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Logos - Tangerine Dream - Logos Live

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Tangerine Dream suffers from a slight case of growing pains on Logos: Live at the Dominion, having recently turned off their lava lamps and opened up their programmers' manuals. Chris Franke, recently-joined Johannes Schmoelling, and the ever-present frontman Edgar Froese seem to be leaning on their new equipment more than usual, making this concert sequentially denser than previous ones.

The results are frequently bland, as if they expected the machines to write the songs for them as well. Still, the trio follows their trusted formula of lengthy exploration in six to eight parts, continuing some degree of organic looseness. As part one begins, synths gurgle to life, ghostly strings float over a slow DX7 pulse that gives way to drum machines within the first minute, and they're off to what may have seemed revolutionary at the time: three men slouched over ominous-looking patch bays and consoles to produce exotic textures of science fiction.

Six or seven minutes later, things ease back to an anthemic keyboard rock that, structurally at least, puts them in more familiar territory albeit bland. Next, at the minute mark, the foundation is laid for what borrows liberally from and builds on top of Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians, precisely sampled and included either out of respect, or leaned on for necessary inspiration consequentially, it's debatable as to who gets credit for this high-point; Reich or the Krautrockers.

Much of Part One is quite junglist in sound, a nod to world music TD carried on into subsequent albums such as 'Hyperborea'. That said, I don't believe there's anywhere near enough here to sustain what is a continuous minute composition. As usual, the music is a combination of passages where the sequencer dominates, and others filled with swirling white noise and synths punctuated with sound effects. Sadly there's no guitar here.

While worthy enough, 'Logos' has neither the energy of 'Ricochet' nor the diversity of 'Encore'. I, for one, feel this album was unnecessary and could have, with a bit of work, made part of an interesting studio album. This album is still good of course, but I'm missing the absolute beauty of some of its predecessors live or studio works. The long "Logos" is somewhat repetitive and lacks of passion. It sounds dehumanized to my ears even if fine moments are plenty.

The second part of the vinyl is more mysterious, more profound, more atmospheric and spacey at least during the first five minutes. In one word: more TD from the mid seventies. And I like it better to be honest. OK, I'm an old freak. More beats are to be listened further on, but the ambient mood is rather pleasant. TD doesn't offer a masterpiece, but this live recording from London is quite satisfactory for the fans.

Being old or young ones: both will find interesting aspects and even some moments of delight. As usual, the closing section of this very long track over 45 minutes is pure beauty. A symphonic harmony that only TD can offer. Still, the global feel is more like a good work than more.

The commercial "Dominion" being somewhat inappropriate. Three stars. The 45 minute title track was originally split into two parts; I will review it as such. Part 1 begins with the trio being introduced for the London audience. Some at the time futuristic sounding spaciness starts the piece.

A drum machine groove leads to some quasi-soloing on keys. Later the drum machine dies out and the music gets both ambient and cinematic. As another drum machine pattern begins we get to hear one of the best things TD ever did The melodies and the tones used to play them are just perfect. Once this part ends you can hear the roar of applause from the audience. After that the music gets spacey again, almost sounds like a horror movie soundtrack for awhile.

Since I am not very familiar with the work of Reich, I can neither confirm nor deny this. Some military style drum machine programming gets joined by some ethereal synthetic voices and hip-hop DJ scratching. More sounds get added and it becomes very "80s" sounding. After 20 minutes some more great melodies start as the miltary style beat is lowered in volume. Tempo increases towards the end of Part 1. Part 2 is not as consistently good as Part 1 but still has it's moments.

It starts out very icy and mechanical sounding. I like the fake bird sounds after a few minutes. Shortly after that the music changes to some kind of baroque synth-pop. Gradually it gets more aggressive and darker sounding before going back. Please enable Javascript to take full advantage of our site features. Edit Master Release. Experimental , Ambient. Add Review kamil January 4, Report. Reply Notify me Helpful.

Very well structured and extremely listenable, featuring the band at their best during the Virgin years. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. That said, Logos is probably the most 'songy' sounding live record of the group's classic period, with the 40 minute piece being made of several very distinct sections. Some of these sections, or movements, are among the darkest of the band's '80s material. This particular segment, in fact, is probably one of my favourite Tangerine Dream compositions.

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Logos: Live at the Dominion by Tangerine Dream (CD, May, Virgin) at the best online prices at /5(2).

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oohani_s comments
  1. Logos Live features only 50 minutes of the original concert: 'Die Elektroniker der ersten Stunde', with a band history 'Tangerine Dream ' and with covers, track listings and catalogue numbers of all TD and Edgar Froese solo LPs available by Virgin in Germany at that time.
  2. 'Logos - Tangerine Dream Live ' Includes a 4 panel fold-out insert featuring ;inner notes etc. on on side and a discography accompanied with colour inset album cover photos. Barcode and Other Identifiers/5(16).
  3. Aug 19,  · Tangerine Dream probably has about albums. Maybe more if you consider the solo Edgar Froese albums as well. This group was one of the first groups to introduce me to long spacey instrumentation. After I discovered the works of Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and the such, I started to look at music differently/5(20).
  4. Dec 10,  · The tracks 'Logos Part 1' and 'Logos Part 2' from the original album have been joined on this release to create the single track 'Logos'. Release artwork information varies, with 'Tangerine Dream Live' on front cover & spine, 'Tangerine Dream Live ' on rear & CD silkscreen/5(50).
  5. Tangerine Dream’s ‘Logos Live’ remains a classic from a band who made a speciality out of live albums, capturing the high points from a stand-out concert. Quichotte marked the debut of a Author: Tim Peacock.
  6. Logos Live is the fourth live album and eighteenth overall by Tangerine Dream.[2] It is a live album from the concert at the Dominion Theatre in London, England. Much like Tangram with short movements connected by atmospheric segues, Logos captured a period of Tangerine Dream's evolution from.
  7. The opening track Logos really fit my purpose where at that time I need something foft as background and there are so many electronic instruments that Tangerine Dream plays in this live performance. I like the way how the keyboards and its devices create various sounds throughout the track/5.
  8. Logos Velvet This composition was initially released as third section of the track Logos, Part One on the album Logos newwave.zulkikreegavinrarathorgagra.infoinfo convenience of reference, this section is handled as individual composition, titled Logos Velvet, throughout this discography. There are several official versions of this composition.

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