin Shit Ronnie Ron -Test Numbers Kraftwerk-Todd Terje Edit Saturns Rivers Vocal Version -Bootleg Sanctuary in the HouseMusic Zweiklang -Promo Diamonds Paul Simon-Edit Plastik Wait T.

Like I never Left Whitney Houston feat. This artist is HOT! A nice journey into sound. Out Now!! Cyberjamz Records and K. This is unique time to make a differance and save someone's life!! We are counting on YOU! The lovers of music to participate in this joint effort.

Tell me how this feels like a Hip-Mash Soul Oasis vs. Plastik Todd Terje-Edit 6. Steet Dance Fatback Band 7. Mentel Fantasy K. Downtown Jerome Sydenham Sunshine Jovonn Esthero Simon Says Paul Simon-Edit How do I love Thee Queen Latifah Symphoniac St. Corner Orchestra-Jazz Version -St. Corner Records Montell Jorden vs. A Tribe Called Quest Song for the Shelter Fat Boy Slim feat. Roland Clark Joy Promo Unreleased Fortunate Maxwell-Naked Mix Click link to stream or download episode.

First Steps-Downtempo Version 2. It aint no big thing Donna Mgee 3. Nothing to it-Deep House Version 4. John has a Phoot Grant Phabeo 6. All Im Askin Yass pres. Hot Lizard 8. The Whispers Edit President Roland Clark-Accapella Cheating Man Eric Levan S. M Represent! This shit is hot Ronnie Ron -Test Holdin on Michael Watford Deep Subliminal Message Soul Oasis vs.

Weysa Dya vs. Ascention-Dont ever wonder Maxwell-Jask Remix P"-Cyberjamz Records. Smile In the Dark Mo-Rese pres. Taste my Love Kym Mazelle Welcome to the Jungle Guns n Roses Edit Wicked Child. Dedicated to all the lovers of music. Thank you all for the love and support! Spiritual Sunrise Jask 2. Let me do my thang Original Version-Furry Ultra feat.

Consquistadores Chocolates Oscar P Remix 5. Stronger than Pride Sade -Acetate 8. P" out on Cyberjamz Records. Emily Rose -Mercado Palralelo Music Everybody takes a Sunday Shower T. T Mash-Blackbox vs.

Kentronik -- Whoooo!!! Connected Soul Soul Oasis vs. Take me to the Poke A T. Dema Jay Tripwire vs. Pick up "Foul Tracks E. Burning Bridges Libby-Mr. With you T. J -White Lotus Club Jump to it Aretha Franklyn-Re-Visited Thx T-Solomon for having fun with us that day P Vol 2 pick up Foul Tracks E.

Spinning around Black Ivory. This half-ass show aired this past Monday, Aug. Due to Tech situations beyond my control I stopped the show at 2hrs.. In any case enjoy the track selection If you can tolorate it LOL Chaka-Too Downtempo Version 2. P Vol 2" Cyberjamz Recs.

P Vol 2" Friendly Children August Darnell Horse with no Name America-Todd Terje vs. Soul Oasis Edit Foul Soul Meditation Weysa Dya vs. The Groove Victim Release Date Thursday Aug. No Playlist for this episode. After a hiatus Im back again! With a lil rust in the mix,I still managed to git er done.. P Vol 2 and "Shake it Up E. P" Mr. Dead weight , his mind insisted, and when Richie looked down at this weight dead weight in his arms, his heart dropped like a stone. Now the shrieking, the whimpering sobs that surrounded him made sense.

It was his friends. Beverly, mostly. An older Eddie, sure, but still unmistakably him. The wet warmth was his blood, dark and red, and it flowed in a steady stream from the socket where his arm was supposed to be. What happened to you? Oh god, Eds. Firmly, but not unkindly. The voice sounded like it belonged in a zombie creature feature at the Aladdin.

Richie woke up with a strangled cry, and was plunged suddenly into the absolute darkness of his own basement. The warm wetness soaking his skin was no longer blood, but sweat and tears. His wavy hair clung to his forehead, sticky and hot. The entire back of his t-shirt was damp. Tears stung his eyes and formed a sore lump in his throat, forcing him to swallow hard. His mind reeled with disorientation.

When he tries to sing older material in original keys it can sound embarrassing, but that's when his voice is tired after a run of gigs. New material wouldn't be an issue as he can write in the keys he's comfortable in.

Posted 13 June - AM Some good stuff but definitely not his best work vocal-wise. What's interesting is at least to me how much better his vocals sound on Caravan and BU2B recorded before the Time Machine Tour than the other songs recorded after.

You can really hear how much his voice deteriorated on the that tour. Still not a bad performance but a little shaky at times. I have no interests I'm not an interesting person. Very one dimensional Posted 13 June - AM Whatever rating 'funeral dirge' falls under I gave it 2 stars.

I know Not every song per se The tone and pitch are just Off putting, even better.

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  2. Jun 27,  · I discovered that two different places, in two different cities I lived in when I was younger, are now gone. One torn down in the name of progress and the other done in by a Hurricane a few years back. Both had been bulldozed years ago, but I felt a loss knowing that those places where I had had so many good memories were now gone.
  3. I Wasn't Kidding (The Layabouts Future Retro Vocal Mix) Featuring – Tiffany Loren Remix – The Layabouts: – Balage: How Did We Get To There (Reesoul Mix) Remix – Reelsoul* – DJ Romain Feat. Nedelka* Love Sanctified (Harley & Muscle Deep Mix) Featuring – Nedelka* Remix – Harley & Muscle: – Donae'o: I 1/5(1).
  4. Priss - On My Way (main mix) - Offering arantulaz ft. tiffany loren - i wasnt kidding (the layabouts future retro instrumental mix) - Reel People Music 60 Hertz - Project Capricorn (Ralf Gum Remix) - GOGO Music
  5. Rush's run from ~ to ~ is one of the most prolific periods of creativity in the history of rock music, imo. A new album almost every year, and not a single one I would rate below Their sound underwent an interesting evolution over that span as well, though I think they were at their artistic peak with fantastical prog opuses like.
  6. A few years ago [ years] I saw a youtube video that I'm pretty sure was recommended to me because it wasn't by someone I watched. I can't even remember the channel name. In the video a young girl was talking about her cheek piercings and why she decided to .
  7. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of I Like You on Discogs/5(13).

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