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This Is How We Say Goodnight - Dave Marsh And The True Love Rules - The Cause Of Many Troubles

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In anticipation of Thrush Hermit's much anticipated r eunion tour. Here is a blast of genuine chutzpah from the day. Thursday, January 14, Sunday, January 03, Happy New Years everybody! Boxing Day at the Carleton was a lot of fun too. Here's some photos courtsey of Sally Hilton.

Dawn Negus. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Dave Marsh. Dave Marsh album. The Joel Plaskett Emergency has made it through The Emergency is hard at it in the New Scotland Ya In millions of heads, including my own, the echo of that shot still has not died.

The power that his death holds over our emotions and imagination remains, for the most part, a mystery. The idea is there in the version of A Star Is Born, and before that in the story of Icarus, who soared too high in emulation of birds and the gods.

For me, that exchange became part of the echo. Selling out in this context really means displaying personal inauthenticity, which is the reason Cobain can express such admiration for Freddie Mercury, a star who lived his life in a closet but one who was true to his own fakery. Such an edict represents a curious thing in the annals of popular music. Who cares if Pete Townshend really wanted to die before he got old? Who is crazy enough to believe that Mick Jagger genuinely could not get any satisfaction?

Similarly, rock bands got away with all sorts of folderol in the studio for years, but when the Byrds, the first important folk-rock band, recorded with session musicians rather than just using band members, they found themselves excoriated for it. The authenticity issue arose in trying to make sense of what happened to these songs when they moved out of the preliterate traditions of the Appalachians or British village life and into the stream of urban music-making.

There were even supposedly inauthentic instruments on which folk music could not be played-the piano, for example, supposedly existed only in bourgeois households, though a single visit to a juke joint would have blown that idea out of the water.

Dylan had by then moved on to other things, including the wearing of masks and face paint. Quotes to Explore. If music be the food of love, play on. William Shakespeare. Love Music Food Play. I don't know anything about music. In my line you don't have to. Elvis Presley. Music You Know Anything. The wise musicians are those who play what they can master. Duke Ellington.

Love You Yourself Universe Your. Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit. Khalil Gibran. Life Love Love Is Tree. If your heart is a volcano, how shall you expect flowers to bloom? Love Heart You Flowers. BrainyQuote Mobile. Site Home. Social BQ on Facebook. I believe it meets the criteria. Antonin Scalia needs no introduction to Americans, in almost 24 years on the Supreme Court he has become the Supreme Court justice almost everyone can name.

Few have neutral views about him. For non-Americans, he is our most controversial judge, and makes no bones about defending his positions. I cannot hope to capture everything he has said or every position he has taken in his time, but I've done my best to touch all the bases. He would be our first Supreme Court justice to hit FA, and I think the article is worthy of the honor. Brianboulton gave the article a peer review, or at least most of it, due to computer problems he was unable to quite complete it, but I have no doubt we'll hear from him here or on article talk page once he is back online I gathered it would be some days.

Wehwalt talk , 11 February UTC. Lede: "before serving in the Nixon and Ford administrations". As what? Some indication of the sort of post s he held must be given. OK, so we have three supports one from the peer review, two making their first contact with this article here , no opposes, all checks done, image issues resolved after a bit of a marathon.

The article was promoted by SandyGeorgia , 28 February [33]. Either way, it sure is purty. Deepest thanks to maclean for a wonderfully productive GA review.

Comment Just a placeholder for now, will do a full review soon. Comments I have so far read the first three sections. I'll read the rest later today or tomorrow. I should acknowledge I'm not into films, so take it as comments of an outsider.

I have now read the rest of the article based on a printed copy from last weekend, but I hope not too much has changed since. First some more nitpicking. To conclude, I think many readers will benefit from this well-polished, mostly well-written and also often very thoroughly referenced article. I certainly did, even if at times I lost steam However, what makes made me worry I'm leaning to oppose if these issues don't change is was the following:.

Except for the notion of "classic period" which can be understood without prior reading of the corresponding section , it seems that the material of the "Identifying char. However, both sections are about the same question, namely "What is noir? The questions of what defines film noir and what sort of category it is provoke continuing debate. French critics Raymond Borde and Etienne Chaumeton summarize the complexities of categorization, stating "We'd be oversimplifying things in calling film noir oneiric, strange, erotic, ambivalent, and cruel".

Unless "oneiric, strange, erotic, ambivalent, and cruel" are the five attributes, which in that case is very confusing how they would be presented this way] in equal measure—this one is more dreamlike, while this other is particularly brutal. Support subject to satisfactory media and source reviews - broad, deep, thoughtfully structured, its prose shined to perfection throughout, this is, quite simply, a stunning article. Highly commendable and without question deserving of FA status.

It seems almost churlish to make a few small observations:. Source review A lot of trees died to make this article possible.

The sourcing overall is superb. The two borderline web sources--SoundtrackNet and Thrilling Detective--both fall on the right side of the line. While it appears that most contributors to the former are unpaid, it is evidently professionalized in every other regard.

The latter is evidently well-recognized in its field. Nonetheless, given Chandler's fame, surely there is a higher-quality source available for referencing the "Finger Man"—Marlowe connection? Support A shining example of what can be achieved on Wikipedia. Minor comment - Last sentence of the last paragraph needs a citation please.

Skinny87 talk , 27 February UTC. The article was promoted by SandyGeorgia , 28 February [34]. I am nominating this for featured article because I have expanded this article on an Australian flying ace of the First World War from a Stub, and believe it now meets the criteria. A participant in the England to Australia air race , Howell was killed at age 23 when his aircraft crashed into the sea off the coast of Corfu. Any and all comments welcome!

Thanks, Abraham, B. The article was promoted by SandyGeorgia , 28 February [35]. William Shatner going through a dozen shirts. The article has undergone a peer review and separate copyedit by the obliging Brianboulton , and I've taken my own stab at cutting down redundancies and making it a little more accessible.

References : At the PR, two references, trekmovie. The Trekmovie site is mostly blog-style. The post's author, John Tenuto, is a sociology professor at College of Lake County and is quoted in other publications [36] [37] [38] John Devore of Slashfood has had some of his work appear in The New York Sun and CNN other mentions may not be the same person, so those are the only ones I'm sure of. In short I believe both are reliable, although the Slashfood one can be readily removed it's referenced to the same point as the Tenuto ref if people here disagree.

No dab links and no dead external links. Alt text is present, except for the video, which also needs it. But there are also some points in the existing alt text that need work. Alt text needs to be verifiable for a non-expert who looks at the image only, and I, for one, wouldn't be able to verify from the first image that this guy is called Spock, or any of the other names mentioned.

There are a few similar problems in the other images. Ucucha , 6 February UTC. I have a couple of minor points to clear up in the prose:. I'm looking forward to reading it again, but I hope you'll go through and tweak a few sections just a weeeee bit more.

Auntieruth55 talk , 16 February UTC. Conditional support : There do not appear to be any references to the film as a continuation of a hit TV show with the same cast and characters, or background of the premise of the Star Trek franchise are included in the introductory sections. I don't know if this was included in other Star Trek articles you've written. I think some of these elements are worth placing in the article.

One sentence at the beginning of Plot: The film continues the premise of the s Star Trek television show that followed the crew of a ship sent from Earth to explore the outer boundaries of space. As Star Trek fans are an opinionated group of folks, what is there written about how fans have received this film in comparison to other films, TNG, Voyager, and installments of the general franchise. I understand one of the movies is absolutely hated by fans. Can you include a couple sentences or a paragraph about how this film was received?

Very thorough otherwise, and well-written. Let me know if you have questions. OK, screw it, I found time to read it again. I made some tweaks see the intermediate edit summaries for the rationales for each , but nothing major.

This is another fine Trek article from David, and probably the single finest resource available about the film anywhere online. I'm happy with the rationales provided for the potentially-borderline sources, and I'm delighted he's managed to craft another fine fair-use claim to include a movie clip. I have a few remaining niggles, but nothing that should impact promotion IMO I'm sure they'll be dealt with in short order :.

Other than that The article was promoted by SandyGeorgia , 28 February [39]. It passed GAN with flying colours and recently underwent a Peer Review which led to some additions in both images and composition. I have compared it with several of the current song FAs, and I believe that this article either matches or exceeds the information that they have although since I did a lot of work turning it from this into its present form, I probably would think that!

I'm pretty sure that all the sourcing checks out, and everything online is archived in case the webpages are later taken down.

I hope that the article is to your liking. I ask the people in charge of the FAC process not to close this review within the next 24 hours; I will be travelling during that time and will be unable to respond to any further comments until then.

I have asked several people for assistance in copyediting the article so that Malleus's prose concerns above may be addressed while I am away. Overall, the article strikes me as a collection of facts about the song and its recording, rather than a unified whole about a work of art and its impact. In part that's how WP works, but I think even within WP guidelines this article can be improved in this direction.

The article was promoted by Karanacs , 23 February [40]. Aliso Creek rises in the looming shadow of the highest mountain in Orange County, and converges with the sea at the mouth of a dazzling precipitous gorge on the border of one of the maniacal region's most beautiful cities.

But in between, it merely exists as the convenient garbage chute of seven monstrous, lucrative, separable-only-by-name congregations of suburban sprawl that don't give a thought. This is the second time I'm putting Aliso Creek up at a shot at FAC and I'm sure all of the problems mentioned in the previous one have been addressed.

All of the potentially unreliable sources have been taken care of and all the dead URL's and dablinks have been fixed. The context covers just about everything that can be proved about the little stream.

I feel that it fully meets the criteria and has been improved dramatically since it was passed as a good article. Shannon talk contribs , 29 January UTC. I'm enjoying this article. The SoCal creeks are fascinating: particularly for those who don't realize a single rainstorm will turn a seemingly dry creek into a raging river! Anyway, a few problem sentences:. I'll get back as I make my way through the article.

Truthkeeper88 talk , 2 February UTC. Otherwise, a really nice article. I've enjoyed reading it! Truthkeeper88 talk , 7 February UTC. Support Comments by Finetooth. This article is in much better shape than the last time I reviewed it here during its first FAC. The prose is clear and flowing and is now largely free of small errors. The article certainly seems comprehensive, and I find it very interesting.

For the record, I should add that I peer-reviewed the article in October and that, like the nominator, I'm a member of WikiProjectRivers. Finetooth talk , 12 February UTC. Support Comments by Ruhrfisch. I peer reviewed this a while ago and commented on the previous FAC. It is looking much better, and I am close to supporting, but had some suggestions for polishing the language first. OK, I am stopping here for now - more comments tomorrow. Looking good, these are mostly nitpicks.

On to the Watershed section, starting with Geography first, where there is a major problem with the number of cities on the creek. OK, I have read all the rest of the article closely and made a few copyedits. Nothing else major remains to be fixed beyond what ihave already listed above. Once thse issues have been addressed, I plan to support. Conditional support: If you can add in what the actual source of the river is, and do something about It is said that Aliso Creek is one of the "most publicized" , It is known that Aliso Creek's polluted water , It has been speculated that many of the trees , passive statements gaahh!

Why does the pollution discussion, as a result of urbanization, occur before the discussion about urbanization? The writing is quite good, however, and moves along, easy to read.

Otherwise, great work! The article was promoted by Karanacs , 23 February [41]. I believe this article is comprehensive and well-sourced.

I look forward to addressing any concerns that might prevent its promotion to FA. Support This is well researched, and nicely written. It's even interesting and I'm inherently not particularly interested in politicians. Coming in to the review process after most concerns are addressed, I found few problems remaining. Nice job! I've been happy to support this editor's work in the past, and once again, AC has produced a sturdy and informative piece of writing on Kentucky governors.

Thanks, AC, nice job. Auntieruth55 talk , 2 February UTC. On August 7, , he was promoted to Second Lieutenant of Infantry.

In , Ford's company was converted from infantry to tanks , and Ford served as a Company Commander in the th Tank Battalion. Promoted to First Lieutenant of Armor, he transferred to the inactive Guard in , before being discharged in The article was promoted by Karanacs , 23 February [43]. For example, this one:. Some details that were part of previous article versions have frequently been removed, for instance.

In that era, for which Presley is so well known, the singer was distanced from the main currents of rock 'n' roll, which were seized by groups such as The Beatles and the Rolling Stones during the s. This moving away from his roots was much criticized by critics and rock musicians. One of the most frequent points of criticism is the overweight and androgyny of the late Las Vegas Presley. A section more specifically dealing with his friends is missing, although it is well known that he spent all day and night with them.

The problems he had with his stepmother are not even mentioned. Where are the paragraphs about his personal habits? Why are there no passages about his violent behavior and his notorious predilection for guns?

The Legacy section primarily includes superlatives. Where are the critical remarks about the world-wide Elvis industry and the Elvis cult at Graceland? The same section still includes the following false claim:. More famous in the minds of many at that time may have been Mao Zedong, if you count all the Chinese people whose hero Mao was and who had never heard of Elvis. And you can be sure that many Americans too hated him in Furthermore, in , Marilyn Monroe, as a celebrity, was surely more famous for marrying Arthur Miller than Elvis for his gyrations.

More famous than Elvis in the minds of many American adults at that time were also Dwight D. Eisenhower and Nikita Khrushchev the latter for his de-Stalinization policy. So much for the false claim that, "at the age of 21," Elvis "was arguably the most famous person in the world. Such statements certainly belong to the "Legacy" section, but have frequently been removed.

See also the critical commentaries by Johnbod , for instance [44] and [45]. Onefortyone talk , 2 February UTC. Support The article is comprehensive, well researched, well written, and relates a very complex story with clarity and, yes, excellent balance.

I'm disturbed by the nature of the opposition raised just above, which appears to be made without any concern for the need to maintain that balance, as well as proper focus and manageable length. The interest in inflating coverage of Presley's family and associates is obviously misplaced, as is the desire to further emphasize the decline in his physical condition and his disreputability in certain circles—issues already covered by the article in depth and at many different junctures.

Particularly questionable are certain misleading and poorly based arguments, which cast the opponent's good faith into grave doubt:. Perhaps it is an error of enthusiasm to freight Elvis Presley with too heavy a historical load; yet he clearly outshines the other performers in rocknroll's first pantheon. He, more than the others, has become a national icon.

The legacy of rocknroll's founding years, therefore, is largely Elvis', even though it was a collective accomplishment. In sum, I don't see anything actionable here and I believe the submission as a whole represents a fringe position. I have read through the latest from which includes selections from a two-year-old Talk page dialogue, in jumbled chronology, all of which should have been blockquoted for visual clarity--and find nothing there that would improve the article.

Once again, the article states that "several of [Presley's] family members had been alcoholics. And now it's one of 15 signed, original prints that will be given away to 15 lucky fans when we do a random drawing on May 23, or when we reach 14, donations, whichever comes first.

If you've been putting it off, we hope you'll join the effort now; click here for full details and to see all the images! Seeger's 90th birthday celebration was bookended by appearances from the honoree himself, nine decades under his belt and still going strong. In between, a wide variety of artists were there to celebrate the man and play his music: Emmylou Harris recounting correspondence she had with Pete as a young folk singer; Patterson Hood and Michael Franti teaming up for "Dear Mr.

And then came Bruce. As the last artist of the night, Springsteen had the lengthiest remarks, with a speech that was an appreciation of Pete's place in history and of Pete as a repository of American history in himself.

Bruce spoke of the folk legend's "stubborn, nasty, defiant optimism," and of Seeger as "the stealth dagger through the heart of our country's illusions about itself. Tom Morello joined him for "The Ghost of Tom Joad," on acoustics this time, trading verses and harmonizing on the chorus.

It was a very energetic performance, clearly benefiting from their recent collaborations on the song with the E Street Band. After that, the stage filled with the night's artists for a grand finale. For the full setlist from this and other recent shows, visit our Setlists page. Cunningham says, "Two of those 14 renowned photographers will be on the show this week. Thinking about it, between the two of them, they've shot three of the most iconic album covers in rock history. It looks like Bruce Springsteen, just called up.

They call him the Boss Asbury Park's official site has been nominated, and you can help make the win happen by registering and voting here. The site is listed in the Website category, under Tourism pitted against sites for destinations such as Sweden and Montreal. Unless it's to watch video from last night's Philly show, in which case, please go right ahead. Jay Lustig's review is here. Today's the first day of our month-long fundraiser for the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, and we hope you'll be a part of it.

Visit backstreets. Like For You, the forthcoming book will feature concert photography and stories from fans. Kirsch tells Backstreets, "This tribute to Darkness will be something special: more passionate stories, breathtaking never-seen-before photos, and some discovered artwork and memorabilia gems that will be of great interest to fans no matter when they were introduced to Bruce's music.

We're specifically interested newspaper and magazine articles that preview, and review, Bruce as he and the E Street Band sweep across the U. If you can help with articles from shows in your area, please contact us at pbjcrane erols. Many thanks! We may be able to get our hands on some of these here at Backstreet Records in time Thinking of Danny: With today marking one year since we lost Danny Federici, the weekend will bring a few tributes to the man and his music.

That same day on the Jersey Shore, tune in to If you tuned in at 10, you got to learn about the chrome wheeled, fuel injected Hell's Angels instead. No word yet on a new air date for the Bruce bio, but we'll post it here when we know. Along with his wife Maureen, Steve got a couple close-ups during Tuesday night's live broadcast.

The event attracted participants from all across the U. Proposals are now being accepted for presentations, and information regarding proposing a presentation can be accessed at the conference web site. For more information, you can contact symposium organizer Mark Bernhard at mcb7 vt. The Mighty One turns 58 today, born April 13, It's rarely publicized exactly how much support he lends to each, but this time around it looks like he's upped the ante.

Here are the upcoming auctions we know of:. It's been almost a year since he died from melanoma after a three-year battle. Since then, with your help, we created the 'Danny Fund,' a worldwide initiative to raise awareness and find a cure for for Melanoma. Thank you for your continued love and support! All proceeds will benefit the Danny Fund. Tickets, going fast, are through Ticketmaster. Don't miss some free mp3 downloads that Jason has recently posted to the Danny Fund website.

Jason is also contributing to Backstreets magazine 88, currently nearing completion, which will feature a hefty tribute to the Phantom, including our exclusive interviews with E Street Band members on Danny's life and legacy, and much more. Look for this new, long-awaited issue just a bit later this spring -- we'll provide further updates here when it's on the way.

We'll offer simply this:. Springsteen's reps said today that he stands by the statement he posted on his website on August 28, regarding rumors relating to his marriage. That statement is no longer on Brucespringsteen. Bruce talks about being "in search of the show," telling Boucher, "I've got half a thing planned in my head No matter what you put out at this point, everyone has their particular Bruce Springsteen record that they're waiting for or thinking of. It should be dealing with this, it should be talking about that, it should sound like this.

That's just part of being around for a long time. The nice part of it is your ears are always open to the voices of your audience. But at the same time I don't tend to sit down with an external idea. A lot of it is listening to what's coming. One week the potatoes are up in the garden, one week it's tomatoes. He leaned back and laughed, pleased with the idea of digging in the dirt.

Politics, Race, Religion and Society articles, interviews and reviews from Rock's Backpages: The ultimate library of rock music writing and journalism. Thousands of articles, interviews and reviews from the world's best music writers and critics, from the late s .

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  1. Dave Marsh will broadcast live from the parking lot (near Gate A) for a tailgate special tonight, starting at 6 p.m. Friday morning at 10 a.m., Marsh will host a special edition of his "Live From E Street Nation" program (listeners are invited to call Dave at BRUCE to join the show).
  2. Dec 26,  · The Joel Plaskett Emergency has made it through 2 nights and only this night remains for the relentless rock down to go into the books. No opener tonight, after a entertaining Shotgun Jimmy set last night, so 2 sets. New fave opener Lightening Bolt may start things for the 3 rd straight night.
  3. May 28,  · Some have suggested that he was what we would now say as being on the autism spectrum. He had the ability to hyper focus on his music, but regular interactions with people were something he dreaded. Because he was talented and rich, he was able to insulate himself from many of those newwave.zulkikreegavinrarathorgagra.infoinfo it made him look like a douche.
  4. We won't really know until the morning, when I've gotten the paperwork in order but I take guesses anyway. One of our games. It passes the time, gives us something to look forward to. I close my eyes and put my hand on the map. So many towns, so many cities to choose from.
  5. “All the warnings from the Punk Rock courses over the years since my first introduction to the, shall we say, ethics involved with independence and embracement of your community, it’s proven to be very true. I haven’t felt the excitement of listening to as well as creating music, along with really writing something, for too many years.
  6. Mar 10,  · It's really a shame, 'cause I'm sure if George were here now he'd have a helluva lot to say about Bernard Madoff, AIG, our economy and the greed and incompetency that led to most of this bullshit this country is knee-deep in. He'd probably say, 'they're all Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker(s) and, Motherfucker(s). And Tits.'.
  7. Standing at a cool 7 feet, this little lady (also known as Abies balsamea) is a favorite amongst Christmas newwave.zulkikreegavinrarathorgagra.infoinfo she isn't just hanging around, she loves to donate her scent to air fresheners and incense, provide traditional remedies for colds and scurvy, and loves to participate in fir waves.
  8. Woody Guthrie was the most important American folk music artist of the first half of the 20th century, in part because he turned out to be such a major influence on the popular music of the second half of the 20th century, a.
  9. Music Review: Dave Marsh & The True Love Rules - The Cause Of Many Troubles. Tue, Feb 11,
  10. Fun Facts & Trivia — Best Tweets from King Records Month As with the previous piece (“King’s Jazz Legacy“), it seems silly to keep all this rich history from last year’s King 75th Anniversary tucked away in a file attachment.. One year later, it has become increasingly obvious that this “once-tweeted” information would serve humanity to a much greater degree if likewise.

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