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Nodding Donkey Blues - Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden : 2003 + Eddies Archive Box

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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. This is quite hard to find nowadays as it seems to be out of print, but if you ever manage to track a copy down, buy it pronto.

This is a veritable feast of live material and studio B-sides from the greatest heavy metal band ever, so what's not to like? There are three albums in this box set. Beast Over Hammersmith, a live recording from London's Hammersmith Odeon on the tour for Number Of The Beast, and Best Of The B Sides which collects the various odds and sods Maiden have put on the flipside of their singles over the years along with some unreleased material.

The main reason to get this box set is for Beast Over Hammersmith. Maiden have a well-deserved reputation as a great live band but even by their usual standard this show is off the scale.

Bruce Dickinson had only relatively recently joined the band and he absolutely gives it his all - this is perhaps the greatest performance he's ever put on tape. He sounds manic, almost possessed and hits some absolutely unearthly screams during the higher parts of the songs.

The rest of the band are no slouches either. The energy level is absolutely insane - I don't think I've heard many bands ever come close to this level of intensity in their live performances.

With a setlist solely from the first three albums, you can't go wrong here and many of the performances on this album are THE definitive versions of these songs [the rendition of "Killers" is particularly good, as is a version of "Transylvania" which is extended in length with some seriously jaw-dropping guitar improvisation].

Only "Hallowed Be Thy Name" is not up to scratch here - it's better than the timid studio version but it's still not developed into the rip-roaring live monster it would become in later years.

This is one of the best live documents ever released. The other two albums pale in comparison to Hammersmith, but they're mostly good fun. BBC Sessions does what it says on the tin. The Di'Anno line-up performances are interesting although not essential, but for any Maiden fan they're enjoyable.

The Reading set is another good performance but it's not quite up to the standard of Hammersmith. However the Donington recording is a let down. Maiden's live performances went downhill in the 80s in intensity [until Janick revitalised them when he joined the band].

The 7th Son tour was by Maiden standards almost pedestrian in energy and performance levels, especially when compared to the manic intensity of Hammersmith, although as the Maiden England release showed the band could still put on a good live show despite the drop-off. But the Donington show isn't good. It's an inexcusable low point. It was compeltly written by myself, so it is not copied from any site. Feel free to edit or add anything else that it's missing User: Coburnpharr Could this ever be a featured article?

An anonymous editor added a Dave Mac as a guitarist in Can anyone back up the anonymous editor, or should I just delete it? Blufive , 20 Feb UTC. Actually Deja Vu does have a solo in the intro. You're right! Neither do Running Free or Iron Maiden. It's a great photo but could it be placed somewhere other than right next to "The Decline" it doesn't seem right to have his picture near such words, despite the content.

It would be better placed next to "The Golden Years". Uploaded image below to use in its place, but I like the rewording that someone did today! Personally, while I love Fear of the Dark and all, I wouldn't consider Iron Maiden intellectual giants, and I'm not sure many other people do as well especially when compared to other bands like Faith no More and Tool.

Could this at least by given a reference? Where is the music referred to as intelligent metal? Within which publications? Often considered? By who exactly? What is intelligent metal actually? Is it considered a genre?

Yes, I agree with Demonslave. While Maiden's lyrics may not be as intelligent as lyrics of bands like Tool, for example, they do have some very intelligent lyrics.

Let's take Revelations, written by Bruce Dickinson. The lyrics are mindblowingly intelligent. This is part of an interview I found on maidenfans. Oh yes, absolutely. So the song is in three parts. The first one is made of the first verses from this hymn, and I chose it because there is something visionary in these verses.

They were written about a century ago Note: see text on the cover sleeve of Piece of Mind , and they describe exactly what's happening nowadays. A lot of money goes around in our society, and the more money you have, the more miserable you are, in fact. The last verse, "Take away our pride", is the centre of the whole mystical universe.

The main obstacle to communication and fulfilment is selfishness and a misplaced self-esteem, and these things divide the men. The next two verses are a reference to hindu philosophy. The second sentence in the second verse mentions the "secret of the hanged man". In popular hindu imagery, the hanged man signifies to "good luck". This is why the hanged man has a "smile on his lips", and this is basically the secret of the hanged man. Then, we get to the third verse. The most important sentence is"The venom that tears my spine".

Have you ever heard of the significance of the Hindu snake called "Kundalini" in the Yogi mythology? In Yoga, there's a snake called Kundalini who is supposed to live at the bottom of the spine of each individual. During orgasm or an intense meditation, a spiritual entity called "Samadhi" is created, symbolising the transcendental union with God. Then the Kundalini is freed and goes up the spine all the way to the brain, where it releases its venom.

The mixing of the venom with the brain substance create a union with God. Next verse, "The eyes of the Nile are opening", imply that a whole universe of possibilities is opening as soon as the venom is released inside of you.

Yes, absolutely. In the Bible, it's a representation of evil, whereas in Hindu philosophy, it's the symbol of creation and ecstasy. In the next verse, there's the expression "Serpent' Kiss", something Crowley discussed in length. Then, there's "The Eye of the Sun". The Sun is the symbol of the creator; it represents the male side of life. A bit further, there's the female side appearing in the term "Moonlight", where the Moon represents the woman.

The verse goes, "Moonlight catches silver tears I cry"; and everything's revealed, because silver is the colour of the Sun. So, you find here the universe, with the male entity and the female entity, both being inseparable. In fact, the universe, as seen in this philosophy, is dual, binary, and any notion only exists through its opposite. In other words, there isn't any manichean separation like in the Christian way of thinking, where good and evil are dissociated while trying to eliminate evil, only the Christian system of values is monolithic.

All the other great philosophies encompass this duality of notions, like the Ying and the Yang in China, or the Jewish Caballah. Well, you know, you have to be careful with all these notions because it's all very complicated. I suppose that you gather many documents long before you start writing lyrics like 'Revelations'? Don't you think that it's somehow a shame that the audience doesn't always understand what you're singing about, as the meaning is apparently only understood by very few?

No, I think that as long as there is some mental energy coming out, there's nothing to regret. Here, I'm explaining everything in detail, but if only a fraction of the lyrics stands out and touch some people, then I think I won't have wasted my time. You can't convince everyone because many notions that are not used are in fact unknown by the majority of people.

What's interesting with this song is that you can take only one verse and you can reconstruct a whole new text, make a brand-new song.

And he only discussed part of the song. User:Malmsteen Maiden. Whoever is adding the multiple links to maidenfans dot com, please stop. One link to the site is good enough. I'm sick of editing duplicate entries out every day now only to see them return. It's worse on the Bruce Dickinson page which I explained in the talk section where I had to do the same thing remove duplicate links where a user s were adding duplicate links to maidenfans dot com after I'd remove them over and over and now some user has been clearing the entire External Links section on the Bruce Dickinson page, which is very childish.

If the vandalism continues on the Bruce page, and if the constant edits to include the duplicate links continue here on the Iron Maiden band page I will consult an admin to ban these offending IP addresses. The abuse will stop now. The previously Featured Article for the Beatles has a separate page for the discography, I personally prefer this way of doing things, it'll clean up the main article, and on the discography page, singles etc could be included.

As I was working with the Norwegian version of the article mostly a translation, really , I think I discovered a few, potentially major, errors. According to the Iron Maiden FAQ which I sort of maintains, but haven't updated in years , there are some issues which we must resolve;.

Soundhouse Tapes wasn't recorded on New Year's Eve , but the day before, ie. December 30th. According to the FAQ:. In addition, Soundhouse Tapes was released on November 9th , and in 5, copies, not as stated in the Iron Maiden article. The band signed with EMI on October 24th , although the deal wasn't official until December 15th the same year;. I need to take a better look at this one and get back to you, but I'm not quite sure if the years are quite correct for all of them.

No wonder, though, as the article surely states "a ridiculous number of band members throughout the s". Hope you like it, needs work, please be bold and edit it with force! I removed the redudant references in the bibliography seeing as how they were 2nd and 3rd editions and two of them didn't have dates. If you think the most recent additions should be listed instead, feel free to go ahead and add those in. Just seemed silly to have 9 listed, but only 3 different books. I'm impressed by the work done with this article.

I've seen it grown over time, and it's worthy a place on the Wikipedia front page anytime soon. Keep up the good work everyone, and up the irons! Nicely done! This looks great. I use "Wrathchild" as my handle for video games and this article has made me want to go out a buy a couple more of their albums.

Al , August 31, UTC. The POV issues raised at Peer Review have now been heavily edited, references have been added, images are fine, ready for FA application methinks! Under "The Experimentation" it mentions the band using "keyboards" for a second time.

I didn't change the wording of this paragraph yet, but if there's no objections, I recommend we try to re-work that a bit. He did lead once, on a non-album track. I recommend we consider listing him as a back-up vocalist, or removing the vocalist wording all together.

It's sort of unclear in its current state. A rejuvenation that not only met with mixed results, but had the lowest ever selling points and chart positions? What kind of rejuvenation is that? I also see that these headings come from the Iron Maiden Commentary, so perhaps we should re-think some of them to better fit the content that is at Wikipedia. Also, the article makes it looks like "The Experimentation" started with Seventh Son, when it really started with Somewhere in Time.

The article talks about Piece of Mind, but doesn't say anything about Powerslave and Somewhere in Time, their two biggest albums at the height of their popularity. For Powerslave, it should say how it is Maiden's most ambitious and perhaps second greatest album, second to only The Number of the Beast. Each member was in top form and the high level of musicianship of this album was undeniable.

Many fans to this day consider it to be Maiden's best album ever, containing some of the best material they've ever written, especially the songs most consider to be the stand outs of the album, Aces High, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Powerslave, and Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It should include how Maiden embarked on one of the longest tours in world history, the legendary World Slavery tour, in promotion of the release of Powerslave.

Bruce Dickinson's voice was burnt out at the end of the The synths added texture to their sound, and gave the album a futuristic vibe, which fitted the theme of time. They recieved criticism for adding synths to their sound, after Bruce previously said Maiden would never use synths, and some people accused the album of sounding too poppish because of the synths.

But the album was still very successful and went on to become Maiden's highest selling album of the 80s, going double platinum in the United States.

It was yet another classic Maiden album, containing classic material, much of which was contributed by Adrian Smith. This is very relevant information to know about Maiden in the 80s and I feel it must be included in the article.

IainP: You made some good points there. This has to stay objective. One source that could be used is digitaldreamdoor's greatest metal albums list, which I happen to be the editor of. Ok, so the criteria may be a bit subjective, but still Please see Talk:Iron Maiden Vote and vote there. Featured Article Also on a better note, the band are on the Hall Of Fame, in America, where they have left their handprints in the pavements.

Prob worth adding to the article somehow? Why was the rest of my text about Ozzfest removed to focus on Iron Maiden's last performance at Ozzfest? Couldn't it have just been added? Sorry - just trying to keep it of similar length to what it was before, by all means add it back -- PopUpPirate , August 23, UTC. No problem, I was just wondering why. I have added most of the information back. Currently, there are two paragraphs about Ozzfest.

Feel free to change that, I thought it just made things a little clearer, but do what you will. Also, should we link to the official statements from Iron Maiden and Sharon Osbourne in regards to "the incident"?

A short sentence would be fine, so as not to dwell on current events too much - I had a go at adding them but the links seem to be live, ie, they will point to something else in a few days time?

I just was watching a recent episode of Headbanger's Ball on MTV2, and they had a roundtable discussion with a group of metalheads who all work at MTV to decide on a list of the top 10 metal bands.

Maiden came in at 4! This should get added at some point. There's something about it over at MTVnews I believe, but I don't have time right now to go investigate. So if anyone feels like it! I vaguely remember hearing something about them getting added to some hall of fame. Anyone know about this?

Added a bit, plus link. From "The Next Level" section: A group of Christian activists decided that the band's records along with those of Ozzy Osbourne should be destroyed - resulting in a mountain of vinyl records being burnt in a large fire. Pandemonium ensued when the activists were forced to flee the resultant fumes. It was then decided that smashing the records with hammers would be a better way to dispose of them.

FFS, do these people have nothing better to do Obviously they don't. Rainbow's Gold Written-By — K. That Girl Written-By — A. Juanita Written-By — D. The Sheriff Of Huddersfield. Black Bart Blues. Prowler ' Charlotte The Harlot ' Nodding Donkey Blues. Space Station No. Dan akhirnya IM pun mulai secara lebih serius menulis lagu dan merekamnya.

Demo ini direncanakan berisi 4 buah lagu, namun karena Steve kekurangan dana pada saat di produksi, hingga akhirnya demo ini pun terdiri hanya 3 lagu saja. Dan hasil demo ini pun sungguh sangat mengejutkan Steve, karena terjual hampir copy hanya dalam beberapa minggu saja. Sebuah angka yang fantastik untuk masa itu bagi sebuah band yang baru.

Dan sebuah lagu dari demo pertama band ini terpilih menjadi lagu nomor 1 pada sebuah charts yang di adakan oleh sebuah majalah bernama : Sounds. Memasuki tahun , dengan hasil dari demo yang mengejutkan tersebut, Steve menjadi lebih bersemangat. Namun Paul hanya bertahan selama 4 bulan saja di band ini, padahal band ini merencanakan akan mulai kembali ke studio.

Namun belum lagi IM mengunjungi studio, kembali IM harus kehilangan lagi gitarisnya. Paul Todd terpaksa keluar karena alasan masalah keluarga. Dengan formasi ini kemudian Steve dan kawan-kawannya mengadakan sebuah konser di sebuah tempat bernama Music Machine di London.

Dan juga 2 konser lagi di tempat yang berbeda di bulan Oktober dan November Namun tak lama kemudian, lagi dan lagi dan lagi Steve harus bersabar karena Tony pun akhirnya meninggalkan band ini. Kemudian di bulan Januari tahun yang baru, , sebuah berita mengejutkan terdengar oleh Steve dan anggota band lainnya, sang drummer, Doug Sampson menderita sakit, hingga Doug pun kemudian keluar dari band, karena Doug tidak sanggup untuk melakukan konser-konser selanjutnya.

Dengan berat hati Steve pun merelakan Doug pergi dari band ini. Sebuah single yang berisi 2 buah lagu. Label ini memang telah lama mengetahui tentang IM, baru setelah melihat bagaimana demo mereka di pasaran, baru sang label percaya dengan masa depan band ini. Dan kira-kira di akhir tahun lalu barulah label ini menjalin kerja sama dengan IM.

Segalanya mulai terasa berubah bagi band ini, para penggila musik rock maupun metal di Inggris mulai mengenal mereka, juga para media massa mulai membicarakan keberadaan mereka.

Kemudian mulailah IM menggelar konser-konser di beberapa tempat di berbagai kota seperti Edinburgh, Wakefield dan tentu saja juga London. Konser - konser di lakukan IM sekitar awal bulan Februari di tahun Dan kemudian mereka pun masuk studio. Memasuki bulan Maret , IM kembali tampil di 2 konser di Leicester dan London, sebagai band pembuka bagi sebuah master super master God yang juga berasal dari Inggris, yaitu Judas Priest.

Di konser tersebut, IM mulai mempromosikan album mereka yang akan di rilis di bulan depan, sedang Judas Priest sedang mempromosikan album mereka : Bristish Steel, yang di rilis melalui CBS Records. Tak lama setelah album di rilis, IM kembali melanjutkan turnya dengan Judas Priest, mereka mengadakan banyak konser di sekitar London dan juga mulai tampil di luar Inggris, yaitu ke sebuah konser di Belgia.

Sebuah single dengan 3 buah lagu termasuk 2 lagu konser. Dan sebuah konser juga di gelar dalam bulan Mei. Tur ini juga kemudian berlanjut di bulan berikutnya sampai di sekitar bulan Agustus Dalam tur tersebut, di beberapa konser, IM bersama dengan Judas Priest. Memasuki bulan September , IM juga tetap menggelar konser, namun kali ini tidak lagi bersama Judas Priest, tapi dengan sebuah band asal Amerika, yaitu : Kiss, yang sedang mempromosikan album mereka yang berjudul : Unmasked.

Dan konser sebagai band pembuka bagi Kiss ini berakhir di sekitar awal bulan Oktober Tak lama setelah konser selesai, kembali IM menghadapi sebuah masalah, kali ini datang dari sang gitaris, Dennis Stratton yang menyatakan mengundurkan diri dari band untuk bergabung dengan sebuah band baru yang lebih "lunak" di bandingkan IM.

Tak lama kemudian IM kembali memasuki studio untuk merekam lagu baru mereka. Dan selanjutnya tur panjang di gelar oleh IM, tur kali ini di beri nama sebagai Killers World Tour ' Konser pertama dari rangkaian tur panjang ini di mulai di sebuah kota di Inggris, Derby.

Tur di Inggris ini berjalan sampai kira-kira pada awal bulan Maret Tur di Eropa ini berakhir di sekitar awal bulan Mei Sebuah video berisi konser mereka ketika tampil di sebuah tempat bernama Rainbow Theater di London.

Dan tur pun berlanjut ketika memasuki bulan Mei, dan kali ini IM, mengunjungi Asia, yaitu tentu saja Jepang. Selesai dengan konser tersebut, IM melanjutkan turnya ke Amerika, yang di mulai di bulan Juni Dan tur di Amerika ini berjalan sampai sekitar awal bulan Agustus Dan tur pun tetap berlanjut, dan di pertengahan bulan Agustus, IM kembali berkunjung ke Eropa.

Jerman kembali di kunjungi oleh IM, juga Swedia dan Yugoslavia. Dan tur ke Eropa ini berakhir di sekitar awal bulan September Sebuah masalah yang sangat penting menyeruak dalam tubuh band ini, dan Steve merasa harus segera di selesaikan karena mereka harus mengikuti rencana konser selanjutnya.

Steve yang biasanya selalu bersabar akhirnya tidak tahan lagi dengan tingkah laku sang vokalis. Paul D yang sering mabuk minuman keras juga menggunakan obat terlarang, mulai menampakan tingkah laku yang cenderung memburuk dari hari-hari. Terutama di konser-konser mereka di Amerika yang baru lalu. Bahkan pernah pada suatu konser di tahun , Paul tidak dapat melaksanakan tugasnya karena mabuk berat, hingga pada konser tersebut Steve menggantikan posisi Paul dalam urusan vokal.

Karena hal tersebut Steve kemudian memutuskan untuk memecat Paul D. Sebuah keputusan yang sangat sulit di ambil, namun itulah jalan yang terbaik bagi band ini.

Dan akhirnya Paul D pun di keluarkan dari band ini. Dan mulailah Steve mencari pengganti Paul. Steve kemudian mengadakan audisi untuk mencari vokalis barunya, audisi di adakan juga di bulan yang sama. Yang telah bersama Samson di 2 album saja. Dan debut pertama Bruce D bernyanyi untuk band ini adalah ketika IM kembali menggelar konser di Eropa di bulan Februari, dan Bruce memulai debutnya di sebuah konser di Itali pada tanggal 25 Oktober Dalam konser-konser di Eropa tersebut, IM juga memperkenalkan lagu-lagu baru.

Tur Eropa ini berakhir di Inggris di bulan Desember Memasuki tahun yang baru , IM kembali ke studio untuk mereka lagu barunya. Dan tak lama setelah single tersebut di rilis, do bulan Maret, IM merilis sebuah baru. Sebuah album yang pertama bagi sang vokalis Bruce Dickinson, dan yang pasti album inilah yang menjadikan band ini menjadi "monster" di arena musik metal dunia. Berbagai tanggapan positif datang dari para fans juga media massa dan tentu juga dari para kritikus musik metal dunia.

Sebuah album yang mencapai posisi nomor 1 di Album Chart di Inggris. Dan tentu juga album ini masuk dalam 10 besar album paling top di seluruh dunia. Seperti biasa tur ini di mulai di Inggris di bulan Maret Dan kemudian di awal April, IM mengunjungi kembali Eropa. Dan dalam tur Eropa kali ini IM, ketika tampil di Belanda, band ini menjadi band pembuka bagi sebuah band asal Jerman yang bernama Scorpions, yang sedang dalam promosi album Blackout.

Gates of Tomorrow New Frontier Paschendale Face in the Sand Age of Innocence Intro The Wicker Man Ghost of the Navigator Brave New World Wrathchild Blood Brothers Sign of the Cross The Mercenary The Trooper CD 2 Dream of Mirrors The Clansman The Evil That Men Do Fear of the Dark The Number of the Beast Hallowed Be Thy Name Sanctuary

Best of the 'B' Sides is a compilation of B-sides by the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 4 November as part of the Eddie's Archive box set. Each track was remastered and the set came with a running commentary from Rod newwave.zulkikreegavinrarathorgagra.infoinfo: Heavy metal.

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oohani_s comments
  1. I've been an Iron Maiden fans for over twenty years and when I received Eddie's Archive's I was quite pleased. I am not a fan of boxed sets as I am the type who tends to take one or two listens to the music and then the box ends up in my collection to gather dust/5(44).
  2. Setiap box set berisikan 5 album IM, mulai dari album Iron Maiden sampai Powerslave untuk part 1 dan mulai dari album Live After Death sampai Fear Of The Dark untuk part 2. Dan masing-masing cd di beri sebuah cd bonus, hingga setiap box set berisi 10 keping.
  3. Discogrfia da Banda Iron Maiden The Soundhouse Tapes (Demo) () 01 - Iron Maiden 02 - Invasion 03 - Prowler Download Iron Maiden () 01 - Prowler 02 - Remember Tomorrow 03 - Running Free 04 - Phantom of The Opera 05 - Transylvania 06 - Strange World 07 - Sanctuary 08 - Charlotte The Harlot 09 - Iron Maiden Bonus CD: 01 - Burning Ambition 02 - Drifter (Live) 03 - I've Got The Fire.
  4. Dec 10,  · point is this was iron maidens glory years, maiden did not do a bad record from the soundhouse tapes 45 in through powerslave in , after that things got hit and miss and after all these decades im still a fan and i never miss a new maiden album so i have them all, i was very fond of the who cover of my generation and the ufo cover of /5().
  5. Iron Maiden were one of the most prominent bands in that well established movement, Ive sourced this information its not just opinion. If you are going to act with such an immense lack of etiquette, with immature statements such as "Amazing, you searched google for Iron Maiden and New Wave of British Heavy Metal. This is soooo exciting!
  6. Iron Maiden (BBC’s Friday Rock Show recording, was issued for the first time officially on CD in BBC Archives from the box set “Eddie’s Archive” – ) Running Free >>.

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