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Schematics For Gravity - Schematics For Gravity

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A slight progression and it soon becomes a nice trio of guitars, drums, and synth. Then about two minutes into it, vocals come in. Needless to say, The Art of Taming Waves is my favorite.

It has a slight technicality to it but not so much that it sounds dissonant. About a minute into it is a soothing interlude which prepares us for the rest of the song, which is a combined raw aggression layered on top of melody. Unlike the previous two tracks, we really seem to have a chance to take a breath between each lyrical passage and there are enough interludes to match up to the darker and angrier sections.

The final two minutes are a haunting and lingering ambience that makes for a perfect conclusion. Screamo with a sense of urgency that calls on big shoegazey guitar melodies to channel its chaos. Epic, expansive hard rock from Perihelion that pairs post-metal expansiveness with skyscraping vocal melodies.

Explore music. Dan Nicholson. Dan Nicholson Having heard "the absence of weight" I bought this and was not disappointed. Excellent Post-metal in the same ilk as Rosetta Favorite track: Chimera. Kevin Williams. Anne Williams. Verison 2 ran for 12 minutes and produced enough light to illuminate a book and some of the surroundings. Improvements over version 1 were:. Click here to see the details and videos for version 2. Both version 1 and version 2 used the same wooden frame designed for a 25 inch diameter bicycle wheel measured from rim to rim , though it can work with wheels with smaller diameter too.

The dimensions are given below. These are calculations done for the latest version of my gravity light, version 2 , to get some idea of the efficiency. Amount of falling water: I measured the voltage and current while the lights were lit. Current: 2. Comparing the two, 0. The following are the calculations I did to figure out if it would work given the things I had to work with.

I started with a generator, in this case actually a motor taken from a microwave oven. When you turn the shaft of a motor, the motor acts like a generator, producing electricity. I knew how fast I could turn it without damaging it and that it would be enough to light my LED. In the QND mode, coupling the detector's output to an audio amplifier and an oscilloscope gives impressive sound and sight effects.

Fluctuations generally reflect passing gravitational shadows. The author has taken much data of the sort to be discussed; let's examine a few samples of that data to indicate the kind of results you can expect, and ways of interpreting those results. Shown in Fig.

The pattern was followed for several weeks, moving four minutes earlier per day. That confirms the observation that the burst response of the detector was related to our location on earth with respect to the rest of the universe. The change of four minutes per day corresponds with the relative movements of the earth and the body that was casting the "shadow. The plot of Fig. You may find it interesting to consider that visual indications of those supernovas will not be seen for several thousand years!

As such, it might be "quite a while" before we get a visual confirmation of our suspected supernova! Last, Fig. Note that the gravitational shadow preceded the optical shadow by about eight minutes! That gives credence to our claim that gravitational effects propagate instantaneously.

Relatedly, but not shown here, a deep shadow is consistently detected whenever the center of the galaxy appears on the meridian degrees hinting of the existence of a "black hole" in that region. In this article we discussed the highlights of a new theory of the universe that predicts the existence of monopole gravity waves.

We then presented details of a circuit that can be used to detect monopole gravity waves. The author has monitored those signals for ten years so is confident that you will be able to duplicate those results.

Needless to say, the subject of gravity waves is a largely unexplored one, and there is much yet to be learned. Page 6 Perhaps this article will inspire you to contribute to that knowledge. In your experiments, you might consider trying the following: Operate several detector circuits at the same time and record the results.

Separate the detectors -- even by many miles --and record their outputs. In such experiments, the author found that the circuits' outputs were very similar. Those results would seem to count out local EMI or pure random noise as the cause of the circuit response. Misner, K.

Thorne, and J. Wheeler, published by W. Freeman and Co. Since the advent of sub-atomic physics and relativity, theories of the ether have fallen into disuse. Rhysmonic cosmology postulates the existence of rhysmons, which are the fundamental particles of nature, and which pervade the universe, as does the ether. Each rhysmon has the attributes of size, shape, position, and velocity; rhysmons are arranged in space in a matrix structure, the density of which varies according to position in the universe.

The matrix structure of rhysmons in free space gives rise to the fundamental units of length, time, velocity, mass, volume, density, and energy discovered by physicist Max Planck.

Fundamental postulates of the Rhysmonic Universe can be summarized as follows:. The matrix structure of rhysmons allows the instantaneous transmission of energy along a straight line, called an energy vector, from the point of origin to the edge of the universe, where it would be reflected according to laws similar those giverning spherical optics.

In Rhysmonic Cosmology, mass, inertia, and energy are treated as they are in classical mechanics. In a "dense" area of the universe, such as the core of a particle, a number of rhysmons are squeezed togther.

Anders Lundgren - Bass Martin Nilsson - Guitars Erik Silverberg - Vocals, guitars Hans Svensson - Drums Written, recorded and produced by Schematics for Gravity at Studio Saltgruvan /

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