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What About Me? - Shirley Jones - With You

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Her performance earned her an Academy Award for best supporting actress. Thereafter she mostly worked in television. Shirley Jones. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. As much fun as this thread is, I agree with R Who cares what someone that willfully ignorant has to say? She's only progressive in the bedroom. Shirley Jones needs her own HBO movie now. Her sordid sex life could give Liberace a run for his money.

This thread is disgusting - are straight people really like that? Are they worried about spreading dangerous diseases? Is all they think about perverted sex? I'll bet Boy Scouts were involved at some point. What has the world come to? What would the Founding Fathers have thought about this? The story about David's dick and his nickname has also been around a while, I think he wrote about it in his own book years ago.

Oh and Shirley's bio sons are also supposed to be equally "blessed" in that area. It was years ago that I read it, but Pamela des Barres's original tell-all detailed a story about Shirley and Marty that indicted their weirdness. I can't recall details sorry; I also believe she hinted that she de-flowered or at least messed with Shaun or one of his brothers as a young teen. No copyright infingement inten I see Wendy Leigh is the co-author on this. She's a veteran of gossipy star bios, read her JFK jr book years ago.

Didn't she co-author Madonna's brother's tell-all? And yet my parents were surprised when I came out to them the following year! Um, intercourse is not what a woman is looking for, dear ignorant ones. Especially a woman of Shirley's age. I've always heard she and Diahann Carroll both slept with Richard Rodgers along with any chorus girl he could get. She's trying to sell her book, which is why she's blabbing about sex and drugs. She figures this will titillate people into buying it.

But it sounds like her book is just another run-of-the-mill trashy memoir. Does she really think people are interested in hearing that some old lady almost eighty years old still gets hot and horny but that it takes her longer "to achieve sexual fulfillment these days? Her unbosomings are distasteful and undignified, to say the least.

Maybe she's getting senile. That would explain a lot. How gross and creepy. Both she and Florence Henderson think that they are being cutesy poo by being these "hip" old ladies who speak bluntly about sex, STDs and genitalia. She sounds like a total assclown. That's right. There were no complaints, R50, because it was perfect. Now, if I've told you once, I've told you 5, times to never exaggerate. Jack Cassidy was a ham. And he looked sort of like Jack Haley, to me, the guy who played the Tin Man.

Jack Cassidy was in the absolute best Columbo, directed by Steven Spielberg Jack Cassidy suffered from bipolar disorder and was an alcoholic, who was displaying increasingly erratic behavior. In , his neighbors were shocked to see him watering his front lawn naked in the middle of the afternoon. Jones said to Cassidy that they had to get ready to do a show, and he calmly looked up and said, "I know now that I'm Christ. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. She's broke and needs some cash.

She gave Marty control of her finances and he blew it all. Didn't he say to Carson, when asked what one thing he would want with him on a desert island, "A mirror"? Believing that he needed to keep himself available for a career in features, he turned down the role of Ted Baxter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. It's in regular rotation so that's probably the best place to see him nowadays.

The bondage episode with Marty Ingalls goes like this: Marty had Shirley all trussed up naked in the bed and naturally shackled to it. Before the real action could take place, Ingalls suffered a heart attack, So there is Mrs Partridge en flagrante, and unable to seek aid for her husband. She screamed and hollered a window was open until a neighbor called the police. When they arrived they could barely control their shock, but someone managed to call the paramedics and ambulance, but they did.

Meanwhile they embarrassedly untied and covered her so she wouldn't be mortified when they arrived. Ingalls survived, but the story became a Hollywood legend. That exact same story goes around about Stephen Sondheim. Paramedics freed twink, who couldn't get out, when they responded to Steve's call.

Damn gurlfriend, can you just imagine what that old, dry snatch looks like after all these years. The story went that she was handcuffed and the fire department broke in, got the key from the dresser and uncuffed her from the bed, but whatever. Did you know that these two publicity hounds actually told this story on "Sally Jessy Raphael" saying how hurt they were by the gossip. Now Jones goes ahead with a bad taste memoir, which lends credence to the story. This is probably one of those books where the best parts are in the news article, and the rest is "I loved them so, they were so special to me Agreed that this is the book equivalent of flashing her tits.

In fact, the old bag seems so desperate for attention that she'd probably be willing to literally flash her tits if it would sell more copies! In my autobiography, I'll reveal that I'm living proof that sexual feelings vanish upon menopause and that I can't remember any of my wild sexual encounters except for the ones that were uncomfortable and humiliating.

She says she was part of the sex drugs and rock lifestyle prevalent at the time, but then only mentions her sexual exploits. An admission of smoking pot with David and Susan would've been more interesting to me.

Shirley was a guest star on Hot in Cleveland this week playing spoiler alert William Shatner's year old mother. End of story. Shirley, 79, appears to hold nothing back, writing about a threesome she had with husband Jack Cassidy. However, other sexual details are brazenly told and embraced. And she relates in clear detail that she was highly sexed. And while she discusses their sex life in great detail, Jones also reveals Cassidy was repeatedly unfaithful and also once had a sexual encounter with Cole Porter.

As far as the Partridge Family, it was just a job that enabled her to stay in Los Angeles working and come home to her kids at night. R, men's cocks -- of any size -- have nothing to do with a woman's orgasm. Is this a gay fantasy or are you really that ignorant?

And then what she would return to the set with her pussy reeking of sex stank for all to smell. Sign of a true HO! When are you idiot size queens going to learn that dick size has nothing to do with sexual performance? The lousiest fucking lays I've had in my life were all big dicked at least in their own minds guys who simply laid there and expected me to be in awe of their equipment.

She really is stooping to a low level. She mentions in detail how she can get and maintain her orgasms, who cares! I will read her book because I read a lot of autobiographies and biographies ,but her orgasm part I really don't care. Dose she out any actors from old Hollywood? I am aware she said her husband, Jack Cassidy had many affairs with men as well as women. A while back, Shirley separated from Marty after her Cassidy sons begged her to.

Shaun, especially, cannot stand Marty. Well, if nothing else, her appearance on "Katie" demonstrates that she's being diligent about reinforcing her new branding strategy:. Sex keeps you young no matter what. The feelings of it keep you going. Does the woman have NO shame?

I can never view "Oklahoma! According to wife Sheila's book, he was outstanding in bed. I wish somebody would write a book about what a whore I was and how amazing I was at sucking cock - I feel so left out! Just finished the book. Shirley confirms that Jack Cassidy had a one-night stand with Cole Porter. Joan cooked dinner and Tony invited them to get naked, watch porn and have a fourway. Friends in London says Joan Collins is outraged. Her lawyers have already demanded that the Daily Mail pull their trashy article down from their website.

Joan Collins says she always hated porn and never, ever-ever-ever-ever-ever engaged in group sex. Apparently, according to my brit friends, Joan is calling Shirley a liar, a fabricator and libeler and a stupid vicious cunt. A member has started a discussion.

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Shirley Jones, in her Memoir, makes that case as well. She makes very clear from the beginning of her book that those were just characters and that she is much more complex—and much more sexual—than her pristine movie star image projected.

Her memoir, however, dispels the myth of Shirley Jones as she paints the portrait of a woman who loves sex and is not afraid to talk about it. She is also not afraid to talk about her marriages to two extremely complex men. She admits the love of her life—the father of her three sons—was Jack Cassidy, a supremely talented egomaniacal philanderer, whom she stuck by because she loved him so dearly that she was able to cope with his peccadilloes and defer to his craziness.

When the two eventually divorced, she met and married Marty Ingels, the comedian, whom she admits is almost as crazy but not as unstable as her first husband. That marriage has lasted four decades, so it apparently has been a good match for her.

This book is for her fans, as long as they can cope with the fact she is not the goody-two-shoes they may envision. While she is raw at times, she is always engaging, full of anecdotes about celebrities she has known and worked with. And that is what Hollywood autobiography should be, not some sugar-coated vision of what the star wants us to believe.

I steered clear of this book after reading a review. I picked it up in the library because I needed a fast read and since this woman was at one time, an idol of mine, I thought what the hell. I was a Partridge Family junkie and David Cassidy devotee at 8 years of age. I have diary entries to prove it. None that I would like to share at all at any time ever. Although I was a singer myself in my youth, I did not particularly love I steered clear of this book after reading a review.

Although I was a singer myself in my youth, I did not particularly love Jones' voice. That being said, I had to preface this review with a background because what I am about to write is not complimentary.

I read it in one sitting; the writing is not bad at all. Her mater-of-fact observations about some of her co-stars and also the actors' version of a sacred cow, Lee Strasberg, are refreshing, yes, candid but honest. It is a candid, honest memoir but geez, do I need to read about how well-endowed your first husband was and your stepson? I mean, really, what were you thinking? You think that is the most shocking thing and then toward the end of the book I am reading about how many times a day Shirley enjoys masturbating.

Oh and that her discussions about masturbation include her octogenarian friends. Here's the thing, I think it's great, go for it, but why do I need to read about it in your memoir? Write a lovely sex book for octogenarians or seniors or whatever which might be valuable to some, I don't know. Having lived in Los Angeles for 14 years, this doesn't surprise me because some of the most "over-sexed" as Shirley calls it people I knew were all in their 60's, 50's and 70's and they all did drugs to boot.

Still caught in that whole 's era which is long gone, hello? And it's not called "over-sexed" Shirley, it's call sex addiction. What I am really shocked about is that she doesn't even discuss whether she ever got VD, STD or HIV or anyone she knew from all that promiscuity that was being had in her circles. If you're going to 'fess up, how about a little bit of advocacy for responsibility. Just pass this one up. Jun 01, Orinoco Womble tidy bag and all rated it did not like it Shelves: d-is-for-dysfunctional , don-t-bother , life-s-too-short , showbiz , abandoned , run-save-yourselves , totally-forgettable.

No, I won't be finishing this. I think in common with many older movie stars, Ms Jones "remembers it the way she wants to remember it. This is the childhood she repeatedly calls "ideal", "Norman Rockwell", "idyllic" and "perfect. She harps on her wide-eyed innocence, all the time expanding on how she manipulated men and "got quite good" at writing Dear John letters to cut any strings. And then her two childhood sweethearts just happen to die days after she revisits them to "wish them well.

Black Widow, anyone? The scene where she meets Mae West and finds her "half-naked on the sofa with a fur coat" had me worried; were she and Mae gonna have it away? No, but she would have you believe Ms West knew she was in the theatre and sent for her to tell her she was gonna be a big staaaaaaaaaar. Like they do. So I toodled onto the book review page here on GR, only to find out that this granny has also tried her hand so to speak at writing erotica, including a blow-by-blow account so to speak of Sex for One.

No, don't think so. So many books, so little time. Dec 14, Vicki Botner rated it did not like it. As someone who grew up watching The Partridge Family, I was interested in this memoir.

Unfortunately, except for a few insider tidbits, it was a big disappointment. The writing was annoyingly repetitive, so much so that it throws the reader off. I really didn't need to know repeatedly how "well-endowed" both Jack and David Cassidy are. Seems all men hit on Shirley Also got tired of reading over and over about how highly sexed she is. Wish she just had a badge she could wear.

This read more like a first draft than a completed book. There is never much depth to any of her experiences in her major roles. Mostly it reads as a check-list of famous people she's known.

Much was made of her relationship with her father, but soon after her career takes off, he is never heard from again. The last chapter seemed to be more of a "let's get the word count up" and read very disjointed with a quick summary of her and her sons lives.

While the primary focus of the book seems to be about her relationship with Jack, the love of her life. I found myself more and more disappointed in her for staying with someone who was such a terrible husband and father. Can't say that I respect her at all after reading this book. Biggest bombshell was a threesome with the philandering husband and a showgirl and Shirley. Would have rather heard more about her experiences on the different movies and shows. I was very glad that I got this from the library and didn't spend any money on it.

It wasn't worth it. Sep 03, Linda Doyle rated it liked it. I swallowed this book whole in one sitting and enjoyed it enough not to regurgitate. But it is flawed, despite being highly readable and entertaining. This memoir has been criticized for being too open and providing TMI. But isn't that why we read celeb bios? Presumably we want to find out more about a celebrity we think we know and love. I read few celeb bios.

I chose this one because since I first saw Carousel many years ago, I've loved Shirley Jones's heavenly singing voice. This memoir I swallowed this book whole in one sitting and enjoyed it enough not to regurgitate. This memoir reveals that she is quite different from what one might expect. But the real negatives of this memoir are the poor writing style unorganized format, too much repetition and too much emphasis on her first marriage to Jack Cassidy, who comes off as a narcissistic mess of a man.

He was such an unpleasant individual or is portrayed as such that I didn't enjoy reading that much about him, and his story left a sour taste in my mouth. Nevertheless, I came away from this memoir with a feeling of respect for a basically decent woman who made some terrible choices in her life; at the same time, she appreciates her good fortune and refuses to feel sorry for herself.

Interesting, but I'm not exactly sure why I needed to know how Shirley Jones practices the art of self-love. Sure, we all do it, but did I need to get such a graphic play-by-play? I'm happy that she is still a very sexual woman. Still, I am wondering why she felt the need to be so graphic about it. I am also wondering what her son, Patrick, is thinking. You'll understand why I say that after you read it. As a longtime fan of her son, Shaun, I was very curious about this memoir.

Knowing how Interesting, but I'm not exactly sure why I needed to know how Shirley Jones practices the art of self-love. Knowing how private a person he is, I'm betting that he instructed her not to divulge any personal info about him, and I'm glad. I have to say that I was a bit let down by some parts.

A big portion of this book was basically written and published years ago in Shirley Marty An Unlikely Love Story Why the need to re-write it? I get that they split and then reconciled, but much of this book is just a repeat of the previous book.

It was an interesting read. I always had a sneaking suspicion that sweet Shirley Jones was a minx! This proved me correct in my assumptions!

Sep 13, Ruthann rated it did not like it. This book is very candid and full of TMI about her sexuality. Yes, I did want to know about who slept with who, but I don't need the intimate details about it. I lost respect for her putting up with Jack and his affairs, threesomes and so on. She justifies everything he did that she just loved him, what about respect for herself.

Honestly, who cares how and what she does as a seventy-nine years old in the bedroom. I bet her kids love the sexual details she mentions about them. How does she know This book is very candid and full of TMI about her sexuality.

How does she know that David is huge like his dad? Did we really need to know that. The book is a quick read, but TMI ruined the book for me. Jul 28, Lorna rated it liked it Shelves: bios. Overall, I enjoyed the book, learning a lot more about Shirley Jones' life.

Discogs で Shirley Jones - With You に関するリリース、レビュー、クレジット、楽曲などを発見し、Shirley Jones のコレクションを完成させましょう。/5(5).

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  1. Nov 21,  · Shirley Jones: Still horny after all these years In her new tell-all, the Partridge Family matriarch says she was very in tune with the sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll lifestyle of her day. Sometimes she’d even flee the show’s set for a quickie with playboy hubby Jack Cassidy.
  2. Shirley Jones is an American R&B and soul singer. Along with her sisters Brenda Jones (6) and Valorie Jones formed the trio The Jones Girls. When the group disbanded in .
  3. In her memoir, Shirley Jones wrote that Cassidy had many same-sex affairs, including one with Cole Porter. Death. By , Cassidy was living alone in a penthouse apartment in West Hollywood. According to ex-wife Shirley Jones, Cassidy asked her over .
  4. Singer and actress Shirley Jones has appeared in over films, plays and television shows and has a net worth of $25 million. Named after kid actress Shirley Temple, Jones’ lifelong career began on stage. Shirley Temple first cast was a minor role in South Pacific.
  5. Shirley Jones' hit single “Do You Get Enough Love” is from her solo album Always In The Mood. It reached #1 on the Billboard R&B charts for two weeks. It features her spoken monologue.
  6. Shirley Jones, Licensed Professional Counselor About Me? Shirley Jones, LPC. Life is a journey, and sometimes we need a little help navigating it! Formal Education and Training: I hold a Master's Degree in Counselor Education from Portland State University.
  7. Jul 25,  · Looking back on her life in the audio recording of Shirley Jones, she says she’s not ashamed of any of it. “What came to me is, ‘I did this, and obviously I loved it when I was doing it Author: Vi-An Nguyen.
  8. Jun 25,  · Shirley Jones tries really hard in this book to make you understand she isn't the sweet ingenue from Oklahoma or the sensible single mother from the Partridge Family. She wants you to realize that she is a sexual being/5.

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