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Stomp - Enigma - I Love Music

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Search This Blog. I was happy to accept the assignment, because I had already developed an appreciation for her music and made her acquaintance at Columbia studios,where we both worked—she on a new album, I on the Bessie Smith reissues. I found Laura to be an interesting person who easily appeared to be in a world of her own, yet—one soon discovered—never to the detriment of her work. She wore full-length dresses and smoked pot rolled in lilac colored paper, and she was quaintly old-fashioned in her mannerisms.

A friend of mine who was a Nyro fan dropped by the studio one night, so I took him upstairs where Laura was working. She was most gracious, stretching out her hand for my friend to kiss, not what one expects from a young Bronx lady.

It was a small, comfortably furnished rooftop place with a piano and a terrace. I had heard that she turned down interviews from major magazines, including Time , so I wondered why she agreed to see me. Down Beat - April 2, Columbia is big enough to absorb such mistakes, but the Franklin case is still a sore subject. So, in a sense, we had been preparing for Aretha. At Columbia, she made beautiful records, but they were more in a pop bag.

Sympathy is the key, and Columbia is avoiding a repetition of past mistakes, Laura Nyro being a case in point. While neither case reflects on any general policy of the three labels—all have histories of thoroughly satisfied and successful artists—they illustrate the importance of presenting an artist in the proper setting.

Verve, on the other hand, cast Miss Nyro in a role that was eminently uncharacteristic of her and then compounded the mistake by treating her music without much consideration.

I remember my first publicity pictures. I weighed pounds at that time—my weight is always up and down. I was really fat that week, and they wanted to push my song called Wedding Bell Blues , so they stuffed me into this wedding dress, put a veil on my head, and flowers in my hand. And then this picture was splashed all over the industry. Laura Nyro enjoys a good game of darts.

It was really terrible, it really was. Miss Nyro, hails from New York City and still lives there, in a small, comfortable penthouse apartment on the upper West Side. Now 22, her craving for freedom and individuality, the major cause of her unhappiness at Verve, goes back to her school days.

I got into trouble. Others, if they cut a class, would feel guilty, but not me—I was very brazen about the whole thing. During that same period, she tried to stir up some professional interest in her songs. I believe in universal love and brotherhood. Messages: 2, Last edited: Oct 30, RockDebris , Oct 30, Oct 31, Messages: 1, In the Anderton's review Not unlike the Stomp if you change patches That said, the snapshots are amazing once you embrace what they are and what they can do.

Sean Meredith-Jones www. Senor Forum , Oct 31, RockDebris , Oct 31, They made the Iridium as an alternative to what's already outhere, this box is something you can set on the fly choosing from the 3 of the most popular amps and cabs with just moving 2 switches and adjusting 3 knobs. The HX Stomp is a more elaborate piece of equipment with more choices and a much bigger learning curve to program etc In , the song was popularized from its artistic use in the worldwide trailer for the motion picture "The Matrix".

I believe the common theme of "The Cross of Changes" is evolution. Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi! Long live the King. E3 was not my favorite Enigma album at the time which probably comes as a shock to most hardcore fans who often refer to E3 as the defining moment in Enigma history.

I'm not a fan who thinks he has to like everything an artist records simply because I'm a fan of the artist. I like the story in the album, embracing "The Child" in us.

The music flows beautifully but I initially didn't "get it" and songs like "T. It is a refreshing album to listen to, and is completely different from E1 and E2. The album grew on me and I enjoy listening to it immensely now. It took me many years to embrace and understand E3 since it was such a departure from the first album, but now that I understand the creative masterpiece that it is, possibly because my ear for music has changed- I do understand why the album is loved so dearly by Enigma fans; I also understand why the album wasn't a commercial success.

The songs were not broad enough in appear for the mass commercial market at that time; and the singles were not radio-friendly enough for mainstream media. I also like "The Roundabout" and "Why! The b-side to the "Beyond the Invisible" single called "Light of Your Smile" is an incredible song as well. Perfect for reflection. Two singles were released from the album: "Beyond the Invisible" and "T. A planned third single, "The Roundabout" was scrapped at the last minute for unclear reasons, even though a remix had already been created by DJ Quicksilver which still remains unreleased.

Music video for "Beyond the Invisible" This album continued Enigma's trend, giving it a slightly more modern, futuristic sound by combining the elements of Enigma's first album, MCMXC a. Michael Cretu, producer of the project, considered Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi! That's one thing Enigma is well known for- the artwork and packaging is always the best quality, although none has matched the three dimensional album cover from Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!

The single "Gravity of Love" had massive commercial appeal, the music video that was filmed to promote the single was excellent and the remixes were excellent. Pure "new age" pop perfection. The album was crafted with the same care, in my opinion, as the first Enigma album. I think that's why E4 resonates so well with me. The second single "Push The Limits" was also an amazing track with amazing remixes, although the music video fell short of my expectations, the music has always been what's most important to me.

The album contained a meaningful story deeply woven in, the album used new and familiar sounds, it has the right amount of vocals, samples and world sounds. Parts of the album are upbeat and fast, parts are slower and cause you to reflect before picking back up again. The artwork was also incredible. Eleven years later E4 still sounds current, bold, fresh. As I listened to the Enigma albums over the years, as a child, a young adult and now as an adult the one thing that always mystified me was that most, not all, but most of the music on the Enigma albums were created by one man- Michael Cretu.

Listen to these albums with that in the back of your mind and you too will be amazed at the talent that this man possesses. We tend to take music for granted. Most albums have a dozen or more people who have contributed to its production- and on Enigma's albums its usually less than three or four people with the bulk of the work performed by Cretu himself.

I genuinely have a hard time picking songs I like on E4 since I love them all and together they are a masterpiece. If you were to remove any one song from E4 the album wouldn't be the same. The only other album I feel that way about is E1. The last time I heard Enigma lyrics this well thought-out was on the very first Enigma album. Take a look at the lyrics to the two singles from the album: Gravity Of Love o Fortuna, velut Luna o Fortuna, velut Luna Turn around and smell what you don't see Close your eyes … it is so clear Here's the mirror, behind there is a screen On both ways you can get in Don't think twice before you listen to your heart Follow the trace for a new start What you need and everything you'll feel Is just a question of the deal In the eye of storm you'll see a lonely dove The experience of survival holds the key to the gravity of love o Fortuna, velut Luna The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom.

The path of excess leads to the tower of wisdom. Try to think about it… That's the chance to live your life and discover what it is What's the gravity of love o Fortuna, velut Luna Look around, just people, can you hear their voice Find the one who'll guide you to the limits of your choice But if you're in the eye of storm, just think of the lonely dove The experience of survival is the key to the gravity of love. Don't submit to stupid rules Be yourself and not a fool.

Don't accept average habits Open your heart and push the limits. Open your heart and push the limits. One of the things I really like about E4 is that the lyrics are necessary but secondary to the music. The lyrics were well thought-out and planned, very intentional- but they don't overpower the music. The music is the forefront of "The Screen Behind The Mirror" album, and if I had to introduce someone to Enigma who had never heard any of the albums before- I would definitely recommend E1 and E4.

Most record labels decide to renew their artists contracts or drop them from their roster after a Greatest Hits compilation is released. I can't remember his name, but I'd like to say "thank you". A light show was held at the Munich Planetarium in conjunction of the release of the compilation albums. It was mentioned that other Planetarium's from around the world might also hold light shows to the sounds of Enigma, but this never materialized.

As a standalone single, "Turn Around" takes some of the best elements of the previous Enigma hits and blends them with electronica club beats. Michael Cretu's voice is digitally altered to sound like a robot, and there is a woman quietly whispering the names of past Enigma song titles A video was also filmed to compliment the Greatest Hits release.

After how successful I thought "The Screen Behind The Mirror" was, what a masterpiece that album turned out to be, "Turn Around" was like the icing on the cake for me and made me anticipate E5 that much more.

E5 was a departure from standard Enigma fare. The intro Enigma sound was cut short, and the signature shakuhachi flutes, Gregorian chants and tribal chants found on earlier albums were all but gone. As a fan it pains me to say this but E5 sounded like Cretu "phoned in" his performance since the "Voyageur" album contains no real storyline and the second half of the album is all over the place with no real direction. Additionally, with the exception of the first single also called "Voyageur" which I love , the wrong singles were used to promote the album which contributed to the albums lackluster success.

Songs like "Total Eclipse Of The Moon" have no business on the album and offer no Enigma-ish contribution aside from pathetic lyrics and Cretu singing. The first five songs all fit a common sound theme, but once you get to "Total Eclipse Of The Moon" aside from the brilliant song which is titled "Look Of Today", this voyage begins to drift off into the sunset never to return.

Music video for the single "Voyageur" from the Enigma album titled "Voyageur". I really like "Boum-Boum" and think its a great song and I really appreciate what MC was doing on this song and I too thought it would be a good third single; however it almost didn't become a single after the massive "Following the Sun" flop. I remember there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the release of the single and whether or not it was actually going to happen or not.

Ultimately, Nebula Music released the single with Virgin Records which also contains the music video. In my opinion the video has absolutely nothing to do with the song, which was a disappointment because its such a good song. I remember after the single for "Voyageur" was released an Enigma Fan Site, or Enigma's management had asked the fans to vote on what the next single off of "Voyageur" should be.

For me "The Piano" is the last song on the album, not "Following the Sun". The fans don't always know what is commercially appealing, and voted for what they loved as to be expected instead of what was actually going to commercially translate into more business for the record label, and Enigma. I would have released "The Look of Today" as a single in place of "Following the Sun", and here's why.

Michael's voice sounds mysterious and you can't stop listening. It's a new sound mixed with a familiar one and it works. You know it's a hit when you can hear an endless stream of remixes to the song in the back of your mind This song would have surely charted well on the Club charts and would have been played in clubs thereby exposing Enigma to a whole new generation of young people who have never heard of Enigma translating into new record sales.

It was broad enough to also be played on mainstream radio. I think the lyrics are also thought-provoking and catchy. The Look Of Today I'll show you inside and you will see, feel what just money can bring.

Can you see? That's the look, that's the look, that's the look of today. You have a problem I could help, buy it and be yourself. Cause you know, that's the look, that's the look, that's the look of today.

That's the look, that's the look, that's the look. You are so stylish, you are so vain, sometimes I think you have no brain. But you know, that's the look, that's the look, that's the look of today. The remixes by Rollo were a complete disappointment. They don't sound anything like Enigma.

Jul 09,  · Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Enigma - I Love Music at Discogs. Complete your Enigma collection/5(36).

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