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Listen To The Silence - Various - Klonosphere - Free Sampler Compilation MMXIII

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Simon insists on penetrating the impenetrable. He wants to reach out. He wants to teach. But he struggles against a dark tide.

Meanwhile, the dubbed-in electric tracks swell, growing fuller and louder. There is a cacophony of guitars and drums that almost overpowers the vocals, although the precise mix-down stops just short of swamping the lyric. The final verse points the finger directly at the pervasive materialism that had, even by , overtaken the American spirit. The huge consumer appetites are in stark juxtaposition with the slums of the inner city and their prophets of the streets.

So powerful was the Folk Rock genre that we often overestimate both its number of practitioners and the length of time it was being produced. The real Folk Rock years extend from roughly to before it broke down into constituent parts such as Country Folk, Folkabilly, Psychedelic Folk and other spin-offs.

The influence of Folk Rock, especially that of its premier artists can hardly be quantified, so pervasive is its DNA in later music. It speaks to the piece of the heart that eternally feels out of sorts and all alone. Jefferson Airplane. If that does, then I would believe that there is a change in amplitude in the sub oscillator that triggers the limiter more heavily, causing a greater duck in volume via overcompression. If that doesn't, then that's an interesting issue you got there.

I never really continued using Fruity Limiter, and switched to a soft-knee limiter about 3 years ago because of the overcompression. I actually was aware of the high impedance a kind of "collective resistance" of my Beyerdynamic DTs ohms , which led me to realize that I needed to amplify them to get a reasonable volume and frequency response to them.

Afterwards, I found that they have good bass relative to my Grado SRi's that I owned previously, and they have certainly improved my bass mixing drastically for instance, something full in bass that would normally take me 8 hours on my previous pair of headphones can take me less than an hour to mix on these. This kind of phase difference can bother people if it's in an exposed context, but if you fill in the soundscape with more elements that encompass the stereo field, the phase difference becomes a minor issue in the big picture, because it sinks beneath the more prominent elements in the soundscape.

For instance, I used Serum in writing this remix a few months ago submitted to OCR already , and I really don't hear any issues with the Serum bass because the soundscape is filled out as much as I could make it. I realize that that explanation of "minor issue in the big picture" is kind of "covering up" what is labeled as an issue, but in my honest opinion, and with all due respect, I don't think people will really care about an issue of this small magnitude.

This is something that you honed in on because you know how your mix is supposed to sound, and I think it sounds worse to you because of that. A lot of sound design is quite personal because over time, you get used to how you prefer to move the synth knobs to hear what you want. So, just because you really love how a specific sound that you made turned out doesn't mean that in context, it will make for a final mix that others will find amazing.

Similarly, just because you don't like how the sound design seems a little inconsistent on live playback doesn't mean people will suddenly find that to be the major issue that they arbitrarily choose to be the reason they don't like the song.

And yes, mostly other sounds as soundscape make the small differences near damn impossible to spot but the thing is, how can someone else who didn't make the project hear the difference as they hear the one and only version of it anyways. Composing and producing music has countless amounts of things to consider.

I have worked for years on music but have no idea how to promote myself properly. And now as a new addition, into Bandcamp from which i can also get some support if someone wants to support my music productions at some point when and if they are that good.

I don't know.. Not sure though. Yep; sometimes people like someone else's music because they like the person. I couldn't imagine finding a youtube video of a live concert without people screaming, i. So, it can be hard to predict how people "receive" your music. I try not to think about that and just make what I like to make, and if people like it, then great!

I stay motivated to write music because it keeps me happy. That's what I used to calibrate my headphones, anyways. Well true.. If a person was in love what is love T. Do you know any background info about this album? Start the wiki. Do you know what kind of music this is? Tag this album. Don't want to see ads? Upgrade Now. There was an issue displaying the shoutbox. View all shouts.

More by James Hammond. Tags: Brian Eno coil cybernetic serendipity music hawkwind jean michel jarre klaus schulze machine music machine music week pete townshend peter zinovieff pink floyd synthesizers tim blake vcs3 wendy carlos. Related Articles. Nov This new exhibition explores electronic music and international club culture. Oct Iconic Wendy Carlos and Massive Attack albums explored in new books. Sep Latest Articles. Jan

Compilation appearances: Participated with song "Listen to the Silence" on "Klonosphere - Free Sampler Compilation MMXIII" () released by Klonosphère.

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  5. Apr 20,  · If in Serum you have a running phase (i.e. it doesn't reset upon playing a new note), then each time you render the same segment, it's going to sound slightly different because a different phase offset is being rendered and so a different output is heard based on a different phase cancellation result between the sub oscillator, OSC1, and OSC2.
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  7. “The Sound Of Silence” is one of the most popular songs of all time. It speaks to the piece of the heart that eternally feels out of sorts and all alone. The threatening silence will always be present but there is a never-ending freight train of music to help keep that stealthy wolf from the door.
  8. Sep 02,  · Digidesign has extended the Structure sampler family with the introduction of two new versions that will allow even more users access to the plug-in’s capabilities.. Structure LE provides many of the same powerful and creative features as its big brother for a fraction of the price, while Structure Free offers a great introduction to Structure sample playback at no charge.
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