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In The Name Of... - Sadus - Out For Blood

26.02.2020at 16:37 | Author : Dukinos | Category : DEFAULT | : Thumbtack

Juan Urteaga Vile has been dabbling with recording duties for a while now and does an excellent job with Out for Blood. This is so clearly produced you will be able to hear every guitar and bass string pluck, sometimes leaving you wondering how they can survive the pounding without being ripped from their foundations In the Name of … , Freak.

If it takes almost complete lack of commercial recognition to release good metal albums, then I am almost forced to wish that to Sadus.

Out for Blood is one excellent example how true metal warriors can have the spirit burning for over 20 years. There are 6 replies to this review. Last one on Thu Jul 06, pm View and Post comments. I know that I've been focussed on what's changed since the good old days, and not really on what's going on here. And that's because not a lot is. Darren sounds ok, not great, but he's hardly putting in a terrible performance, of course the lyrics are a-fucking-bysmal, I don't need to give examples, just read down into some other reviews.

Or just look at the song lyrics. Every single one is as bad as the last. The riffs are non-existent. Seriously, many of the riffs here are worse than most Nu Metal acts.

No joke, simple chugs at the same speed as the vocals. It's terrible. There's the odd thrashier riff here and there, but really, they basically seem like faster groove riffs. I like my groove metal. But these are musical cancer. The drumming is so boring it makes me want to cry when I remember the fun times that Jon Allen had given us in years gone by. Of course, DiGiorgio is passable, and I have nothing bad to say about him. But he's just on, really quite insignificant element of an otherwise painful entity.

I know it has the word Sadus on the cover, and from past experience it's enough to warrant a listen, but trust me, things have gone wrong. So very, very wrong. Ignore it, and hope for the band to announce Out For Blood was a joke in the near future, otherwise, another great band has gone to hell. With this release Sadus basically decided that, well, seeing as how a lot of people today are playing shitty, downtuned, untalented shit they should do the same.

Quite a strange way of thinking considering the title of their first demo really. Like the reviewer before me, I was taken aback by this record, as although I've only heard a few Sadus songs from their earlier records I can say this sounds nothing like they used to.

What it does sound like is a fucking Korn album. Shitty synthesizers, repetitive, simple riffs that a monkey could've farted out of his arse, and stupid lyrics that are supposed to sound 'threatening' to make up for the poor attempts at making anything musical.

There is one alright track on here however, and that track is the first song, 'In the Name of Starting off with a bass intro, it evolves into some fast riffing until about two minutes in, when one of the worst attempts at a thrash break I have ever heard appears, which consists of some shitty groove riff with the vocalist shouting 'in the name of' over and over again. It picks up again to where it was before with a a pretty good riff before leading out with some more groove.

So yeah, it's not that good a song, but if the whole album were like this it would at least be something resembling thrash. After the song is finished, the quality of release falls of a cliff, with the rest of it consisting of fucking mallcore. From the laughter inducing stupidity of 'Down' to the pathetic Korn-like 'riffing' in 'No More', this fails to do anything right. And then there is 'Smackdown'. This must be the shittiest song released in the last five years or so that has at least some relation to metal, and when you consider it was written by a what used to be a fucking technical thrash band, it makes it even worse.

How the fuck was this piece of shit released? It starts off with a pointless, one minute intro which bores the listener, before descending into 'riffing' that is worse than Korn's. Enough have been said about the lyrics, so I won't delve further down into that, but they truly are as bad as people say they are. Then I could go into the terrible attempts at soloing, the ear grating production and the unaggressive vocal performance, but really there's no point.

Unless they manage to focus on the one song they did right on here 'In the Name of If you like mallcore, this album is very recommended, as it contains all the element which make up an album of one. If you are thinking of picking this up expecting it will be full of some great technical thrash save your money for something worthwhile. A terrible album whichever way you look at it, and probably one of the worst albums of Ok, what the fuck is this?

I must admit I've never heard of Sadus up until this point but from what i've heard, i thought Sadus was supposed to be this ultra technical thrash metal band. I was expecting something along the lines of oldschool slayer from these guys but when i got this album as a gift i almost died of laughter. First off the lyrics just does it for me. I almost died when i heard them sing "Smack down!!

The really funny part of the song is that they repeat "smack down" over and over again and I could just tell they're really serious about it. And also, what the fuck is Chuck Billy doing in this album!? He appears in a song called "Crazy" which is just slow and boring, and ends with the lines "Am i crazy? Am I crazy? Frankly, these lyrics just seem to be written by a twelve year old goth girl, theres no substance in them at all. The musicianship is ok, the bass is awesome though, but thats just about it.

This deserves a 0 but i gave it a 25 becuase the songs "Smack Down" and "Sick" are really funny. Just check those out for novelty's sake. Also, fans of Korn and Hatebreed are advised to check this one out! For fans of real thrash metal, stay clear. This is another album that has received several good and even great reviews by a semi-large number of people. In reality, there is more bad material than good, the bad is at times unimaginably horrid, and even the good, isn't that good.

Musically, there are several issues. The album opens up an on "ok" note. The first track In The Name Of These riffs are kind of like older Sadus, yet less heavy. There are a couple interesting riffs on this song, but as a thrash metal song it is really weak, There's no heaviness to the riffs at all, really.

In The Name Of No More 3. Smackdown 4. Out For Blood 5. Lost It All 6. Sick 7. Down 8. Freedom 9. Freak Cursed Crazy Black March Invaders Merciless Death.

No More Ice cold blood is flowing in your veins Screams not heard oblivious to the pain Blind from the rage, you couldn't just walk away We've all heard it all there's nothing left to say No more face left No more unrest No more protest I don't want to hear your lies No more resentment No more rejection No more deception I don't want your alibis Torn right through it's ripping through your skin Cold black darkness covers the evil grin No more true words No more voice heard Nothing to endure Couldn't spare another day No more weird moods No more attitudes Not even if we could You know it had to be this way No one trusts you all you ever say are lies Time won't heal the insanity that blinds your eyes No more face left No more unrest No more protest I don't want to hear your lies No more resentment No more rejection No more deception I don't want your alibis To me I swore There'd be no more You can't ignore You are no more To me To me I swore There'd be no more You can't ignore You are no more Tear one face off the second is there to damn Bloody fucking flesh from the bleeding of the hands No more true words No more voice heard Nothing to endure Couldn't spare another day No more weird moods No more attitudes Not even if we could You know it had to be this way To me I swore There'd be no more You can't ignore You are no more To me I swore There'd be no more You can't ignore You are no more 3.

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  7. Sadus Behind the Scenes Making of Out for Blood Lmtd. Edition comes with a Bonus CD/EP with 3 Bonus Tracks and Multimedia Section.
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  9. Now, Sadus is back with 'Out For Blood'. The old school thrash sound remains intact and a few new experimental elements have been added to the music in the form of samples mixed with the guitarplay giving some of the songs a little extra edge. This also makes the record sound .

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