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Shekinah - Active Meditation

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It is more emotional than intellectual, honors charismatic leaders more than rabbis, and emphasizes a joyful spirit and moral living. New Age religion has absorbed certain aspects of kabbalah and even produced its own versions of this form of Jewish mysticism.

Indeed, many forms of kabbalah exist today in the West. Other versions of new age kabbalah are controversial because of their syncretism incorporation of magic, tarot cards, aromatherapy, etc.

This union is symbolically expressed by Kabbalists in openly sexual images of a bride coming to her husband, to the chagrin of rationalist modern Jews and mystics interested in the formless, transpersonal Divine. After being covert for much of this century, known only to a few mystics and post-war Israeli scholars, Kabbalah in the last two decades has sprung forth from its hidden recesses through the increasingly public work of these mystics and scholars in conjunction with the curious diggings of Jewish Baby Boom seekers looking for a deeper connection to their tradition.

Today Kabbalah, ranging from a purely contemplative practice to a rather superstitious magic replete with amulets and omen-mongering , enjoys growing popularity among Jews of various camps, in Israel and the West. Many believers carry Kadouri amulets, key chains and blessing cards.

Just as in Christianity the return to a more mystical, meditative path has been in large part stimulated by Christians exploring Eastern spiritual paths, so also much not all of the impetus for interest in mystical Judaism has come from Jews who have explored—or seen many of their friends and family exploring—meditation-oriented traditions like Theravada, Zen and Vajrayana Buddhism, Hindu Vedanta and Muslim Sufism.

Through this organization Rav Zalman introduced numerous American Jews to meditation and has become a leading liberal prophet of the Jewish Renewal movement in America, having ordained scores of rabbis and influenced many others.

Gelberman, like Rav Zalman, has been quite active in the interfaith movement and in this way has helped fellow Jews to draw on the best of other traditions to enrich their own path of love for G-d. Significantly, disproportionate numbers of Jews are to be found leading and attending various American Buddhist and, to a lesser extent, American Vedanta and Sufi meditation circles.

Shekipedia F. We participated in many of the initiations through activating our Light Bodies and using the power of the Collective Christ Consciousness to be initiated. One of our destinies is to collectively ascend with this planet so we no longer need the physical body. So Devadatta proposed a new set of guidelines and because of his charisma persuaded monks to join his new group. When we support each other through the various trials and struggles we face, we bring some of the greatest powers of the universe to light.

He revealed how Devadatta had in a previous life been a wise Rishi, a seer, and the Buddha had been a King. The seer gave the teaching of the Lotus Blossom to that king and set him on the road to Buddhahood. When we see this and honor this and acknowledge it, we support the Light and the liberation of the Light in all beings. One of the simple manifestations in awakening is the creation of Great Gatherings, like the Essene Order, like the Djedhi, where as a group we become a vehicle for the awakening of the consciousness within us all of the birth of a divine Sun, the Christ consciousness, in our hearts.

One of the most fascinating experiences I have had over the years this lifetime on this planet is to see the extraordinary potential we have for the Shared Heart. To be able to call a star ship shows the potential of getting a strong enough signal from our planet to be heard — not through our current technology — which as this article from today shows is woefully short of what our star families work with as we know —. We are Divine Transmitters and Receivers and our powers of the Heart are far greater than any of us imagine.

The whole point behind the creation of the Essene Order, like the Djedhi, was to act as a vehicle for the birth of a divine son, and at the same time to awaken the consciousness within us all of the birth of a divine Sun, the Christ consciousness, in our hearts.

His birth like yours and mine, was known by his own star brethren in many corners of the universe. Yeshua was schooled by Essene Rabbis in the Torah and the Talmud until he was thirteen and then left Palestine to study the other mystery traditions.

The sounds are the full sequence of initiations into the Great Pyramid of Giza portal just as Yeshua and Mary experienced.

The Nazar Essenes who were with the Christ group in the Great Pyramid witnessed the initiations and brought together all those, whom like now, are present to create a round table, an open door, unity to bring through wisdom of the Archangels, the Bodhisattvas, the Elders, through this Mother Portal.

In their union, and ours, we unify the ideas of spirituality and move forward as one, dissolving all separation. Yogananda taught a series of Kriya Yoga meditations and exercises that make it possible to speed up the evolution of human consciousness.

He taught how to spiritualize your body, to perceive it as a reflection of Spirit and to think of yourself as the divine life energy that sustains your body, rather than as a mere physical vehicle. John, St. Paul, and other disciples. The life force, which is ordinarily absorbed in maintaining heart action, must be freed for higher activities by a method of calming and stilling the ceaseless demands of the breath.

The Dalai Lama, in his talk on the path to enlightenment Day 3, around 1 hour and 20 minutes on the method of tantra union. So if you wish to access a stargate, then you need to learn how to be still, to be focused and become one. When we were training to call star ships, 30 of us went on retreat for 2 weeks at a place called Bethells Beach in New Zealand.

We focused on communicating with star families and their craft and we did so with extraordinarily pure intent. Using the techniques of the sacred breath and breathing equivalent to Kriya Yoga, cycling the breath in the ida, the pingala, and the sushumna, for hours upon hours in silence and stillness.

Pray single-mindedly with faith and devotion to the enlightened form of the Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas and Divine Mothers within you.

Liberate from birth and death through mindful heartful practice, breathing, breathing, walking, walking. When you speak, speak with Presence and share your personal story of the Radiant Self by being a shining example of compassion and love to All. Make enlightened connections in this world and all worlds through the Divine Romance and the Secret Mantra.

We will become endowed with the noble enlightened qualities of the Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas and Divine Mothers.

Go beyond your self, go beyond what you know, go beyond the breath, empty yourself, bathe yourself in the miracle of the fire and bliss of Divine Love and the Secret Mantra and the Light within you. The Gods evoke the Devi, US public domain via Wikimedia.

This week has been an extraordinarily fulfilling week of unfolding compassion, windows into other realms, arising of the Light in the form of the Original Pure Primordial Mother and the gift of the wish-fulfilling jewel. It is by the blazing light of the Sun of Great Compassion from the Hand of the Father and the Heart of the Mother, without whom I do nothing, that All is accomplished around me.

The clearing of distorted vision, the realization of the ground, the path and the fruit of perfect enlightenment, All naturally occurs in the Heart of Our Mother.

Let us consider what is happening to us all gathered here, sharing as we do in a Divine Sangha or Community, opening Our Hearts to the Teaching of the One Shared Heart. Let us consider how we might explore the ground, the path, the fruit of this awareness and what this means in our path of pathlessness. We have been exploring for some time the Portals of Presence, those natural energy fields that exist in the realms of Pure Being, that we easily access when we use the Sacred Breath to be silent and still.

That way all that is left is presence and being, which is nameless, timeless and boundary-less. As we surrender and let go into Presence we lose all distinction between the outer world and the inner world. Read that again carefully…I am presence…yes you are that divine presence and you have simple access to this infinite field of information and energy and consciousness…the I AM presence, which is nameless, formless and timeless and holds the infinite potential of the stars and all universes because it is composed of the same One Light as the stars.

The Source, the Unmanifest, the Pure Light of Being, the God-Self, the Christ Consciousness is that Light and when you are still and silent and present you open yourself to this ever-present consciousness of being and allow the Light to enter. The Ground of being and pure consciousness, the ground where we and Guru Rinpoche and Guan Yin and Yeshua are inseparable, where the True Self is realized, because it is self-arisen wisdom, with no movement of thought.

Lotus oil painting on wood art work by Yasmine Bulbol. Deep magical souls who struggle with the delusions of this existence, who find the coarse energies of this planet difficult and discover that many souls incarnating here to find the Light pull them from their path of pathlessness because of ignorance.

There are some days they may fall into deep despair and loneliness. However there are many of us here who know deeply the path of the Lotus and can help nurture and water the Heart Flower for everyone. The Lotus in full flower allows us to be present with deep compassion for many others and hold their struggles in our heart as our own.

Then we can offer them a petal of the lotus to open their path to deep presence, the inner Guru. The Sacred Heart within us all is so very precious you see and so open and willing to embrace its true nature through taking time to be still and breathe. Within this space of presence inside you all thoughts and actions are purified and the path is free of struggle so that the fruits of the path are also present NOW like a lotus in full flower.

Fruits or signs of realization appear as we walk with more certainty on the path through our waking life, in meditation and in dreams. As I work more deeply, for example, with prayer, mantra and meditation, silence, stillness and presence, Signs of Arising such as deep unshakeable peace, windows into other worlds and Pure Realms, spontaneous healing, deep transference of joy and liberation to those who are suffering arise from the Mother of All and enlightenment occurs naturally.

Thankfully these extraordinary insights were left so clearly in the Great Books and Terma to guide us. It states so very clearly that the fruit of our path is the Light, that the fruit manifests within us as our Light Body and the way Home is simply to practice clear vision.

Clarity of vision in all sacred texts comes through silence, stillness, prayer and meditation, through calmness from mindfulness and heartfulness, since it is when we have peace within, that love and compassion for all things manifests and from that ground clear vision or clear insight comes.

In the ultimate expanse of pure being, which is self-arisen and comes from spontaneous presence, the primordial wisdom of self-awareness is clear and manifest NOW.

Try it, now, simply by bringing your attention and awareness to the breath. Many people ask me how to go about their day keeping their attention on the stillness within while being aware of the world without.

Imagine you are 8 years old, with all the delight and freshness of seeing this world anew. You have your whole life in front of you and you have just arrived in the room or place where you are now, reading this. Start to stretch time and space as you breathe in the heart of your inner child.

Look at your hands as they pick it up as if they are the petals of a lotus, new and flowering. Breathe in a new way, slowly, long deep breaths, breathing into your lower abdomen.

Look at your abdomen expanding and contracting slowly as if it is the first time you have seen it move like this. Become aware of the light and love that is flooding your body. Imagine the Light is moving through your body like a wave, entering you from the ocean of light that surrounds you, breathing it in, filling up your body, making it radiant, luminous and bright. This self-arisen primordial love, light and wisdom, which is the True Self, is the ground, path and fruit, and these three are not different in nature.

To know the Light of the blazing Sun of Great Compassion in every moment. All the great saints and sages, Masters, gurus and angels speak with the same One Heart. Obtain the empowerment of immortality through the sacred breath you breathe.

We will mingle indivisibly in the space, the Ocean of the Great Mother. We carry this sacred flame of enlightenment, the miracle of the inner fire of bliss, within us. This morning as I sat to meditate the Rainbow Light of Vajrasattva arose within me. What we share here together is designed by us as a practical treasure for us all to keep, because we have all done this before, many times, in many lives.

And if you read to the end I honor your patience with deep humility as wisdom is always from the Shared Heart and nothing is of my doing. Being open to All dimensions and realities, as you and I are, means touching so many experiences, some of them blissful and some of them challenging.

Sometimes we face great challenges such as a loss of love, doubting ourselves, depression, losing faith in our path, conflicts with others, loss of health, loss of our possessions, loss of loved ones, perceiving what is happening around us in the world as negative, being attacked and so on. Let us explore together how to embrace the Vajra or Diamond awareness as a simple path to embracing phenomena and events when they arise without identifying ourselves with them.

No matter what happens to us, we can smile in forgiveness, fill our minds with compassion, and our hearts with generosity, be courageous in any circumstance, have calm eyes full of love, even if no one knows of your smile, blossoming as a flower, knowing those who love you will see you while you travel through a thousand worlds of experience.

As physicists say when they enter the world of atomic particles, our conceptualized world is an illusion. Let us watch as objects arise within our consciousness and learn to transform and empty the mind which is Alchemy or Tantra in its essence, the Light of boundless Awareness.

If we look into their Hearts, which are just like ours, beyond the thin veil of the mind, we would love everyone totally just as we do ourselves. Diamond or Vajra awareness is this vision of boundless awareness that encompasses all things that is experienced during the practice of crossing over with spontaneous Presence. This is the principal method used on the path of Dzogchen, through which the rainbow light body is realised.

So let us look in continuing wisdom at how we can work together simply, in this pure pristine Diamond awareness. It took three days during which time I barely ate or drank and my mother had to come to the room she had set aside for me and force me to take sustenance and to sleep at appropriate times. I still remember the power of focus and intention that flowed through me.

It was like a diamond, sharp, precise, definite. When I finished the mural was like a masterpiece to me, filled with the love and devotion of a small boy. We all have experiences of truly being in the moment with people, other beings or an activity, being totally One with the world, with love, with the passion of the event.

Reading a book or watching a movie, making music or art, meditating or hiking, eating out or making love. Before you start reading for example, pause for about 3 seconds, be conscious and present and experiment.

Over the next three days record what happens deep inside you for the same activity. Be aware and fully present in those moments and see if you notice anything different about what happens to you by being fully aware and truly conscious of the flow of energy within you. So every time you sit to go on Facebook gather the community of Light Beings, the deities, your Masters and beings from all worlds, gather them consciously before you begin. When you are on the internet and you are about to connect with someone on Facebook, before you connect try bringing to mind for 3 seconds their true name.

Honor it, be grateful for the connection across time, and then connect. My own name then was a secret, a spell, a nectar of immortality and has remained that way ever since. For the few that knew it, it was a portal to the Light as it was for me. Dharmata means the intrinsic nature of everything, the naked unconditioned truth or Night Turning Into Day, the clarity of the empty sky before dawn, a process that is described in both the Tibetan and Egyptian Book of the Dead.

It is a transition experienced in the process of death and it is also a process that can be practiced and experienced as I have discovered, in life.

The flowing vibrant world of sound light and color opens fully to your awareness. Clear radiant and unlimited. Beginning mastery of this practice means experimenting with the perceptions of colors that arise in the mind as elements and stabilizing them. You could find that the violet flame arises and work with stabilizing that color throughout your practice. For myself I have worked deeply with the element of space as blue light and I work with daily in meditation as it arises by going into the experience of the Blue Pearl as gifted to me by Mother Guan Yin.

As always these radiant manifestations of light have no separate existence from the nature of mind. If you do not work to stabilize this, in the bardo of dharmata it will simply flash by you like a bolt of lightning. In my experience when they arise it is blinding and dazzling and humbling, unfolding a vision that can be quite overwhelming. Beginning mastery of this practice means experimenting with the perceptions of deities that arise in the mind as elements and stabilizing them.

You could find that Yeshua or Thoth or Mary Magdalene or Hathor arises and work with stabilizing their heart qualities throughout your practice. The all-accomplishing wisdom is perfected at the time of enlightenment, when we become the Christ and the Buddha, the Divine Mother of All.

Beginning mastery of this practice means experimenting with the beauty of wisdom and compassion that arises in the form of interactions with every living being on this beautiful planet and how we deal with the thoughts and emotions that arise in the mind and work to stabilize them.

Every possibility we have encountered, every wisdom and liberation, confusion and rebirth over countless lives is seen and comprehended. All past and future lives, knowledge of all realms of existence, all teachings awaken within you. And we have an opportunity to do this, every day, in the simplest of ways, when we encounter another being who may not do things the way we hope or may even act unkindly, we can see their pasts and their futures and understand that all these experiences taking place are the natural radiance of Our Shared Heart and Mind.

This Portal of Spontaneous Presence of Radiant Light as many of us have seen in a near death presence or in deep rituals of alchemy or tantra such as the Kalachakra are the revealing of our own One True Self as Eckhart Tolle experienced. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead or Emerging Forth Into the Light or Coming Forth Into Day Mystical Spell 17 and the Chapters on Transformation describe the methods of transforming oneself into the various deities such as Ptah and Thoth, Hathor and Sekhmet, just as in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and all beings, including the divine hawk and the benu bird, and the divine lotus as well as describing the luminous landscape, wisdom and spontaneous presence.

I have made my way, and I seek after him, that is to say, Horus. I am the pure lotus that cometh forth from the field [of Ra]. The process and the wisdom and method of Tantra in the East and Alchemy in the West follows the same paths. When I did the Kalachakra Tantra, I discovered that the practice of the pure light of being also follows a similar path. I was drawn into the mouth of Metatron, passed through his body and into the womb of Guan Yin and melted into a drop that dissolved into emptiness.

Light from the Heart of Metatron drew in all male and female Christs, Krishnas, Buddhas and Divine Mothers from all directions, all bodhisattvas, archangels and elders. The Buddhas and Christs entered into absorption with their respective divine consorts, melting into ambrosia light that entered Metatron through the crown. This ambrosia light passes through His body and emerged into the womb of the consort Guan Yin, anointing me, and as I emerged from the womb I was struck senseless and mindless by the pure indescribable Light of Being.

I remained in that state for three days, dying to every moment, in a state of indescribable bliss. This same New Self, the True Self or Diamond or Vajra awareness is experienced by Padmasambhava as the natural liberation of mindfulness from the straight central channel also described in Kriya by Babaji and Yogananda. At the lower end below the navel is a white radiant luminous Light which is the pure nature of awareness. In the space above your head imagine your spiritual mentor, whoever that may be, Yeshua or Guan Yin or another.

When it reaches the embrace of your spiritual mentor imagine it descending down again until it comes to rest at the base of the spine using the sound EEE. These experiences I describe above are what I personally have explored with different masters and is the consciousness of someone who is a diamond cutting through illusion. Pray single-mindedly with faith and devotion to the enlightened form of the Christs and Buddhas within you.

Go beyond your self, go beyond what you know, go beyond the breath, empty yourself, bathe yourself in the miracle of the fire and bliss of Divine Love and Light. A bodhisattva statue in Shangri-La Songzanlin Monastery. Getty Images. When you read, please interpret with your own eyes and ears so that it makes sense to you and uplifts the wisdom in your own path into the Light and Love we all share in the One Heart.

Many people ask me, how is it you see these visions or why do these ascended masters visit you or how can you call star ships from other worlds or converse with dolphins, manifest pearls from the Heart of Guan Yin, see the future, know past lives, heal people or dream things into being?

Buddha Guanyin by Kwanyinbuddha DeviantArt. So when I share, let your own ears listen and take what will benefit your own prayer most so that the Lord might hear us all more clearly. One of the reasons Our Divine Father and Mother may wish me to receive these messages is simply because the path of Christ, Krishna, Buddha and Divine Mother I follow has its source in Babaji and His sister Mataji through Krishna who are also mahasiddhas revered in Tibetan Buddhism as well as Hinduism.

Kriya Yoga that Babaji and Yogananda brought to the West that I was trained in is one of the three classes of Tantra taught in the Dzogchen and Nyingma traditions that I was also trained in.

The Dalai Lama is also a teacher of these traditions. The other Masters I have received visions through are also part of these traditions and it is a great honor to receive Rainbow Visions at any time in my life from them.

These visions in turn were gifts from Princess Mandarava, Pandaravasini, the divine consort of Amitabha, whose terma I have been absorbing and has left me in tears this week. It is Her Light that is activated in my Heart and that radiates through the power of these Masters. In the moments of vision I am like the sky, empty, silent and boundless. Additionally Jamyang Khyentse instructed me in my previous life as a monk at Samye Monastery before I passed away in during the Chinese occupation.

So it is only natural that He would reach out to me here. I was initiated many years ago into Dzogchen and Nyingma by Sogyal Rinpoche who was recognized by Jamyang Khyentse as a Terton discoverer of Terma or hidden teachings and the connection to me is therefore very obvious. Many Tertons use Twilight Language a Light Language which is incomprehensible to anyone not destined to receive the hidden Alchemy or Tantra teachings to transmit the secrets through symbols codes and sounds.

Many of you already know how to use and receive these transmissions. Princess Mandarava like Christ, Buddha and Krishna performed many miracles and left a record of her struggles and triumphs as an authentic historical Buddhist Master. In the limitless expanse of space, loving kindness is expressed for all beings in all dimensions and on all worlds who have been our parents. We know how to stop, and listen deeply to our own hearts, so that we can eliminate at the root any negative thoughts and feelings so that they do not latch on to our physical body.

Our inner guru, awake in the crown of our head and in our heart, enables us to receive sacred breath, secret, wisdom and absolute empowerments. In the channels and winds of the gross and subtle bodies we draw vital energies into the central energy channel through the sacred breath. The primordial wisdom fire blazes with clarity burning and merging chakras and elements into One. The eclipse yielded two interesting insights for me One was a physical experience, the other a visionary dream experience.

They are merely signs on our path, no more or less important than that. The physical one was at the doctors. In Japan everybody connected with a company has to have a physical once a year. I have been to the same clinic many times so it is traditionally very consistent and routine. This time was a little different. Not from any pad or part of my body.

Yes that fits I said and laughed. The pads stick straight away and they got a perfect reading. Wow they said the reading is so smooth like an ocean wave. I will forever be called Dolphin Skin from now on. They said I was definitely the strangest person that visited their clinic and my wife said she is sure I am an alien.

And as you all know one of my lives on Daenkus in the Pleiades was as a dolphin Light form. As I fell asleep the most remarkable Pure Land vision arose in my dream. Bamboo grows from a pure source and shows little progress for five years and then suddenly sprouts and grows like wildfire everywhere. So if you are feeling either that very little is happening OR that too much is happening too quickly take the wisdom of the Bamboo Palace and know that all the foundations and pure Intentions you are laying are growing and preparations are being made by your soul to reveal all you need for liberation into your Christ and Buddha Heart right now.

Do not be fooled by appearances. The power of Your Sacred Heart knows the perfect timing for everything. Trust your Heart. You are the Light. I had a very interesting sign today. I had 10 clear dreams as you know ranging from past lives to present and then future.

In the past life I was helping 5 people escape from soldiers some centuries ago. In the present I composed an entire piece of music and remembered it when I woke up.

In the future in this life I was managing a TV channel dedicated to healing the planet through wellbeing and music. When I got to the meeting this morning a painting arrived for me. There is no message and no sender. It was like when I was living in India and Lord Krishna appeared in the form of a female sannyasi wandering monk and gave me a Hindu painting of Saraswati with a sitar and peacocks.

White Tara in this form means compassion, healing, longevity and serenity and a wish fulfilling wheel or Cintachakra.

When I got home after the meeting, Sumire, Maia and I went to our local temple which has a shrine to Saraswati on the island in the middle of the lake. We went there to give thanks and express our gratitude.

I sat down to meditate on a rock which you can see in the video and I was immediately struck by a flash of light in the same manner as when I had the experience of the clear light of being when doing the Kalachakra with the Dalai Lama through Metatron and Guan Yin. I explained that to Sumire and Maia immediately climbed on my lap which is the start of the video Sumire took that you can see below.

I came home and recorded that so you can hear it. You may be interested to know that Darbha is a sacred material in Vedic scriptures which purifies offerings during rituals, and at the time of an eclipse was the sacred material used to protect food during an eclipse.

During an eclipse the wavelength and intensity of light radiation available on earth is altered. Blue and ultraviolet radiation, known for naturally disinfecting food, are not available in sufficient quantities during an eclipse.

Uncontrolled growth of microorganisms during an eclipse would make food products unsuitable for consumption. Scientists say Darbha has the power of blue and ultraviolet radiation and so is used as a natural disinfectant on occasions of the eclipse.

It amplifies spiritual energies and helps to connect with higher spiritual realms. I will tell you how strange it is. My meeting was in an office building.

There is no Tibetan art. Only the people there knew I would be there today. None of them sent it. It is a beautiful piece of art, not something you would happen across just by chance. The Buddha Vairochana statue Exotic India. Serenity is a new music video from Stephen Skelton. Stephen Skelton is a New Zealand singer-songwriter, based in Japan. I am very tired, as Sumire and I have been up most of the night with Maia so we have had little sleep and we are all out of synch.

This is all part of my sadhana, my practice, like a retreat. Children are great for retreats. They put you all out of rhythm and challenge your patience and your desires and fill you with the most enormous love imaginable.

When I sit, as in a formal sitting, like my own personal workshop, I need at least one hour of uninterrupted time. This is rare with a child. This morning I was immensely lucky.

We were up until 2am and I woke at 7am so I know Sumire and Maia will be asleep until at least 8am. I sit and do my various practices, prayers for all, chants for liberation, kriya practices, kalachakra practices, Mahamudra practices, in all they take about half an hour, after doing half an hour of yoga and energization exercises so I suppose that is about an hour already in total lol.

Many experiences arise in these spaces and I sit for a while afterwards in silence and stillness and commune with the Absolute. This is very profound when it happens. I know it is the Pure Lands by the golden waves that flow through me, waves that I have experienced before, once with Sumire in New Zealand while crossing a farm gate, a phenomena we both experienced simultaneously and were speaking about last night. These visions came out of emptiness and are no less or more important than the experience of a crowded thoroughfare so I do not focus on them but let them pass like autumn leaves on a slow moving river.

That is when the Light comes. It is, as I have experienced before, a shaft of Light coming from a particular direction, above and beyond and to my right and strikes me with a force that sends great joy through my being. I am engulfed in waves of laughter that threaten to expel me out of the body and into another space so I go with it until it subsides. I have experienced these waves before with Tareth when the oil manifested in my palms. Perhaps that is the overriding knowing, the power of being, that the Light is always here when we know how to look for it.

At various points I am launched, beyond my control, into spaces and dimensions that are unrecognizable and bear no resemblance to anything here on earth. One that really stuck out in my consciousness is a parabolic world where we play and love on curved surfaces with a kind of bubble light.

I can see it but it is so hard to describe because no acceptable parallel is here to refer you to. The mind picks up information from the collective field and communicates it to the brain which processes it extremely fast, filtering through your perception, your perspective, your emotions, beliefs and limited patterns. The information the brain receives from the mind will follow the path of least resistance.

The brain will filter and process the information according to what you have learned or been programmed to believe to be true. The divine mind could be showing the brain a vast piece of data, however if the brain cannot process that data because of some limitation, it will only process what it has been programmed to believe.

We are inviting you to begin to investigate and question your beliefs about reality. Imagine for a moment you are viewing your reality through a small window created by your cupped hands in front of your eyes.

This is what you see, and what your brain understands to be reality. Now remove your hands and the vista before you expands in all directions. This is the unlimited connected vista that your divine mind sees. Practice allowing yourself to expand into these unlimited possibilities.

One of the most powerful methods is to bring your attention to the moment, bring your awareness to the now. The programs in the brain will serve up old memories, or even fears of the future.

When you practice being present in the moment of now, you are allowing your divine mind to engage fully with this expanded field of collective consciousness. You are engaged with the energy that is flowing in the moment. You are open to the interaction of the energies surrounding you and all that the quantum field has to offer. When you are aware of the unlimited power of your divine mind and its connection with the quantum field, as well as its partnership with the brain, there is a unity.

The divine mind and the physical brain are separate, yet they are unified. It is from this unified partnership that you begin to process a more expanded sense of self.

You become aware of the synchronicities unfolding in the activities of your life. You become aware of the quantum entanglement that exists between all living things. You begin to recognize your connection to, as well as your impact on, the expanded collective field in which you are living. You begin to see and sense energy vibrations in a totally new and whole way. You begin to own your personal power to create from an unlimited place of your divine mind.

You begin to feel or sense this energy or force that surrounds you. This field, this energetic entanglement truly is created by all living things.

You begin to work with this force or this energy. You begin to understand that this force is your connection to oneness with all. Once you are aware that the connection has been made, you can begin to work more consciously with this energy. You are invited to train your divine mind and your brain to work in harmony with what you intend to create, to manifest or to call forth.

You can begin to bend reality. When you are present in the moment of now, feeling or reading the energy field or the force as a neutral observer or fair witness, your divine mind gives your brain clear directions and clear guidance. Your actions are in the present, moving in the most harmonious manner to reach your total well being and synergy. You are seeing or sensing the bigger picture that is unfolding and making choices that can or will change the outcome of an event.

The only way a sensitive or empathic being can help or assist another person is from a place of balance. This neutral centered awareness will give you clarity for the most appropriate action in the moment. Once you see that time, space and distance are merely illusions and a part of the limited beliefs of this 3D reality, you will be able to transform energy as the true alchemist that you are and you will have a greater influence on the world around you.

You are luminous divine beings; begin to feel the energy or forces around you. It is from this place that you have the most impact in your world. Feel us as well as other luminous divine beings surrounding you. We are ever ready to assist and support.

This morning I saw a nexus or knot in consciousness that was so basic and yet so decisive in determining my mood that I stayed with it, observing it, for quite a while.

Love wants to flow and connect, be accepted and returned. By the same token, when I feel love arise within me and I myself smother it out of grumpiness and unfriendliness, I feel depressed and miserable as well. Initially I see a grumpy young boy, who had withdrawn from family fun and preferred to be off by himself. That worked for many, many years and it went unchallenged. I was regarded as studious, inward-turned, preferring quiet and solitude, etc.

But now that I feel and express love, the inner conflict has heated up. Michael discussed in how our gradual Ascension with its heart openings and expansion of beingness can bring up crippling feelings:. Archangel Michael: Does Ascension mean that you are in the love? But does it bring up close and personal this clarity of what is not right, what we have called distraction or aberration?

It most certainly does because there is no room for it. But it is so extreme [in your case], that it immediately, without reservation or being sidetracked, has to be dealt with, cleared, healed, mended, tended, released back to the Mother, back to me … because you cannot carry this; it is already laying you flat. Surrender it to me. It is the healing of the wounds of war and the wounds of war, dearest, are the wounds of the human experience.

And it is not just the old Third. It is the superconsciousness that you are entering into and the level of awareness of what grief and sorrow really feel like. Then it becomes so unacceptable, so personal that it cannot be permitted. The fact that love wants to pour from my heart and is prevented by habitual grumpiness is probably what has overcome the former generous outpouring of love.

It may be behind my heart closing somewhat — not completely because love still flows until prevented. Michael explained:. So it is partially open. And I find it almost impossible to allow love room to move and flow outwards.

At last, I now see the two sides of this everyday, continuous inner conflict between love and grumpiness. This conversation took place eleven days after the heart opening. On another occasion, he said:. Hollywood: Vedanta Press, ; c, This neither happens in sixth-chakra Cosmic Consciousness or in seventh-chakra Brahmajnana or God-Realization; only with leaving the Third-Dimension altogether in Sahaja a permanent and full heart opening are the vasanas finally and fully destroyed.

One may have worked them out in a previous existence leaving a little to be done in the present life, but in any case they must first be destroyed. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, , Only after the samskaras have been destroyed [in Sahaja] can one attain salvation [liberation, mukti, moksha]. Downloaded 10 September , n. The upper figure, the sphere of light called the I AM Presence, is the spirit of God individualized for each of us.

Our I AM Presence is surrounded by seven concentric spheres which comprise the causal body. This pulsating spiritual energy contains the record of all our good works, we can think of it as our cosmic bank account. Between the upper sphere of light and the soul evolving represented by the lower figure of the heart is the Higher Self, also known as the Higher Mental Body, and the Real Self.

Our souls are mortal but can become immortal as the soul bonds to the Higher Self. Depending on our spiritual tradition, we can think of the Higher Self as our guardian angel, our inner guru, the voice of conscience—our dear friend.

The violet flame is depicted in the Chart of the Presence around the lower figure. The violet flame is a high-frequency energy of transmutation. Around the violet flame is the protective white light of God known as the tube of light. When we apply the science of the spoken Word, we can call forth the tube of light for the sealing of our aura from negative energies.

The thread of white light descending from the I AM Presence through the Higher Self to the lower figure in the Chart is the crystal cord which ties us to Spirit. God has given us a spark of Himself. Exaltation Painting by Freydoon Rassouli. Below is an edited version of the same channel designed for print. I hope you enjoy them. Steve Rother. It is an interesting story that you might relate to. Alicia had a wonderful set of parents that she chose.

Having made her contracts from the other side of the veil, she decided to come in and play this game of pretending to be human. As she came in, she was naturally divided into 11 different aspects. In the aspect we will focus on, she had some very magnificent parents that she absolutely adored.

Alicia grew up believing everything that they said. Alicia, you are beautiful. Alicia, you are magical. Alicia, you can be anything that you want and she grew up believing that. It was not long before Alicia started going to school and interacting with other children.

The first several years at school were good ones. However, in her third year there Alicia realized she had a different body type than most of her classmates. Alicia was a bit heavier, because she carried more of her energy in her physical body. Alicia, you are wonderful! Her early teen years were the worst.

Alicia looked at all the other people that she went to school with and realized that she was different. Some of her classmates were particularly cruel, calling her names and isolating her from social activities.

Alicia was not considered a popular girl. To make matters worse some of those kids at school started to pick on her, which you today call bullying. It is so magical for us to see that those words and concepts of bullying are coming up all the time on Earth now. Humanity is now reevaluating harming actions that were once considered to be normal. Alicia retreated deep inside as a result of her bullying. Due to her energetic wiring she put on even more weight as she tried to deal with life.

She retreated and held her energy tightly around her body and she knew that what her mother and father were telling her was not true. Alicia could live in that world when she was Home, but when she was in the outside world, it was quite a different story. She was not able to see her beauty. She was not able to be that person that her mother told her that she could be at any point and her father was always telling her, Alicia, you can do anything.

She did not feel that way and withdrew further into her safe shell. One day her father found Alicia hiding in her room. He knew she was beyond the normal pep talk he gave her and they had a good talk. He would say, but you do. Can you teach me? They see things differently. What you would today even call it clinical depression, very challenging for Alicia. She thought she was horrible. It is like putting on a set of gray glasses and everything that you look at becomes gray.

She used to enjoy music. She loved math and going to school. There were times when she thought about leaving the game and taking her own life. Over time, she was able to isolate herself and protect herself from those negative energies. But there was one person, a year older than Alicia, who was considered the most beautiful girl in the school. Her name was Juliann. In high school, everyone looked up to Juliann because she was so incredibly photogenic and beautiful. Even as they graduated high school, she was the one that dominated the high school yearbook.

Her picture was everywhere because she was involved in quite a few activities and was very popular. She would always tell Alicia that there was something wrong with her. Alicia dreamed of the day that she would come up to this girl and be able to say something to her that would make things right, that would make Juliann understand. She never did, and even after leaving high school, going on through college, Alicia learned how to stay out of the limelight, how to retreat, how to pull completely in.

The image of Juliann haunted Alicia as she grew older. Throughout college, Alicia learned how to be a part of things but mostly keep to herself. She made a few friends in college which helped quite a bit.

Here, she gained a little bit of confidence. At this time Alicia was looking for what she was going to do in the world. She had many possibilities with her skills in math but they all seemed dull and not exciting. She was the same age as Alicia in her early thirties.

Your life should be easy and not hard. It was very much like her mother. No matter what I do. She is also having great difficulties with math. Would you talk to her Alicia? Would you help her with math? It gave both girls strength and confidence.

It was fascinating how it worked. Alicia felt empowered for one of the first times in her life, not because of something she did for herself, but because of the energy she was able to give to this young seven-year-old girl. Alicia became aware that if she had not gone through the challenges that she had she would not have been able to help this young lady. She was very proud of that.

She went back to college to get her degree in psychology and she took a job as a high school counselor and math tutor. She became engaged in her work and even volunteered some of her time.

But before long the administrators in the school system started seeing how powerful she was and how she could change lives very quickly. They made a special position for her to move around to the different schools with her work especially with girls who needed confidence with body image.

Alicia became very good at seeing the signs of young children retreating like she did and it was not long before she wrote a book on it. She called it Reflections in the Mirror. Alicia drew on her own experiences growing up and especially with Juliann although she changed her name in the book.

At a very early age of 42 Alicia fell ill with a terminal disease. After going through her stages of grief, Alicia accepted that it was time for her to go Home. Even though she was very young, in some ways, she had completed something very important and deep within her spirit she was all right with it.

Alicia did not have to wait long and in less than a year Alicia passed on. As she died, something happened. Over here you might be economically impoverished and over here you might have an abundance of money.

You have all these different experiences. But as soon as you die, all of those come back together in one spirit. They all come back together into the core personality. Alicia was able to see happen as she left her body. As this took place Alicia saw something that took her attention. One of her own aspects was a person who looked and acted very similar to her nemesis in high school, Juliann. As the aspects came back together she understood for the first time who that person was and why they did what they did.

Alicia was able to let go of all of it at that point because she knew she had these experiences and none of them were right or wrong. She was part of it all, and even this person that she could not stand.

Even this person she had to get away from. She even realized that that was probably one of the reasons that she had this contract with Juliann in the first place. So as Alicia returned Home, she was greeted by her father who had passed on several years before. He was one of the people that quietly encouraged her every chance he could and told her how incredibly beautiful she was.

When he met her, he welcomed her Home and let her know that all of it was all right. No matter what dimension of time and space she was in, no matter what experience she had, she was the bully or the person being bullied. Whether she was the perfect person or the person who thought that they were totally imperfect, all of them were part of the same spirit. All were reflections of the same light. Alicia learned a beautiful lesson. All of it is light. Find the light wherever you look and you will be Home.

Whatever it is that you fear in your life, you very well may be part of that in another aspect of yourself. With the greatest of honor that I greet you and ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and play this game well together. I am Merlia. Come up and see me sometime. I am eM. I wish to add to the previous message that was brought in by an Merlia. If you can grasp the understanding of who you are in all dimensions of time and space, you will understand your perfection as a soul.

No, you cannot look in the mirror and see your perfection. No, you cannot even take an inventory of all your good and bad pieces and come up with your perfection because you are pretending to be a human.

The important piece to know is that as you are now in the fifth dimension as a collective and humans are starting to acclimate. It is entirely possible to start dissolving those walls and claiming your perfection in all dimensions of time and space even as you stand right now. When you die and you leave your physical body, your perfection comes back together. You knew someone to be angry.

You knew someone to have these challenges and prejudices. So what would it take to start seeing that perfection in everybody? If you cannot see it in yourself can you see it in others? As you look at every single person and all of their imperfections, forms of beauty and pieces of that may be hiding in other dimensions of time and space.

When you start seeing the perfection all around you will see even the imperfection can be something beautiful and not something wrong. Yes, humans still see the three dimensional realities and bring the old rules back as it is natural to resist change. Humans look at things as good and bad and up and down and right and wrong and right now, that is causing huge separations on your planet. What would it take to bring that back together?

What would it take to bring your energy back together? All of you as a balanced entity, I do not carry male or female. I carry both and I rely on both because both have incredible empowerment. Both have incredible attributes that the other cannot completely carry. So what if more and more people start to do that? You know that you are perfect somewhere deep in your soul.

You knew this as children. You had to learn that you were imperfect. What a frustrating experience. How about losing that now? That is what we will challenge all of you to do during these next months.

Find ways of finding the perfection in everything, even your enemies. If you have them, even those people you totally disagree with. Find one little piece of that perfection, one little piece of that white light that you brought from Home and that will set it into motion very quickly.

Know that your world is changing very rapidly. It is the change and the rapid change of that that is causing humans to be separate, causing humans to be angry, frustrated, feeling like they have no power.

You can anchor this in the love that you carry deep within you, each and every one of you, and we welcome you to play the game of pretending to be human and turning it into love instead of fear. Treat each other with respect dear ones and nurture one another. Play this game well together. You are all part of each other. Enjoy the ride. Also, having some other body of literature to compare ours to throws our own into relief. We see things about it that we might not have seen otherwise. Our tendency in the West might be not to use it because … well, you know.

Another approach might be to … just what I said … find the equivalencies and then scholarship, instead of going on in two solitudes, can draw from the one to explain the other. It becomes a dance and a symphony. Its tolerance allows it to hold any number of seemingly incompatible points of view in one broad religion. It has something for everybody, while at the same time acting out themes in myth and storytelling which reflect deep spiritual truths.

John of the Cross, John Ruusbroec, etc. John of the Cross. Jesus says the truth in the pithiest of ways and Hindus then unfold their meaning — for me. The following summation of the purpose of life, etc. My understanding from that vision and from all the books on the subject I read thereafter is that God, who fills up everything, wanted to know itself.

And so God created a dream world. Neither Father nor Mother has gender. The Mother is the only Being we can know. The Father is unknowable. So really all our dealings are usually with her. The Mother creates, preserves, and destroys. Well, God wanted to know itself, as we said. And if you think about it, God is silence, stillness, etc. How is such a Being to know itself?

No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Home Categories Health Alternative Health. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Author Info Updated: October 7, Learn more Start to breathe deeply through your nose. Inhale and exhale slowly, filling up your lungs.

Get used to this deep breathing style before starting your meditation, as it will be necessary throughout. Stand up on a comfortable surface. Make sure you have plenty of room to move about chaotically, for at least an hour. Breathe quickly and very deeply through your nose for 10 minutes.

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  1. yogic life and to journey deeper in active meditation, working with love in the space, helping to create a spiritual atmosphere in and around the centre for the benefit of all who visit. Simple as it is, this program often has a profound effect on participants who leave.
  2. Jul 20,  · 30 posts published by Shekinah El Daoud during July Humanity is experiencing the final critical stages of preparation prior to the activation of the pre-encoded consciousness codes within the DNA of the Millennials and the newwave.zulkikreegavinrarathorgagra.infoinfo activation will take place August , , as the threefold Eclipse Series we are in the midst of is brought to fruition.
  3. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Active Meditation - Shekinah on AllMusic.
  4. Oct 17,  · 3 Hour Piano Instrumental Music for Prayer, Meditation, Stress Relief, Worship, Study, Rest, Background Music, reflection & Relaxation. May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding guard.
  5. Shekinah - Listen to Shekinah on Deezer. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends.
  6. Using the Shekinah approach of weaving the Gospel message through fun, creative, reflective days has engaged students very well. This is not just my observation - it has been borne out in written evaluations by students at each day’s end. It was while on the Shekinah course that I was introduced to meditation with young people.
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  8. Dec 29,  · Clear Negative & Bad Energy From House, and Even Yourself | Hz Tibetan Singing Bowl Music - Duration: Meditative Mind Recommended for you.
  9. An Overview of Shekina Meditation. Shekina is an ancient word used by rabbis to describe the dwelling of God in and around the temple. It basically what you said when God was palpably and undeniably present. Jesus taught that it is possible for this same Divine Presence to dwell inside of us.

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