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Teutonic Dyslexia - Undersmile - A Sea Of Dead Snakes (The Ribena Edition)

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Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Sign in. All Football. Chloe Kerr. One may ask why the Yeti would attack in the first place? Since they normally tend to flee. Then, as impossible the odds are that you may even spot one, several are present, because in order for there to be so much physical trauma to the hikers there would have to be more, and suddenly blood thirsty? This one is actually harder to accept than aliens traversing the galaxy. All the same, there are entire sites dedicated to the idea that Bigfoot's Russian cousin is responsible for the incident.

No empirical evidence has been gathered to support it. The missing tongue, the circle of fires, the odd color of the skin, maybe something truly evil took place on that mountain slope? Maybe the hikers had been targeted for some time, planned on being at that exact spot? While details or even conclusive theories are hard to come by on this one, it's as valid as any of the other left-field theories. It's possible that the group leader, Dyatlov, could have been approached by cultists, was maybe even one himself, and arranged for the expedition as a guise for more nefarious purposes.

It is odd that being an expert mountaineer, he would not only lead his team up an obvious slope but then camp on it instead of the safety of the timberline not far below them. Exposed, out in the open, easy to find. No matter, this theory is easily dismissed since there were no evident tracks besides those of the nine hikers when they ran off into the waiting arms of death.

Then again, maybe the cultists were just really good at covering their tracks? There is a group of nomads, called the Mansi, that roam the area of the Ural Mountains. Perhaps a group stumbled upon the hikers and, somehow, a confrontation ensued and the hikers ended up running for their lives and some were captured and murdered by the natives.

Like most nomadic tribes, they tend to keep to their own and stay away from outsiders. Nevertheless, for the sake of context we shall review one possible conflicting theory. Perhaps, while the climbers were sleeping, the Mansi warriors that had been stalking them, crept into camp, attempting to ambush them, the tribesmen may have done something to alert at least one of the campers, who woke the others and in a mad attempt to flee, cut open the wall of the tent, the warriors gave chase and caught some while others got away to live, albeit temporarily.

It may have been sacred ground, or the climbers disturbed something important during the climb. There is no known evidence to support this claim.

The lone survivor of the group, Yuri Yudin, was the tenth member of the team and after arriving at the train station near the settlement of Vizhai, he fell "ill" and had to stay behind. So, the other nine adventurers said their farewells and set out in a trek towards the starting point of their final ascent.

Yuri Yudin would never see his comrades again. Well, what if he did see them one last time? It's speculated in small circles that villagers witnessed Yudin, Dyaltov, and Lyudmila Dubinina in a sort of love triangle and that the two suitors were seen arguing about it at the station. It is said that Dyatlov purposefully left Yudin behind, telling the others including Lyudmila that Yudin had fallen ill. When Yudin realized that he had been betrayed, supposed witnesses say he set off in another vehicle headed in the same direction and then mysteriously reappeared at the village settlement on February 8th.

On the 11th, the others were supposed to be arriving as well, of course, they never did. Is it possible that for the above, or any, reason Yuri not only caught up to the others but outmaneuvered them and stayed hidden that long? Wouldn't he have needed a fire to stay warm at night as well? If so, then someone would have spotted it at night, right?

While it makes an interesting story it's highly unlikely, especially since Yuri Yudin had returned home long before the time anyone spotted him in the settlement on the 8th. Then again, we only know what the investigators tell us. Maybe out of jealousy, he sought revenge. All the same, why would that incite the type of panic that is evident? How did he cause the brain damage without fracturing the skull? Most of all, why would nine fully grown, physically fit, Russian mountain climbers simply allow one man to overpower them?

It's possible that Dyaltov and the others, while trekking through the mountains witnessed something they shouldn't have. Perhaps a government agency was testing or using a super secret weapon or other apparatus and these poor nine souls, unbeknownst to the location of this test, stumbled upon it all the same.

Speculations suggest that the nine climbers came across a valley, ravine, or any other open space along their trek and observed a government agency performing some sort of experiment, test, or drill that was never meant to be seen.

Others say the mountaineers witnessed a UFO recovery operation. The scene might have ended quite adequately with Theramenes' terse announcement: "I have seen the sweetest of mortals perish. According to the French scholar and critic Antoine Adam, "This story represents Racine's attempt to introduce into the dramatic idiom the beauty of Euripides' ornate style and, in a more general way, of ancient poetry.

Racine, with his unerring good taste, knows the danger of consistent understatement The artist, lest he lapse into monotony, must give imagination its due, and the cool classicist must occasionally make way for the romantic — particularly when the scene in question is the climax both of the plot and the tragedy of the play and its action has taken place offstage. There are no serpents nor odious monsters Which cannot please the eye when imitated by art; The pleasing skill of a delicate brush Makes of the most horrible object a charming thing.

The reference to a delicate brush applies perfectly to Racine's art, as it was probably intended to. Despite the violence and the extraordinary nature of the events related, they fit within a well-ordered scheme representing an accelerating rhythm, from the slow, majestic vision of Hippolytus' departure to the frantic climax of his being dragged behind his runaway horses.

It is a splendid, dynamic description, followed by the calmer yet profounder tragedy of Hippolytus' death at the gates of the tomb of his ancestors.

A note of tragic irony reinforces the intensity of the scene as Aricia encounters her dead lover at the temple which was to witness their vows. A quality which unfortunately must elude the English-speaking reader is the music which Racine handles here with particular care: alliteration, suggestive sounds, and an eloquent rhythm which emphasizes the movement of the action.

The play's denouement leaves us with the Aristotelian feelings of pity and terror. We are horrified by the total havoc wreaked by Phaedra's ravenous passion. Three of the characters have died in physical agony or mental anguish. Those who remain have been bereft of hope. Aricia has been brought back to life, but, as Ismene indicates, it is a life of grief.

Theseus has become an old man drained of strength, even the strength to express his rage and grief by punishing the one responsible. There's a difference. The progression of drama felt very natural - nothing that made me ill with worry but at the same time, I did really want everything to get sorted out. Maybe you have no idea, but I do.

At least not to me. Buuuuut, I knew that going into the book. At least it was more of a "positive" cliffhanger though - the kind where you're left with the knowledge like it's all going to work out in the end as opposed to one where everything is blown to hell but still… I need book 2.

Like now. Right now. Overall, I enjoyed the book. It was true escapism. It was light and engaging with a dash of angst and a smattering of serious. I liked the characters and the story. View all 37 comments. Series complete. View all 9 comments. Jun 10, Michelle rated it did not like it. Note: For some reason I need to clarify that I got this book from Amazon with my own money. Second, I thought the book was going to be in the same line of The Love Unscripted series, but I was wrong.

The main characters were too unlikable for my taste. Both main characters are undeveloped; Keri Ann was kind of a doormat and too immature for the age she portrays. On the other side, I felt I never really got to know the real Jack Eversea. The lack of spark and the real development in the story was a really turn off for me. We have this superstar who apparently has an attraction for this woman because she really sees him as a person, not a star, but the cannon proved this point wrong. Keri Ann was like a 13 year old girl whose star stuck, some of the interactions are really pathetic to be honest.

I was already half in love with you before I even met you because of the character you played What is so special about her? Apparently Jack Eversea is good as an actor, but he is not a thinker. Eversea has an undeveloped Story-ARC with undeveloped characters and ridiculous conflicts that have the vibe of a crazy bad soap-opera.

View all 11 comments. Feb 01, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it it was ok Shelves: losing-the-v-card , everyone-else-loves-it , m-f , addiction-or-mental-disorders , free , romance , rt-reading-challenge Immature characters, no chemistry, slow moving. If my friend didn't want me to read this I wouldn't have tried to push on.

View all 6 comments. Mar 29, Melanie A. Despite all the cheesiness, he's rich and famous, she's a poor waitress; he's beautiful, and so is she, but she doesn't know it; he's a jaded, semi-reformed manwhore, she's an innocent virgin , I loved every single word of it!

The writing style was wonderful, full of subtle humor and real emotion that had me laughing and crying in turn. And I absolutely loved Keri Ann, who was quirky, sweet, and completely entertaining.

I connected with her immediately, and I thought her reactions to Jack and his celebrity status were entirely realistic and heartfelt. Plus, any author that can use the words "deploy the swoonbomb" in a sentence has all my respect. So, so good. Nov 25, Jacqueline's Reads rated it liked it. Summary Jack is a movie star and is known worldwide. He decides to go to a little town. Keri Ann lives in this little town. He comes into the restaurant in a hoodie and is kind of rude and very standoffish.

Keri Ann is a total sweetheart and I do feel for her. I like how Jack and Keri Ann first start off a friendship-sort-of. Soon they forge a friendship and both start to open up. The fact he is kind of in a relationship with another movie star, Audrey made me cringe a little. You will just have to read it and take it for what it is. It was also hard to read the up and down roller coaster of emotions between the two of them.

Jack would be sweet, then be a jerk and would yank Keri Ann around at least in my opinion. I just felt like he could have been just a complete jerk or not. The ending picks up a bit and you are hit with drama. I liked it a lot. I felt like the middle pace a bit slow so I was expecting something major and I got it. View all 8 comments. Nov 15, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it. This was a light and enjoyable read where the main character Keri Ann waitress meets a runaway Hollywood megastar, Jack Eversea one night at her place of work.

Similar to Love Unscripted Keri Ann was a wonderful character, the setting Butler Cover Island and her responsibility to restore and take care of her inherited family home was unique. I loved all the minor characters as well.

Jack and 3. If I was going down, I might as well go down hard. Overall, a light, sexy, witty read that I was enjoying till the author let me down with her lack of imagination in breaking our couple apart.

Here's hoping the sequel doesn't disappoint because I'm pretty sweet on Jack and Keri Ann. View all 24 comments. Apr 24, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: new-adult-books-read-in , new-adult , recieved-to-review , arcs. Full review is coming soon : With that ending there had better be a sequel! Full Review I really enjoyed this book. It is a fun read but it also has lots of depth and emotion. You will get lost in the characters and their stories.

This book is escapism at its very best. It is a beautiful coming of age story with lots of lovely romance mixed in. It is a coming of age tale about two people realising that what the people around them want them to do and what they want to do may be two different things. Together they help each other realise who they really are and what they truly want. I love books set in the south I think it is the sexy accent and this one captures the southern feel perfectly.

You can almost see the characters and they feel so real. Keri-Ann is a great character, she always puts other people first and she is kind and caring. I would love to know her in real life. Jack is a character you will wish was real. He is so swoon worthy; sexy and powerful but he also has an innocence that makes you want to look after him. The romance builds slowly. Jack and Keri-Ann have an instant attraction that becomes something deeper. I felt that the romance is really believable and it is the perfect mixture of sweet and steamy.

I recommend this to fans of NA books and any type of romance. The ending makes it pretty obvious there is a sequel. Mar 10, Irene Sim rated it it was amazing Shelves: new-adult , contemporary-fiction , romance , read , read , read. It was impossible while reading Beach Wedding not to go back and reread the first book.

You can't just let go of her characters, they stick with you and you want to experience their feelings over and over. I also bumped up my rating to 5 stars because this series is pretty awesome. Jan 31, Ankit Garg rated it liked it. Books like Eversea are the reason readers like me can cozy up to the genre that is romance.

Over the past I have tried to read quite few books under this theme, only to lose interest in the story within the introductory phase of the story itself. But being stubborn as ever, I still haven't given up on romantic fiction as I try to read books in this genre.

If you ask what's different in this book when compared to the rest, I do not have the answer as I haven't read enough material on this genre to Books like Eversea are the reason readers like me can cozy up to the genre that is romance. If you ask what's different in this book when compared to the rest, I do not have the answer as I haven't read enough material on this genre to form an opinion.

But Eversea fits right within my taste limits if that's a thing! Verdict: Must read if you are not a fan of the usual romantic novels yet still want to give the genre a try. May 17, Beth rated it it was amazing Shelves: author-review-requested , contemporary , romance , own. Jack Eversea's career is booming, but when his Hollywood girl friend and co-star is caught kissing another man, he starts to question his life and career direction.

Running to a beach front home in South Carolina he meets Keri Ann, a local with deep roots in the sea turtle tourist town of Butler. Connecting quickly as friends, Jack was shocked and won over to Keri Ann's honesty and lack of star awe. While Jack assisting Keri Ann with the repairs of her family home, the friendship moves toward strong attraction. How can a mover and a shaker and a hometown girl ever make it work? Guess you'll have to read Eversea and find out. An absolutely sexy, heart touching tale of finding oneself and discovering love along the way.

Eversea is brilliantly written with lovable characters and wonderful story that left me wanting more. View 2 comments. Nov 04, CC rated it it was ok Shelves: hoopla , safe-but-other-triggers , ow-ex-drama-lama , series , lal-tbr-challenge. I know people liked this book. But I did not. The heroine was annoying as shit. TSTL Immature.

A blabber mouth. And I was sick to death of being in her head. Jack was also a weak, wishy washy loser. Dude, grow a pair! Technically no. But I never want to have to use the word Seriously? But I never want to have to use the word technically when it comes to cheating. Heroine is a virgin hide spoiler ] Jul 04, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: series-read-in-order , favorites , romance , z-kindle , cliffhanger , abuse-rape-neglect , fame-and-fortune , author-i-love.

Natasha Boyd I have to have the next one What happens to JACK? How does it end? I fell in love with this book. Natasha Boyd is an author on the rise and I can not wait to see what else she has in store for us. Jack is a young Hollywood star who has recently underwent a significant break up with his on screen and off screen romance. He is looking for some space and some privacy and asks a friend to hide out in their small Cliffhanger!

He is looking for some space and some privacy and asks a friend to hide out in their small coastal town cottage. Jack is looking to lick his wounds and get his life back on track without being discovered by the paparazzi. Kari Ann is a small town girl whose family owns a historic home.

She was orphaned and she and her older brother have been taking care of one another since. He is off at college getting his education. Since they can't both afford school at the same time, Kari Ann stays back to take care of the house and work. One night a rude customer comes in and changes everything. Kari Ann finds herself face to face with the most beautiful man she has ever met.

She knows that she would never be good enough for Jack freaking Eversea! She has several "OMG fangirl" moments but soon discovers that he is just a regular guy looking to stay under the radar. She can't help but feel herself being drawn in by his charm and amazing good looks.

He pulled the entire galaxy into a gravitational wobble until he got close enough to suck you in and tilt your axis head over heels. He has obligations, contracts, appearances that he must go back to. Jack agrees to help Kari Ann with her home restoration. In exchange, she will help him go unnoticed. Jack is not as simple as he seems, he has a dark and troubled past.

Kari Ann does everything in her power to resist Jack but in the end it's useless. He had her heart all along. Jack's past comes back to haunt him and he must decide what future he will choose. In the end, he may not really have much of a choice. This is where the cliffhanger comes in I hate cliffhangers, I hate them with all my heart. I couldn't help but love this book. This author is amazing. The characters were so real and the chemistry was amazing.

Kari Ann is a smart girl who knows what she wants in life. She is strong and sure of herself, even if she is a bit unaware of her beauty. Jack is a tortured soul who made me ache for all he has endured. I love Eversea! Read this View all 5 comments. May 27, Michelle Kannan rated it really liked it. What the hell just happened to me?? Holy cliffhanger. I was not expecting that. I kept thinking- gee I only have a few pages left so I guess this will be one of those quick wrap up endings.

Damn you Natasha Boyd. Ok I loved this book. Jack and Keri Ann were awesome. I loved that they fell for each other organically. I thought the chemistry was just amazing and the sexual tension-almost killed me.

The loss of limbs in snakes is an example of a situation where, over the course of evolution, a subgroup of a lineage loses a character that is typically found in other members of that lineage. Snakes evolved from a reptilian ancestor that had four limbs, but over time, these limbs became highly reduced or lost in the snake lineage.

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  7. 20 Quotes about the Mind. Jane 4 Comments. December 22, “The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche “Knowing yourself is to be rooted in Being, instead of .
  8. A Sea Of Dead Snakes EP by Undersmile, released 11 November 1. Instrumenstrual 2. Cutters Choice 3. Teutonic Dyselxia 4. Crab People 5. Spore Titanic gloomy riffs, sludge and dissonance on this 5 track EP from Oxford's Undersmile.
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